Luciana Squadrilli

Luciana Squadrilli

Roma, RM, Italia

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Luciana Squadrilli

Luciana Squadrilli is a journalist based in Roma, RM, Italia. Food writer, food critic, travel and lifestyle journalist.


Marco Oreggia's guide will be presented November 28 within a program of tastings and cooking classes. This year for the first time Spain topped Italy on the “Best 20” list.


A short travel guide to the rural Campania region, in the area of Alto Casertano (Upper Caserta region) where cheese is king.



  • Neapolitan pizza goes subzero

    Napoli, Italy Food & Drink April 30 @ 12:00am

    A Neapolitan company launched a new business: selling and delivering frozen, authentic, oven-baked Neapolitan pizza. Their pizza is quite good and very similar to the "real" one, nothing to compare with the average frozen pizzas, thanks to cryogenesis technology. They are delivering in the whole... Read more

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