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Lorelei Mihala

Brussels, Belgium
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About Lorelei
Lorelei Mihala is a Romanian journalist based in Brussels who can cover topics from Belgium and Romania. 

I am writing for BBC News and I have nineteen years of experience as a TV journalist for the Romanian public television. 

As a TV journalist and editor, I am responsible for delivering TV programmes from the stage of research, establishing the interviews, coordinating the footage team on spot, making the interviews, writing the script and editing the stories.
During sixteen years of experience I have been working and getting experience in some of the most important fields of TV productions, from talk shows to investigations, from daily live youngsters' programmes to cultural and  morning shows, coordinating small teams on spot or big TV crews for a live production. I have been covering social and investigative issues, such as corruption in spending European Union funds, poverty, minorities' rights, migration, injustice, the health system conditions, European Union topics, with a specific focus, lately, on aid for development, travel stories.
I was the producer of morning shows and cultural programmes, coordinating the budget and the TV live broadcast.
English French Italian
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast) Vox Pop
Business Finance Politics

Suspeito já esteve preso por 17 anos por série de 'audaciosos roubos em todo o Reino Unido', como a explosão de caixas eletrônicos e roubo de R$ 2,5 milhões em tratores

18 Jun 2024  |  O Globo
A suspect, previously imprisoned for 17 years for a series of audacious robberies across the United Kingdom, including ATM explosions and the theft of R$ 2.5 million in tractors, is highlighted. The article also mentions various other incidents and scientific missions, but the main focus is on the suspect's criminal history.

One of Romania’s most wanted, Sebastian Ghita, arrested in Belgrade

14 Apr 2023  |  euronews
Sebastian Ghita, a Romanian businessman and former politician, was arrested in Belgrade after evading authorities for four months. Ghita, who amassed a significant fortune through IT contracts and other investments, faced corruption charges after losing his political immunity. He was accused of bribery and illegal campaign financing. Ghita fled Romania in December 2016, leading to an international manhunt that concluded with his arrest in Serbia. He had previously made allegations of collusion between Romanian intelligence and anti-corruption officials, including claims against General-Lieutenant Florian Coldea and chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi of the DNA. Ghita's allegations led to an internal investigation and Coldea's resignation, though no illegal activity was found. Ghita now faces additional charges in Serbia for using false identity documents.

Meet the flight attendants who want to scrap ‘objectifying’ uniforms

29 Sep 2021  |  www.euronews.com
SkyUp Airlines, a Ukrainian company, has introduced a new, more comfortable cabin crew uniform, replacing the classic skirt suit with trousers and heeled shoes with trainers. The changes, created by Ukrainian fashion brands, aim to address women's rights and gender equality in the aviation industry. The initiative has sparked debates on social media and among flight attendants. While some crew members welcome the change, others believe the classic uniform is a trademark of the industry's glamour. The discussion reflects broader themes of comfort versus tradition and the evolving standards of professional attire.

After the first cancellation it didn't go back to normal

04 Mar 2021  |  BBC News
Frank Schmidt, a Barcelona apartment owner who rented through Airbnb, faced a sudden drop in tourism due to the pandemic, with official figures showing an 80% decrease in visitors to Catalonia. The Mobile World Congress cancellation marked the beginning of a downturn. Schmidt pivoted to long-term rentals for business people at reduced rates. The sharing economy, including shared workspaces and furniture rental services like Giotto, has been impacted by the pandemic, with varying responses. Venture X anticipates growth in co-working spaces, while Karshare offered free car rentals to key workers. The future of the sharing economy, potentially worth $335bn by 2025, may be influenced by the pandemic, but experts like Markus Perkmann expect a rebound in successful sharing economy models.

From Pilot to Delivery Driver: Meeting the New Unemployed of Civil Aviation

16 Feb 2021  |  es.euronews.com
The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the aviation industry, leading to widespread unemployment among pilots and other airline workers. Many former pilots, like Patrick Pawelczak and Joe Townshend, have had to take up alternative jobs such as delivery driving and starting new businesses. The European Cockpit Association estimates that around 18,000 pilot jobs in Europe have been lost or are at risk. The article highlights the personal struggles and career shifts of several individuals affected by the downturn in the aviation sector, emphasizing the long-term challenges and uncertainties they face.

Meet Europe’s grounded pilots forced to find other work amid travel slump

05 Feb 2021  |  euronews.com
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant downturn in the aviation industry, resulting in job losses and grounded pilots across Europe. Pilots like Patrick Pawelczak have been forced to seek alternative employment, such as delivery driving and construction work, due to the closure of airlines like Go2Sky. The European Cockpit Association estimates around 18,000 pilot jobs in Europe have been lost or are at risk. Pilots face challenges in finding new jobs, as their specialized skills are not easily transferable and they often encounter skepticism from potential employers. The industry may not recover until 2024 or 2026, according to Eurocontrol, leaving many aviation workers in limbo.

Fritz-Kola, the soda created by two young people in whom no one believed (and now competes with Pepsi and Coca-Cola)

21 Aug 2020  |  es-us.noticias.yahoo.com
Mirco Wiegert and Lorenz Hampl, students with no prior knowledge of soda production, founded Fritz-Kola in Hamburg, Germany. They faced initial challenges but eventually found a brewery to help them. Starting with 170 cases, they targeted independent bars and grew the brand to become the second-largest seller of 330 ml glass bottle cola in German stores, behind Coca-Cola. Fritz-Kola is known for its unique taste with less sugar, added lemon juice, and higher caffeine content. The brand's authenticity and irreverent advertising have contributed to its popularity across Europe. Mirco now runs the company, which subcontracts production to five bottling plants and offers a sugar-free version and fruit drinks. Forbes reported the company's 2015 sales at around $8.7 million.

The sweet smell of success: How Bulgaria took the lead in lavender

23 Jul 2020  |  BBC
Bulgaria has surpassed France to become the world's leading producer of lavender oil, leveraging cheap labor, favorable climate, and a long tradition of cultivation. The Bulgarian lavender industry, centered in the Rose Valley, exports nearly all its production, primarily to Germany, France, and Austria. Despite the lower cost of Bulgarian lavender oil, French producers emphasize quality and traceability. Economic factors and climate change pose future challenges to Bulgaria's lavender sector, though it remains significant for regional income.

The view from Bucharest: Brexit fears for Romanian expatriates

29 Mar 2019  |  www.aljazeera.com
Romanians, the second-most-common non-British nationality in the UK, express their concerns about Brexit's impact on their lives and future plans. Students, entrepreneurs, and professionals from Bucharest share their views on the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, its perceived irrational handling by the British parliament, and the potential consequences for Romanian expatriates' rights and opportunities in the UK. The article also touches on the broader implications for European unity and the personal ramifications for a British citizen living in Romania.

Why Romanian migrant women suffer from ‘Italy syndrome’

12 Feb 2019  |  aljazeera.com
Romanian migrant women working as caregivers in Italy are experiencing 'Italy syndrome,' a term used in Romania for mental health issues stemming from such work. Symptoms include depression, anxiety, and a feeling of alienation. The syndrome is attributed to factors like genetic vulnerability, cultural differences, and not knowing the language. Despite not being a scientifically recognized diagnosis, it is a notable socio-medical phenomenon. The demand for caregivers in Italy is high due to its elderly population, but workers often face abuse, lack of rights, and illegal work conditions. The article includes personal accounts from Romanian women who have suffered from Italy syndrome and highlights the challenges they face both in Italy and upon returning to Romania.

Truth and Justice: Romania’s Wrongly Accused

European heroes: The women fighting for early education in Romania

12 Nov 2018  |  www.euronews.com
Leslie Hawke, mother of actor Ethan Hawke, has significantly impacted early education in Romania through the OvidiuRo foundation she co-founded with Maria Gheorghiu. Initially inspired by an encounter with a street child, their efforts have evolved to focus on early childhood education to combat functional illiteracy and school dropouts. Their flagship program, 'Fiecare copil in gradinita,' incentivizes parents to send their children to kindergarten, showing promising results. Despite challenges, Hawke remains optimistic about Romania's potential for change.

Meet the Sudanese pastor of a ‘refugee church’ in Bucharest

08 Jul 2018  |  www.aljazeera.com
Pastor Peter Rong, originally from Sudan, leads Nadejdea, a Baptist church in Bucharest known as the 'refugees' church.' The church serves a diverse congregation of asylum seekers and refugees from various countries, providing them with spiritual support and practical assistance. Rong, who has lived in Romania for over 26 years, emphasizes the importance of community and helping those in need, regardless of their faith. Despite facing challenges, including instances of racism, Rong and his church continue to offer a place of refuge and support for many.

Romanian #Europeanheroes who rescue people for free

02 Jul 2018  |  www.euronews.com
Rescue 4X4, an online community of volunteers founded by IT programmer Mihai Tuhari and Paul Dorneanu, provides free rescue services to people stuck in difficult situations, such as cars trapped in mud or snow. The service operates through a platform where volunteers specify their available area and those in need can request help, triggering alerts to nearby volunteers. The initiative, which has evolved into the Association of Volunteer Rescuers 4X4, has strict rules against payment, aiming to offer assistance purely on a volunteer basis. The founders hope to make the service self-sustainable through company support and tax rebates.

The Romanian village without thieves

18 Jun 2018  |  www.euronews.com
Eibenthal, a Romanian village mainly populated by ethnic Czechs, is known for its unique practice of leaving money in bags for bread deliveries without fear of theft. This tradition has persisted for nearly 15 years, highlighting the community's trust and isolation. Despite the village's charm, its population is declining, with more deaths than births and a significant number of residents moving to the Czech Republic. The village's mayor, Victor Doscocil, expresses concern over this decline but takes pride in the community's respect for traditions and absence of theft.

I had this idea to try to help, so I offered them my car

05 Jun 2018  |  www.euronews.com
Alex Bobes, an IT project manager in Bucharest, founded Taxi Gratis to provide free transportation for people with disabilities or severe diseases. Inspired by his mother's struggle with cancer, Bobes offers his car and time to help those in need. Despite challenges in finding reliable volunteers, he recently registered Taxi Gratis as a not-for-profit association to access more funds and expand the service. The initiative has been a lifeline for individuals like Daniel Ianos, who faces significant mobility challenges due to his medical condition.

Romania's new retirement plan aims at four-legged state workers

18 Apr 2018  |  www.euronews.com
Romania is considering a new law to provide obligatory veterinary care for retired state animals, such as police horses and dogs, with a proposed monthly allowance of up to 300 RON (€64). Currently, there is no standardized process for their retirement, and each institution has its own rules. The law aims to ensure better care and shelter for these animals, which often struggle to find adopters. The article highlights the experiences of various officers and their retired animals, emphasizing the bond formed and the need for continued support. The General Directorate of Customs in Romania already reimburses veterinary costs for retired dogs, setting a precedent for the proposed legislation.

How to know if you are addicted to work and what you can do to combat it

09 Apr 2018  |  BBC News فارسی
JC, a health worker from Tampa Bay, Florida, shares her struggle with work addiction, which she sought help for through Workaholics Anonymous. Experts like Wilmar Schaufeli and Claudia Herbert discuss the characteristics and underlying causes of work addiction, emphasizing the importance of tailored treatments. Retreat South in Australia offers specialized programs for executives dealing with work-related stress and burnout. The article highlights the global presence of support groups and the need for professional help in managing work addiction.

How violent revolution gave birth to a global brand

05 Feb 2018  |  bbc.co.uk
Florin and Mariuca Talpes, once caught in the Romanian revolution, became successful business leaders by founding Bitdefender, a leading cyber-security and anti-virus software company. Starting with no private enterprise experience post-communism, they grew Bitdefender to a $600m valuation with over 500 million customers. Despite initial family opposition and cultural shocks, the couple's venture thrived, benefiting from positive reviews and global internet proliferation. Bitdefender now employs 1,400 people across 11 countries, with a significant presence in North America. The Talpes couple also excel in ballroom dancing, holding national Romanian titles.

In a poor southern village euronews finds little support for demonstrators and much tolerance of the government.

20 Nov 2017  |  euronews
Euronews reports from Singureni, a southern village in Romania, where there is little support for the anti-corruption protests that have been occurring in the capital, Bucharest. The villagers, including Florica Trandafir, show a strong preference for the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD), which won a significant majority in the area. Despite Romania's reputation for corruption and the large protests against the government's attempts to decriminalize certain offenses and weaken the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), the residents of Singureni seem more concerned with immediate economic issues than political activism. The article highlights the perspectives of several locals, including the mayor, Marian Patuleanu, and an unemployed construction worker, Dumitru Costache, who express tolerance or indifference towards the government and skepticism about the protests. The sentiment in the village contrasts with the dissatisfaction indicated by a survey for the European Parliament, which shows that 62% of Romanians believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Are changeable heels the end to women's sore feet?

25 Aug 2017  |  BBC
Changeable heels offer a solution to the discomfort of high heels, allowing women to switch between different heel heights and styles. Tanya Heath Paris, Mime et moi, and Thesis Couture are leading brands in this innovative footwear market. The concept addresses the ongoing debate about mandatory high heels in the workplace, with some regions like British Columbia banning such requirements. The article highlights the personal experiences and business journeys of key figures like Tanya Heath and Ms Singh, who have developed and marketed these versatile shoes.

When in Romania, visit Tusnad area - TV travel programme broadcast by the Romanian public television

How a family's dogs were saved from a fiery death

18 Apr 2017  |  www.bbc.com
The article discusses the convenience and security aspects of remote starting technology for vehicles. It highlights the benefit of being able to de-ice the car remotely while preparing for work. The article also touches on the security feature that requires a physical key to drive the car, even if a thief were to break in while the car is running. This implies that despite the car being operational, it cannot be stolen without the key.

Team buildings through cookery classes - article published by BBC News

Soviet nostalgia? Take a tour through Bucharest's communist past!

22 Mar 2017  |  www.euronews.com
Bucharest, now a vibrant commercial hub, retains architectural and landscape elements from its communist era. The Palatul Parlamentului, built by Nicolae Ceaușescu, is the world's second-largest administrative building and a symbol of his regime. Ceaușescu's fear of revolution, which led to the construction of an underground bunker, was realized with his execution during the 1989 Romanian Revolution. Bucharest now offers tours highlighting the city's communist history, including the balcony where Ceaușescu made his final public speech.

A collaborative article, written with a London based journalist, about youth access to job market in Romania and UK, with a special focus on migrants.

BBC News Technology of Business article about safe drive app

Article published by BBC News - BBC Business Brain

Building business ties to heal the scars of civil war

24 Nov 2016  |  bbc.co.uk
The European Union has funded a UN-administered project called Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme to foster business relationships between entrepreneurs from Moldova and the separatist region of Trans-Dniester. The project, which spent €1.8m in 2016 and will run until 2018, aims to encourage cross-border cooperation and potentially joint ventures. Participants like Ivan Khodakovsky and Igor Hincu have formed a partnership to produce solar-powered wooden toys, while others like Marcela Moscovciuc and Denis Gumeniuc have engaged in cross-border trade. The program is seen as a success in building bridges and reducing tensions resulting from the Trans-Dniester War.

TV travel programme - Romanian National Television, TVR 1

TV investigation - Romanian National Television, TVR 1

TV social feature - broadcasted by Romanian National Television, TVR 1 & Deutsche Welle

TV feature - Romanian National Television, TVR 1

How teddy 'meditech' can play nurse to your toddler

07 Nov 2016  |  www.bbc.com
The article discusses the potential dangers of individuals self-diagnosing and self-medicating based on information they find or interpret on their own. It highlights the risks associated with taking the results of self-diagnosis lightly, as well as the opposite scenario where individuals may underestimate the severity of their symptoms. The journalist seems to be cautioning against the reliance on self-assessment for medical issues, implying that professional medical advice should be sought.

How teddy 'meditech' can play nurse to your toddler

The filmmaker who swapped communism for Hollywood

24 Apr 2016  |  www.bbc.com
The article discusses the personal history of Mr. Paunescu, who has an estimated net worth of €11 million. It contrasts his current wealth with his early days under a communist regime, where he worked as a filmmaker for the government but earned so little that he had to drive a taxi to make ends meet.

Don't tell Lenin: making money from communist nostalgia

24 Apr 2016  |  www.bbc.com
The article discusses the story of a 35-year-old individual who, reminiscing about his fond childhood memories associated with a particular bike, speculated that other Romanians of his generation might share the same nostalgic feelings. This led him to consider the potential of reviving the brand that produced the bike, tapping into the collective nostalgia and possibly re-launching a once-loved product.

TV travel programme - Romanian National Television, TVR 1

The filmmaker who swapped communism for Hollywood

07 Apr 2016  |  BBC
Vlad Paunescu, a Romanian filmmaker, briefly served as the minister of culture during the Romanian revolution before returning to his film career. He later founded Castel Film, Romania's largest film studio, which has become a popular location for major American film and TV companies. Despite his humble beginnings under communism, Paunescu has achieved significant success, with Castel Film hosting numerous Hollywood productions and stars. Paunescu's personal preferences in films and his admiration for Nicole Kidman are also highlighted.

Italy’s Toxic Waste Vanishes into Albania

12 Oct 2012  |  Prishtina Insight
Toxic waste from Italy, including lead batteries, expired medicines, and oil residue, is being imported into Albania despite a ban on such activity. Investigations reveal involvement of Italian businessmen, some linked to organized crime, in Albania's waste market. The United Nations' efforts to prevent waste dumping are largely ignored. Albania's government has shown little interest in waste management, leading to severe pollution. Italian authorities have had limited success in stopping illegal waste exports. The Basel Convention, aimed at preventing hazardous waste dumping, is often flouted. The article highlights the complex and often illegal trade of waste between Italy and Albania, involving various companies and individuals with criminal backgrounds.

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