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Reporting from Ramallah amid a massive police hunt after deadly shooting and widespread violence


Live from Ramallah as man hunt underway following the death of a baby in a drive-by shooting in West Bank


Breaking News live reporting as Israeli forces launch raids in Ramallah, West Bank, amid a surge in violence


Reporting on Israeli forces killing a Palestinian suspected of involvement in a deadly shooting attack near the West Bank settlement of Ofra and the hunt for the Hamas cell


Reporting from the West Bank with the latest on the escalating violence


Breaking News of major IDF raid in Ramallah



  • Palestinian reaction to Israel elections

    Ramallah, Current Affairs April 11 @ 12:00am

    Israel will go to the polls on April 9th in one of the most controversial elections in its history, but what will this mean for Palestinians and any hope of peace in this deeply troubled region? Offering preview pieces/lives on the impact this will have on the fading dream of a two-state solution.... Read more

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