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Lilongwe, Malawi

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Lovemore Khomo

Lovemore Khomo is a journalist based in Lilongwe, Central Region, Malawi.
I understand that the world is in our hands and there is need to work together and make a difference to people lives.
I have been working with Farm Radio International Weekly as a contributor and Galaxy FM Malawi as a Staff Writer for over 3 years respectively.
And these are my profession qualities:
•	A progressive and deep thinker with excellent analytical skills posseses more than 5 years’ experience as a journalist working in a busy newsroom.
•	I have written and produced Investigative pieces on different topics (In-depth reports)
•	Ability to investigate things deeply.
•	I have been tracking different developmental integrity and topics in recent years-Malawi.
•	I have worked as a Journalist with an excellence knowledge in articulating issues happening in different developmental sectors.
•	Excellent in researching, writing and listening on wide range of topics.
•	Excellent in covering the real time news and presenting them (Trending technical, political, social and economic issues).
•	Proficient in working in shifts and to work in 24X7 work environment.
•	Unmatchable communication skills in written and verbal both.
•	Excellent interpersonal skills.
•	Able to identify, research and verify news stories
•	Generating ideas for stories from current issues making headlines
•	Covering a range of areas for local dailies.
•	Reporting live as it unfolds and presenting newscast on air.


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I posted this story on my blog in considering how important is it for the world. The wounds of Genocide in Rwanda still unhealed to some of the people who lost everything during the 1994 conflict. The story teaches us a lot.


This is my story published by the leading newspaper in Malawi, Nation Publications Limited-(The Nation). The story tackles environmental problem the City Council is facing in dealing with environmental in-sustainability.


This is my story published by the Farm Radio International Weekly which now is also known Barza Wire. It narrates how Malawian rural farmers struggle to reach successes and make a difference within a family and community at-large. This farmer does not use fertilizer in his gardens.

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