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Lucía Domínguez

Pontevedra, Spain
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About Lucía
Lucía Domínguez is a journalist based in Pontevedra, Spain.
English Spanish Galician
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Searching for Letters | Saray García, a chemist writer who loves letters

19 Mar 2024  |  whynotmagazine.estrelladigital.es
Saray García, a chemist from Valladolid, discovered her passion for writing during a challenging period in her doctoral studies. She self-published her first novel on Amazon in 2015 and has since written multiple books, including her latest, 'Volaría por ti,' published by Penguin Random House. García's journey highlights the convergence of science and literature, emphasizing personal growth, self-love, and the importance of healthy relationships. Her story is a testament to perseverance and the pursuit of one's true calling.

Interview | Andrea Longarela: 'Romance will always be there because it has always been there, even if it wasn't seen as much'

26 Jul 2023  |  whynotmagazine.estrelladigital.es
Andrea Longarela, known for her romance novels and previously by the pseudonym 'Neïra con diéresis', has published her latest novel 'El color de las cosas invisibles' on May 17, adding to her bibliography of 18 stories. The novel features protagonists Rain and Jack, who despite their differences and constant encounters, find a special connection. The story is praised for its dynamic pace and profound reflections on life and love. Longarela discusses her writing process, the reception of her new book, and her views on the romance genre, which she believes will always be present despite current market saturation. She also hints at her upcoming 'Proyecto Colores' set in France.

Harry Styles' 'Love On Tour' returns to Spain

03 Jul 2023  |  whynotmagazine.estrelladigital.es
Harry Styles is set to perform in Barcelona on July 12 and in Madrid on July 14 as part of his international 'Love On Tour'. These are the last dates in Spain before his temporary retirement from the stage. The Olympic Stadium of Barcelona and the New Mad Cool Space in Madrid will host the British artist, with Wet Leg as the opening act. Styles previously performed in Madrid last summer, and after announcing 19 new dates across Europe, he revealed his temporary retirement during a concert in London. Fans are excited, with social media activity surging as they prepare for the concerts. Styles, who rose to fame with One Direction after 'The X Factor' in 2010, has enjoyed a successful solo career with hit albums and singles, winning a Grammy and two Brit Awards.

The Night of Books: a special evening with Blue Jeans, Inma Rubiales, and Manu Carbajo

22 Apr 2023  |  whynotmagazine.estrelladigital.es
The Night of Books in Madrid hosted numerous contemporary writers, including Manu Carbajo, Inma Rubiales, and Blue Jeans, for its eighteenth edition with 570 free activities across 97 municipalities. The event, themed 'The eyes with much night' from a verse by Luis de Góngora, focused on the lights and shadows of the literary creation process. Discussions covered the role of social media in discovering new literary talents, the transition from books to audiobooks and film adaptations, and the subjective nature of criticism. The authors shared insights into their creative processes and offered advice to aspiring writers.

Mass flux decay timescales of volcanic particles due to aeolian processes in the Argentinian Patagonia steppe

26 Aug 2020  |  Nature
The study investigates the decay of mass flux of volcanic particles in the Patagonia steppe, Argentina, following the 2011–2012 eruption of Cordón Caulle volcano. It analyzes the temporal distribution of remobilization processes, mass flux decay timescales as a function of particle size, and the influence of meteorological and soil conditions. The research reveals that mass flux decays non-monotonically over time and is influenced by meteorological fluctuations, material supply, compaction of primary deposit, and particle size. The study provides insights into the temporal variation of remobilized ash, characterized by a two-phase process that can be empirically modeled, with implications for risk reduction in active volcanic regions.

Reportaje con motivo del Día Mundial del Alzheimer 2015 en Diario de Pontevedra

Andrés Suárez: 'When you do what you want, people see that it's sincere'

21 Aug 2015  |  Diario de Pontevedra
Andrés Suárez, a well-known Spanish singer-songwriter from Ferrol, discusses his musical journey, from performing in small venues and the Madrid metro to filling auditoriums and achieving national recognition. He emphasizes the importance of sincerity in his work and addresses concerns about maintaining his essence after signing with Sony Music. Suárez is set to perform in his hometown of Ferrol and values the intimate atmosphere of small pubs as much as the energy of large venues. His latest album, like his previous one, was created with passion and without external interference.

Fernando Tato: 'Ricardo is very different from me, he struggles to make decisions'

31 Jul 2015  |  Diario de Pontevedra
Fernando Tato, an actor, musician, and illustrator from Narón, reflects on his role as Ricardo in the TVG series 'O Faro'. He discusses the differences between himself and his character, the collaborative environment with multiple directors, and the familial bond with the cast after 315 episodes. Tato expresses pride in 'O Faro' receiving the Premio Iris for Best Autonomic Fiction and its upcoming broadcast in Iran and Iraq. He also shares his late start in dramatic arts after studying Art History, his joy in pursuing his passions, and the success of his solo music album 'El animal en mí'. Tato is planning for the fifth season of 'O Faro', more music performances, and a theater project as a director.

Andrea Maceiras: 'Winning a prize like the Jules Verne is a significant boost'

28 Jul 2015  |  Diario de Pontevedra
Andrea Maceiras, under the pseudonym Europa, won the VII Jules Verne Youth Literature Prize organized by Editorial Xerais, marking her as a rising promise in the literary genre. At 27, she feels immense excitement and sees the award as a significant boost, especially for a new author like herself, as it brings recognition and encouragement. Maceiras has a history of winning literary awards and believes they are vital for visibility and motivation. Her upcoming novel 'Europa Express' is a travel and intrigue story with temporal leaps, reflecting her own travel experiences. Maceiras, a dedicated youth literature writer, does not rule out writing for adults in the future. She also writes poetry privately and believes writing in Galician does not deter young readers. Her passion for literature is lifelong, currently pursuing a doctoral thesis in emblematic literature from the Spanish Renaissance.

Xoel López: 'In the new work there is a Xoel with a more orderly mind'

30 May 2015  |  Diario de Pontevedra
Xoel López discusses his thirteenth album 'Paramales', a term he coined to represent the freedom and personal significance of music, akin to a remedy for woes. The album, featuring thirteen songs, reflects on superstitions and serves as a transition from his previous work 'Atlántico'. The opening track 'Patagonia' is a tribute to love and his honeymoon in Argentine Patagonia, symbolizing the journey of love with its ups and downs. López appreciates the continued support from fans despite changes in his musical direction.

Christina Rosenvinge: 'I like each album to have its own character'

08 May 2015  |  Diario de Pontevedra
Christina Rosenvinge reflects on her 35-year music career and discusses her latest album 'Lo Nuestro', which she is presenting in Galicia with concerts in Santiago, Pontevedra, and Ferrol. The album features a darker, more electronic sound, and Rosenvinge appreciates that each of her albums has its own character. She incorporates various influences into her music, including cinema, art, and literature, and addresses significant themes with a touch of humor. Rosenvinge values artistic freedom over commercial success, a principle that has guided her career since her early days in the pop duo Alex y Christina.

Twelve Galician writers reveal their literary heroes

20 Apr 2015  |  Diario de Pontevedra
In celebration of International Book Day on April 23, Galician writers share the literary characters that hold a special place in their memories. The article lists heroes from classic literature, children's and young adult books, Galician literature, and world literature in general, including characters like Ulises, El Quijote, Matilda, and Long John Silver. Domingo Villar highlights Long John Silver as a complex character embodying both good and evil.

More than two thousand West Midlands households hit by benefits cap

15 Nov 2013  |  Birmingham Live
The article by Lucia D Boveda discusses the impact of the UK Government's benefit cap, which was introduced in April 2013. As of November 2013, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) data shows that 2,437 households in the West Midlands have had their benefits capped. Across the UK, nearly 33,000 households have been affected, with London being the most impacted. The cap limits welfare payments to £500 per week for couples and lone parent households and £350 for single adults without children. The majority of affected households have children, and many have seen significant reductions in their benefits. Lord Freud, the minister for Welfare Reform, claims the cap restores fairness to the system. The article also touches on the role of data journalism in uncovering major stories and encourages public engagement with the data provided.

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