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Luiz Lopes

Vancouver, Canada
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About Luiz
I am a journalist based in Vancouver, Canada. I write, shoot, edit and script.
Currently at the CBC (Canada). Formerly at The AP, The Globe and Mail, Globo TV (Brazil).
Work has appeared on The New York Times, Yahoo, USA Today, Al Jazeera etc.
Won a Canadian journalism award for work on the fentanyl crisis for The Globe and Mail (2017)
English Spanish Galician
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Politics Current Affairs Arts & Books

Spherically symmetric anisotropic strange stars

16 Feb 2024  |  epjc.epj.org
An extensive study on the presence of anisotropies in strange stars was conducted, utilizing three configurations of strange matter: unpaired, two-flavor super-conducting (2SC), and fully three-flavor super-conducting (CFL). The study calculated mass-radius relations, tidal parameters, moments of inertia, and surface curvatures for different anisotropy levels, comparing results with existing literature, including observations of massive pulsars and light compact objects.

The Task of Deconstruction

01 Oct 2023  |  drd.com.br
Adenor Leonardo Bacchi, known as Tite, faced significant criticism and personal attacks after his tenure as the coach of the Brazilian national football team, despite his previous successes with Corinthians. The article highlights the harsh and often unfair nature of public and media scrutiny in sports, drawing parallels to similar behaviors in other sectors of society. It also reflects on the broader implications of such criticism on personal and professional reputations.

Molecular Biology of Pediatric and Adult Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors: A Review

30 May 2023  |  MDPI
The review discusses the molecular biology of pediatric and adult ovarian germ cell tumors (OGCTs), including the etiopathogenesis, molecular landscape, and implications for treatment resistance. It highlights the rarity and complexity of OGCTs, the need for further research, and the importance of international collaborations and clinical trials. The review also covers the genetic, cytogenetic, and epigenetic alterations in OGCTs, the development of in vitro and in vivo models, and the molecular mechanisms associated with chemoresistance.

Nostalgia, Memories and Remembrances of Barrão

14 May 2023  |  drd.com.br
Sebastião Mendes Barros, a charismatic leader, served as Mayor of Governador Valadares and as a State Deputy for Minas Gerais. He played a significant role in the local football scene, leading various clubs and reviving the city's amateur football league. The article nostalgically recalls the vibrant football culture of the past and criticizes the current state of local football governance. Barros is remembered for his leadership, wisdom, and ability to unite people, leaving a lasting legacy in the community.

Pages: some blank; others torn

30 Apr 2023  |  drd.com.br
The article reflects on the history and contributions of various sports clubs and notable individuals in Governador Valadares, Brazil. It also touches on a recent reflection by over 450 religious figures in Aparecida, SP, concerning global crises, human brutality, and societal indifference. The narrative emphasizes the importance of recognizing and documenting the efforts and achievements of those involved in the local sports scene, amidst a backdrop of broader social and moral issues.

It hurt... and a lot!

23 Apr 2023  |  drd.com.br
Dadá Maravilha, a former striker and champion, expressed his disappointment with the current management of Clube Atlético Mineiro for not treating an idol properly. The article reflects on the broader issue of Brazilian football's lack of respect and recognition for its past heroes, with few exceptions. It suggests that Brazilian footballers who succeeded abroad have learned ethical and professional habits, leading to meritorious acts of solidarity. The article hopes for a resolution to the issue, with the Atlético management potentially planning new festivities to honor former players.

Courage to do differently

16 Apr 2023  |  drd.com.br
Telê Santana and Murici Ramalho are revered figures at São Paulo Futebol Clube, known for their world titles and significant contributions to Brazilian football. Fernando Diniz, a former footballer with a degree in Psychology, is making waves as a coach with his innovative approach, leading Fluminense Futebol Clube to a Carioca championship victory and a respectable third place in the Brazilian championship, securing a spot in the Libertadores. Despite facing health issues and adversities, Diniz's persistence and fresh ideas are bringing joy back to the sport.

The List

09 Apr 2023  |  drd.com.br
Reflecting on life and community, the article draws inspiration from Oswaldo Montenegro's song 'A Lista' and the Lenten season to encourage readers to consider their relationships and social responsibilities. It highlights the importance of valuing life, helping those in need, and fostering a sense of community. The narrative reminisces about past acquaintances and calls for introspection and change to become better human beings.

The field of Lima Filho

02 Apr 2023  |  drd.com.br
The article nostalgically recalls the sports field named after Lima Filho, a respected doctor and sportsman, which was a popular venue for sports competitions among professionals and guests in Governador Valadares. It highlights the contributions of various individuals, including Eloisio Ribeiro Chagas, Homerildo Alves Gomes, and Dilermando Dias Miranda, to the local football scene. The text reflects on the past glory of the field and the lack of similar football activities in the city today.

Thank you, Lilico

05 Mar 2023  |  drd.com.br
Nilton Rodrigues, known as Lilico, was a prominent figure in Valadares' sports world, excelling as a forward in football and in athletics. Beyond sports, he was a retired exemplary employee of Cemig, a person of unwavering faith, and an exemplary family man. Lilico is remembered for his optimism, motivation, and his belief in the goodness of people. He passed away earlier this week, leaving behind a legacy of love, humanity, and fraternity.

Pause for Meditation

13 Feb 2023  |  drd.com.br
The article reflects on the importance of pausing to meditate on life, mortality, and the sports community in Governador Valadares. It highlights the passing of several notable figures and the impact of COVID-19 on the community. The author calls for solidarity and reflection on personal values and contributions. The text also commemorates the anniversary of Democrata Pantera and discusses recent events involving Clube Atlético Paranaense and Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.


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