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Lorelei Mihala

Lorelei Mihala is a Romanian journalist based in Brussels who can cover topics from Belgium and Romania. 

I am writing for BBC News and I have nineteen years of experience as a TV journalist for the Romanian public television. 

As a TV journalist and editor, I am responsible for delivering TV programmes from the stage of research, establishing the interviews, coordinating the footage team on spot, making the interviews, writing the script and editing the stories.
During sixteen years of experience I have been working and getting experience in some of the most important fields of TV productions, from talk shows to investigations, from daily live youngsters' programmes to cultural and  morning shows, coordinating small teams on spot or big TV crews for a live production. I have been covering social and investigative issues, such as corruption in spending European Union funds, poverty, minorities' rights, migration, injustice, the health system conditions, European Union topics, with a specific focus, lately, on aid for development, travel stories.
I was the producer of morning shows and cultural programmes, coordinating the budget and the TV live broadcast.


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