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Louisa Reynolds

Louisa Reynolds is a freelance journalist and translator based in Guatemala. Although Guatemala is the main focus of her work, she has done reporting trips to Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Panama and Belize.
She has done live interviews for CNN, Radio France International, Monocle News Daily, KSFR, CBC and TRT World. Her written work has been published in The Economist Intelligence Unit, Foreign Policy, Christian Science Monitor, Al Jazeera America, Americas Quarterly, Tico Times, Proceso, Insight, Inter-Press Service, Latinamerica Press, Plaza Publica, Estrategia&Negocios, Jane's Foreign Report and Latam Investor.
In 2014-2015, the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) awarded Reynolds the Elizabeth Neuffer Journalism Fellowship. In 2013, she won the Gold Standard Award for an article on inclusive businesses published in Estrategia&Negocios.

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Fact Checking

Interview with Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) on September 6 to talk about the Guatemalan elections.


"Has the Perez Molina administration really managed to tackle crime?" A report on Perez Molina's "mano dura" approach to crime published in Latinamerica Press.


"Survivors reluctant to testify in new genocide trial". An article on the Rios Montt genocide trial in Guatemala, published by Inter-Press Service (IPS).


"Shift in Latin America's approach to drugs. From security to health issue". A report on the 43rd General Assembly of the OAS, published in Inter-Press Service (IPS).


"The woman who reduced impunity in Guatemala". Guatemalan Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz and her crusade to fight impunity in Guatemala. Article published in Inter-Press Service (IPS).


“For the first time in 500 years, Latin America has begun to free itself of imperial control”. In this interview published in award-winning news website Plaza Publica, Noam Chomsky talks about US foreign policy towards Latin America.


"How a corruption scandal forced the president's hand". A report on the anti-corruption protests that forced Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina to renew the mandate of a crucial UN-funded investigatory body.


"Guatemalan double standards limit femicide courts". A report on femicide in Guatemala published in Womens e News.


"Guatemalan domestic workers reveal a dirty business", a report on human rights violations against Guatemalan domestic workers, published in Womens e News.


"Reporting on corruption proves deadly in Guatemala". A report on the threats facing Guatemalan journalists who report on corruption and organized crime, published in Aljazeera America.


"Are we witnessing a Central American spring?" A chronicle of the growing anti-corruption movement in Guatemala and Honduras published in Foreign Policy magazine.


"Down with Otto!" A chronicle of the scandal that led to the downfall of Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina published in Foreign Policy magazine.


An interview with Radio France International on September 4, 2015, to discuss the implications of Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina's impeachment and possible scenarios regarding the upcoming general elections.


An interview with Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT Worldwide) on September 4, 2015, to explain the outlook for the Guatemalan elections following the impeachment of president Otto Perez Molina.


Interview with Venezuelan news channel Telesur on August 26, 2015, to discuss Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina's impeachment in Congress.


CNN en Español interviewed me on June 30, 2015 about an article I published in Foreign Policy magazine titled "Are we witnessing a Central American Spring?" I was interviewed by Fernando del Rincón regarding anti-corruption demonstrations in Guatemala and Honduras.


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