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Lucas Laursen

I cover global development by way of science and technology. I write for Scientific American, Rethink, and many other magazines and have produced radio packages for Deutsche Welle and NPR's Here and Now. I have lived in and reported from the US, UK, Switzerland, and Mexico. I now live in Madrid, Spain.

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A plague of whiteflies descended on the Martínez family’s fields of yellow, red, and deep purple chilhuacle in southern Mexico two decades ago. Chilhuacle is the star chilli in several versions of Oaxaca’s signature dish ­– mole – and cooks had long paid a premium for the chilli’s unique smoke and citrus flavours. But its cost was about to climb higher. Feature about changing agriculture and food traditions in Oaxaca, Mexico, for Rethink.Earth.


News story for IEEE Spectrum about the arrival of electric bike sharing in Madrid, Spain.



Luís Euxebio Irías Calderón is the operator of a small hydroelectric power plant in the mountainous coffee country of northern Nicaragua, and he’s singing a song he wrote about turbines and transformers, to celebrate the arrival of electricity here in his remote corner of the country. This radio report first aired on NPR’s Here and Now in partnership with IEEE Spectrum.



The sound of a mobile phone is routine in much of the world. But it’s a recent arrival here in Talea de Castro, a mountain town in the southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Residents here have built their own network using open-source hardware and software. This radio report first aired on NPR’s Here and Now in partnership with IEEE Spectrum.

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