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Lee Reaney

Lee Reaney is a journalist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is Editor of the award-winning Lviv Today, the Sports Editor at What's On Kyiv, and covers Para taekwondo for the International Paralympic Committee and World Taekwondo. He is previously worked for organisations such as The Budapest Times, Ukraine Business Journal, and Cryptovest and has nearly 10 years of experience in print, TV, radio, and social media.

He is the pre-eminent English-language sports reporter in Ukraine and is known for his coverage of business, sports, and culture. He has a BA in International Relations and is well-versed in the culture, lifestyle, and politics of Central & Eastern Europe. He can work in English or Ukrainian.


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Accepting Lviv Today's runner-up award for Best Sports Journal in Ukraine (2017) from Ukrainian NOC President Serhei Bubka.

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Reporting in front of the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest.

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Hromadske Radio interviews the Editor of Lviv Today.

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A screen grab from behind the desk at Cryptovest.


This Crypto News Byte for Cryptovest looks at how cryptojackers are targeting UK companies.


A Crypto New Byte for Cryptovest on how Ethereum is being chocked up by the Last Winner lottery.

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