Luke Vargas

Luke Vargas is a foreign policy reporter and analyst based at the United Nations in NY with extensive TV and radio experience. 

Luke's eye is trained on American diplomacy, having covered high-stakes international negotiations, humanitarian crises, conflicts and national elections from 35+ countries, including Ukraine/Crimea, Tunisia, Bolivia, Palestine, Vietnam and South Korea.

Recent news analysis has been featured by:

 - the BBC World Service
 - Fox News
 - RT (Russia Today)
 - SABC (South African Broadcasting Corp.)
 - MBC4 TV / ET bil Arabi
 - Fox TV affiliates
 - CBS TV local affiliates
 - FreeSpeech TV

Before shifting to world news, Luke covered three U.S. presidential election cycles and attended more than 300 campaign events across the United States.

Luke began reporting on elections as a 17-year-old, making a name for himself as a "youth political commentator" and offering analysis of the 2008 presidential election cycle.



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  • Analysis: The US withdraws from United Nations Human Rights Council

    New York, United States of America Politics, Current Affairs June 21 @ 12:00am

    The U.S. follows through on a longstanding threat from President Trump to withdraw from the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Council, citing concerns with the continued membership of notorious rights-abusing countries and frequent scrutiny of Israel. Salient questions: - How does this... Read more

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