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Luís Silva

Faro, Portugal
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About Luís
Luís Silva is a photographer/jornalist based in Faro, Portugal.

Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (1996)

21 May 2024  |  MobyGames
Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium is a comprehensive wrestling game featuring a vast roster from various Japanese and international wrestling promotions. The game excels in its detailed character design, diverse wrestling styles, and engaging gameplay mechanics. However, it has some technical flaws, such as problematic camera angles and AI glitches. Despite these issues, it stands out as one of the best wrestling games of the 16-bit era, offering a realistic portrayal of the sport with a wide array of moves and customization options.

Newman/Haas IndyCar featuring Nigel Mansell (1994)

19 May 2024  |  MobyGames
Newman Haas Indy Car is a racing game endorsed by the CART racing team and their top driver, Nigel Mansell. Players can choose between single races or a season against 12 other drivers across 15 tracks in North America and Queensland, Australia. The game offers both Arcade and Simulation modes, with the latter requiring more precise driving and adherence to rules. It features split-screen multiplayer options and includes polygonal buildings for enhanced graphics.

An analysis of the use of augmented reality and virtual reality as educational resources

14 Apr 2024  |  onlinelibrary.wiley.com
The text provides an analysis of various studies and applications of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the educational context, with a focus on their use in Brazil and a comparative study of the technologies. It discusses the implementation of AR and VR in teaching the solar system, the development of a virtual planetarium, and the use of e-learning for teaching natural sciences. The text also reviews the advantages and disadvantages of AR and VR in education, citing works that emphasize the need for digital infrastructure and trained teachers, and the potential for technology addiction. The studies highlight the positive impact of these technologies on student motivation and understanding of material, despite some challenges with hardware limitations.

Largest Environmental Study of the Red Sea Coast Sets New Standard

04 Apr 2024  |  maritime-executive.com
Red Sea Global (RSG) has conducted one of the world's largest environmental surveys along 125 miles of Saudi Arabia's northwestern coastline, aiming to deliver a net conservation benefit of 30 percent by 2040 through regenerative tourism projects. The survey, led by a team including Dr. Luis Silva, recorded diverse marine life, including endangered species, and utilized advanced technologies like Coral Net and Structure from Motion photogrammetry. The findings will help track the impact of marine protection efforts and contribute to global scientific knowledge.

Economic evaluations of medical devices in paediatrics: a systematic review and a quality appraisal of the literature

31 Mar 2024  |  BioMed Central
This systematic review and quality appraisal study focuses on the economic evaluations (EEs) of medical devices used in pediatrics. It identifies a gap in the development of pediatric-specific devices, with most approved devices being designed for adults. The study highlights the challenges in designing and approving pediatric devices due to stringent safety and ethical requirements, small market size, and the prevalence of 'off-label' use of adult devices in children. It emphasizes the need for robust EEs to inform Health Technology Assessment (HTA) decisions and discusses methodological gaps and recommendations for future research. The study also assesses the quality of reporting in existing literature using the CHEERS 2022 checklist and identifies a lack of reporting on conflicts of interest and funding sources. The review concludes that there is a need for more informed HTA decisions that consider the unique needs of child health and calls for methodological advancements in EEs for pediatric devices.

600 farmers protest in Algarve: demand strategies against water shortage

08 Mar 2024  |  SIC Notícias
Around 600 farmers and 300 vehicles protested in Algarve, expressing discontent over unequal water cuts amid a prolonged drought. Despite significant water-saving efforts by the agricultural sector, farmers feel the measures are not equitable compared to other sectors. The protest culminated in a 12-kilometer slow march, where a dossier of demands was submitted to the regional coordination commission, urging the new government to implement strategic projects to alleviate water resource pressures.

PCP does not want to recreate geringonça

03 Dec 2023  |  SIC Notícias
Paulo Raimundo, leader of the PCP, dismissed the idea of forming a new geringonça, emphasizing that it is not a consideration. During a visit to a market in Olhão, Raimundo aimed to convey a message of confidence amidst popular discontent, positioning the CDU as the sole protest vote. He acknowledged the prevalent dissatisfaction with the cost of living and the general distrust towards politicians. Raimundo seeks to strengthen the PCP's position ahead of the upcoming March elections, aiming to be seen as a significant opposition to the PS.

Retirement age rises to 66 years and seven months in 2025

29 Nov 2023  |  sicnoticias.pt
The retirement age in Portugal will increase by three months in 2025, reaching 66 years and seven months. This rise is linked to the evolution of life expectancy, which also affects the penalties for early retirement starting next year. In 2024, it will still be possible to retire at 66 years and four months, but the minimum age for retirement will be delayed by three months starting in 2025. Life expectancy had decreased due to mortality during the pandemic, but has recovered to a level close to that of 2022, according to the National Institute of Statistics, adjusting the social security sustainability index.

Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 is characterized by diminished peripheral CD8+β7 integrin+ T cells and anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgA response

01 Oct 2023  |  Nature
Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) is characterized by persistent immune dysregulation, particularly in CD8+ T cells, which remain activated and express higher levels of effector molecules like perforin and Eomes. PASC patients show diminished peripheral CD8+β7 integrin+ T cells and elevated levels of specific IgA against SARS-CoV-2 antigens, suggesting viral persistence in mucosal tissues. The study highlights the importance of monitoring immune parameters in convalescent COVID-19 patients and suggests that antiviral treatments may be beneficial for managing PASC.

Attractors in Pattern Iterations of Flat Top Tent Maps

13 Jun 2023  |  mdpi.com
The paper explores the control of chaos in one-dimensional dynamical systems through the use of flat-topped maps, known as simple limiter control. The study introduces limiters in the tent map according to a binary sequence iteration pattern, defining local and Milnor attractors in a non-autonomous context. The existence and coexistence of these attractors are examined in relation to the limiter value and the iteration pattern. Symbolic dynamics are utilized to characterize and describe the attractor families. The research finds that non-autonomous systems exhibit a variety of behaviors not possible in autonomous cases, including the potential coexistence of multiple attractors. The findings have implications for controlling chaos in various fields, such as cardiac dynamics, telecommunications, and market dynamics, with potential for reducing implementation costs.

Houston expert: New location-based tech is en route to saving lives

04 Aug 2022  |  InnovationMap
AT&T, in collaboration with Intrado, has launched a new 911 upgrade called 'Locate Before Route' which uses GPS to connect wireless callers with the closest 911 dispatch center, improving location accuracy to about 55 yards. This service is available to AT&T customers nationwide without any required action. The technology aims to enhance public safety response times, especially when callers are unable to communicate their location. AT&T's commitment to public safety is also reflected in the creation of FirstNet, a communications platform for first responders.

Expert: How to ensure your tech is ready for a hurricane in Houston

03 Aug 2021  |  InnovationMap
The article emphasizes the importance of preparing technology for hurricane season in Houston, providing expert advice on ensuring tech readiness.

How 5G and smart cities technology are transforming the city of Houston

27 May 2021  |  houston.innovationmap.com
5G technology is transforming Houston into a smart city, enhancing public safety and efficiency. Firefighters use drones, infrared tech, and live video for rescue operations, while paramedics share medical records in real-time and are guided by traffic signals for faster hospital transport. AT&T's 5G+ at Toyota Center and FirstNet for first responders are examples of this tech in action. 5G's capacity for Massive IoT and ultra-low latency is crucial for these advancements, potentially leading to autonomous cars, improved utility grids, and reduced traffic congestion.

Cobas Funds Commentary: How Much and When to Invest in Equities

20 May 2020  |  www.gurufocus.com
Spaniards often invest at inopportune times, buying when prices are high and selling when low. The article emphasizes the importance of investing during periods of pessimism and holding long-term to benefit from compound interest. It highlights the value investing philosophy, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, and suggests delegating investment management to experienced professionals. Cobas advocates for a long-term investment strategy in equities, tailored to individual risk tolerance and investment periods, to maximize returns and manage market volatility.




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