Lena Odgaard

Lena Odgaard

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Lena Odgaard

Lena Odgaard is currently based in Copenhagen after working five years in the Middle East as a journalist for English and Danish language radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and online news sites. A graduate of the Danish School of Journalism/Aarhus University combined with courses at Columbia University in new media and conflict reporting, Odgaard is specialized in multimedia reporting and covering sensitive political areas. Odgaard normally reports from the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza and Israel, but has also covered stories in Egypt, Bahrain, the UAE and Kenya. She has reported for France 24, FSRN, RFI, Monocle24, and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and Radio24syv (Danish), and her articles have been published in outlets such as Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera America, and Al-Monitor.

For examples of her work see www.lenaodgaard.com


Danish English


Report for FSRN aired Feb 3, 2016. While tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have surged in recent months increasing ethnic cracks in Israeli society, a group of Jewish and Arab parents in Jaffa are fighting to open a school that pays equal respect to all its student’s religions and cultural traditions. https://fsrn.org/2016/02/jewish-and-arab-parents-push-for-integrated-schools-for-all-religions-cultures-in-israel/


Video for AJ+ produced in cooperation with Silvia Boarini and published in July 2015. In the year since Israel bombarded Gaza, schoolchildren have been struggling to study. This is the story of a girl who succeeded against the odds.



Aired March 21, 2014: "Palestinian women’s organizations challenge “honor killings” - After a surge in killings of women in the Palestinian territories, women’s organizations are calling for an end to legal loopholes which allow men to exercise violence against female relatives with impunity.


Aired Oct. 9, 2015: "Violence is escalating in the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. We take a look at the increasingly bitter political divide and ask whether a third Intifada has started and, if so, how does it differ from the previous two?"

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