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San Francisco, United States of America

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Lubna Sharief Takruri

I have 12+ years of journalism and TV production experience across the US and Middle East. My diverse experience ranges from working as a fixer and producer in conflict zones to producing a half-hour monthly feature program for CNBC about investment opportunities and business trends in the Middle East (just me and one cameraman/editor!). I'm equally adept at conceiving and planning a story idea, writing a script, managing a crew, and overseeing the edit and assembly. Doing news for more than a decade has made me versatile and calm under pressure, and I pride myself on getting things done. I'm currently back in my hometown of San Francisco, an exciting place to cover subjects such as tech innovation, alternative culture, wellness trends, and an international arts, food and lifestyle scene. I am also well-versed in international and local politics. 

I'm a clear communicator, well-versed and updated on all relevant news, reliable, and fast.

I love to create and I'm excited to work with you!


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FOR AJ+ : Rock Steady Boxing Gym in San Francisco trains Parkinson's patients to fight for a better life with vigorous exercise, gloves and punching bags. Veronica Garcia-Hayes is a 46-year-old mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson's at 39 years old. She talks about how Rock Steady Boxing has changed her life.

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For GOOD Magazine (Dubai): Meditation for Stress Relief


For The Guardian (UK:) A Syrian doctor and hospital director working in Damascus talks about his daily life as the conflict enters its fifth year I conducted this interview in Arabic with the doctor over Skype, as destruction fell around him. This is my writeup based on our interview.


For The Guardian (UK): Yoga in Palestine To cope with the mental stress of life under political stalemate, Palestinians are increasingly turning to yoga, in refugee camps, villages and cities. Introducing yoga for trauma and stress relief has taken some creative maneuvering in the more traditional spots in the West Bank.

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