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Lorenzo Pregliasco

Torino, Italy
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About Lorenzo
Lorenzo Pregliasco is a journalist based in Torino, Italy.
English Italian
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Content Writing Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast)
Politics Current Affairs Fact Checking

Turin is aging, for every child there are more than two over 65

20 Apr 2023  |  la Repubblica
Turin faces a significant demographic challenge with an aging population. Approximately 25% of Turin's residents are over 65, and for every child under 14, there are more than two seniors. The city struggles with low birth rates and insufficient attraction of young people, which could lead to its decline. The concentration of power and wealth among the elderly and the lack of new energy and innovation are critical issues for the city's future.

Income Map, Here's Where the Rich Live: Peak in Piazza Solferino

13 Jun 2021  |  torino.corriere.it
Income data released by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, referring to the taxable income declared in 2020 for the tax period of 2019, reveals a wealth map across different areas of Turin. The highest average incomes are in areas such as Gran Madre and Piazza Solferino, with a noticeable social, economic, and political divide along the course of Regina Margherita. Northern areas show deeper social marginalization and have experienced political shifts from the left to the Five Star Movement and recently towards the right, with upcoming local elections posing questions about potential gains for Lega and Fratelli d'Italia in these neighborhoods.

Why the Draghi government can be a deal for both Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni

26 Feb 2021  |  lespresso.it
The article discusses the political dynamics surrounding the Draghi government's impact on the Italian right-wing parties, Lega and Fratelli d'Italia. It speculates on how the government's popularity and policy directions may influence the electorate, potentially benefiting both Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni in different ways. While Lega may gain moderate voters, Fratelli d'Italia could capitalize on the 35% of the public that lacks confidence in the new government.

Article for Le Macchine Volanti

Italy’s new electoral law, explained

07 Feb 2018  |  POLITICO
The article discusses the new electoral system in Italy, known as the Rosatellum, which will be used in the upcoming elections on March 4. This system, proposed by Ettore Rosato of the Democratic Party, combines first-past-the-post races for 37 percent of the parliament with proportional representation for the remaining 63 percent. The change emphasizes local constituency races and requires parties to engage in ground campaigning. The article notes the decline in party membership and local offices compared to the past. It highlights the potential advantage for Silvio Berlusconi's coalition due to the new system and the challenges faced by the Democratic Party and the 5Star Movement. The likelihood of a hung parliament is mentioned, with many constituencies being highly contested.

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