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Macu Escribano

Macu Escribano is an international video journalist with over 9 years of experience in broadcast and news agency. Since 2015 she is dedicated to the creation of video documentaries for international media and also offers production services in China.

Breaking news coverage on Mangkhut typhoon for Antena 3, Spanish National Broadcast September 2018, Hong Kong.


Lifestyle documentary


10 yuan. This is what Mr. Wang charges for a haircut in a hidden alley of Changhua Road. After being there for 30 years, he now has to face the imminent demolition of the neighborhood. Inside his improvised open-hair salon, we will discover some of the characters that live in this street and find out about the ongoing social changes throughout a few haircuts.


PhotoFairs Shanghai Documentary event Client: Porsche Role: Producer


The short documentary, Takeaway City tells the issue of plastic waste generated by the delivery food industry in China. Recent studies have shown that this business is producing at least 60 million boxes a day in the country. If we were to fold and stack all the boxes produced in a day, the pile would be as high as 340 times Mt. Everest. A cashless society and the development of mobile apps to order online have considerably boosted this trend. As of 2018, over 700 million Chinese citizens own a smartphone. The rise in real-estate prices is also impacting this food industry: in order to compensate for the ever increasing rents, restaurants are becoming smaller. By encouraging people to order takeaways, restaurant owners are able to increase their customer base without needing a more expansive space. If customers, business owners and government do not tackle this issue, the devastating impact of the takeaway food plastic waste on the environment will worsen.

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