Luke Vargas

Luke Vargas

Seoul, South Korea

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Luke Vargas

Luke Vargas is a radio and TV commentator based at the United Nations in NY with experience covering three presidential election cycles and attending more than 300 campaign events across the United States.

Luke began reporting on elections as a 17-year-old, making a name for himself as a "youth political commentator" and offering analysis of the 2008 presidential election cycle. 

His primary focus has since shifted to world news, and he has covered breaking news events from 30+ countries – from Ukraine/Crimea, Tunisia, Brazil, Palestine, Vietnam and more – but his attention is never far removed from U.S. politics.

Luke's recent commentary includes live hits with:

 - BBC World Service
 - RT
 - MBC4 TV / ET bil Arabi
 - CBS TV local affiliates
 - FreeSpeech TV
 - US talk radio (Boston Herald Radio, Thom Hartmann, Leslie Marshall)



SABC News: Recapping the RNC



XRAY FM – Following asylum seekers through the Balkans


RT - Thom Hartmann Show - Early results from the 2016 New Hampshire Primary



BBC World Service – 2016 Republican National Convention

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