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Maddy Savage

Stockholm, Sweden
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About Maddy
Award-winning former BBC broadcaster available for freelance audio, video, print and digital projects in Stockholm.
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No hay vuelta de hoja

06 Jun 2024  |  Noticias de México | EL IMPARCIAL
Claudia Sheinbaum is poised to realize the fourth transformation envisioned by her predecessor, AMLO, who faced challenges in establishing a new legal order and representation system. The article discusses the potential threat to judicial independence following the electoral victory, the impact of concentrated power on economic uncertainty, and the political strategies of the AMLO government. It also touches on the significance of the Latino vote in US presidential elections and the recent electoral successes of newer political parties in Mexico, particularly Morena.

Business leaders in Sweden share concern over wave of gun violence

17 Apr 2024  |  www.marketplace.org
A study by Stockholm's Chamber of Commerce reveals that 80% of businesses fear difficulties in attracting foreign talent, visitors, and investors to Sweden due to the increasing gun violence.

Can Sweden keep its edge in the music industry?

15 Mar 2024  |  yahoo.com
Stockholm, Sweden, has been a hub for successful musicians and music tech companies, with a legacy that includes Abba and Avicii. Pophouse Entertainment, led by CEO Per Sundin, is creating high-tech entertainment experiences, such as the Abba Voyage stage show. Despite challenges, the company is optimistic about adapting its technology for other legacy artists. Stockholm's music tech success is attributed to its strong music scene, tech-savvy population, and collaborative business culture. Companies like Spotify and Soundcloud originated here, and newer startups like Snafu Records and Corite are navigating economic challenges while innovating with AI and crowdfunding. The city's ecosystem continues to attract global attention and investment, despite some companies struggling to turn a profit.

VW is About to Sell Its Last Gas-Powered Car Ever in Norway

07 Dec 2023  |  time.com
Volkswagen is set to sell its last gas and diesel models in Norway, as the country leads in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Møller Mobility Group, which imports Volkswagens to Norway, will phase out non-electric models by New Year's Eve. Norway's EV market share has reached around 85%, the highest globally, due to incentives and a strong electric grid. The Norwegian Centre for Transport Research notes a consensus on the 2025 zero emissions goal, but warns that incentives have perpetuated a driving culture, potentially hindering emission reduction efforts. The government has begun rolling back some EV incentives, which could affect affordability and new car sales. The next year is crucial for Norway to maintain its position as an EV leader.

Saturday Candy: The Curious Tradition Swedes Keep for Saturday

07 Oct 2023  |  es-us.noticias.yahoo.com
In Sweden, the tradition of 'lördagsgodis' or 'Saturday candy' involves families buying and eating sweets on Saturdays. This practice, which began in the 1950s as a dental health recommendation, has evolved into a cherished family activity. It also serves as an early lesson in financial management for children, who learn to budget their weekly allowances for candy. The tradition is deeply ingrained in Swedish culture, promoting financial independence from a young age. Despite the rise of digital payments and a cashless society, the tradition of lördagsgodis remains strong, with children continuing to spend their first allowances on sweets.

Sweden hails historic step as Turkey backs NATO bid

11 Jul 2023  |  bbc.co.uk
Sweden, historically neutral for over two centuries, applied for NATO membership in May following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Turkey's initial objection, citing Sweden's refuge to Kurdish militants, was addressed by Swedish Prime Minister Kristersson, who prioritized membership and demonstrated efforts against terrorism. A Kurdish man was recently jailed and set for deportation in Sweden, marking the first action under new legislation. Despite concerns over behind-the-scenes assurances to Turkey, Sweden's NATO supporters view membership as crucial for security amid European political volatility. Sweden plans to increase its military budget to 2% of GDP by 2026.

Why there is serious money in kitchen fumes

02 May 2023  |  bbc.co.uk
Enjay, a Malmö-based start-up, has developed a heat exchange equipment called Lepido, which recovers energy from kitchen fumes to heat other areas of restaurant buildings, saving costs and reducing emissions. Since its commercial availability in 2018, it has been installed in numerous Burger King franchises and other establishments across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Benelux region. With the global energy crisis, Enjay is seeing increased interest from Europe, Canada, and the US. Trials are underway in the UK, including at Burger King and Turtle Bay restaurants. The technology faces challenges such as high initial costs, but with rising energy prices, the market for heat recovery from kitchen fumes is expected to grow. Enjay's main competitor is a British company called Dext, which has developed a similar product in collaboration with Nando's and Sheffield Hallam University.

How a small Swedish town is becoming the spearhead of green steel in Europe

05 Mar 2023  |  elimparcial.com
A small town in northern Sweden, Boden, is on track to produce Europe's first commercial green steel by 2025. H2 Green Steel, the company behind the project, is using hydrogen technology to reduce emissions by up to 95%. The electricity for hydrogen production and plant operations will come from local fossil-free sources, including hydroelectric power and wind farms. This initiative is part of a broader movement in Europe to transition to low-carbon steel production, with other companies like Hybrit and GravitHy also developing similar projects. The European Union is supporting this shift with new strategies like the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism to make non-green steel imports more expensive and encourage investment in green steel. The next eight years are seen as critical for global steel producers to make decisions about green steel production.

The race across Europe to build green steel plants

17 Feb 2023  |  BBC News فارسی
A new steel plant in Boden, Sweden, aims to produce Europe's first commercial green steel using hydrogen technology, significantly reducing emissions. H2 Green Steel, a start-up backed by Northvolt, leads the project, with plans to produce five million tonnes of green steel annually by 2030. The initiative is part of a broader European effort to transition to carbon-neutral steel production, with similar projects in France, Germany, and Spain. The EU's new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism aims to support this transition by making non-green steel imports more expensive. The UK faces challenges in green steel adoption due to high energy costs and potential unemployment in industrial regions.

The race across Europe to build green steel plants

17 Feb 2023  |  shareandstocks.com
A new steel plant in Boden, Sweden, aims to produce Europe's first commercial green steel using hydrogen technology, significantly reducing emissions. H2 Green Steel, a start-up funded by Northvolt, leads the project, with plans to produce five million tonnes of green steel annually by 2030. The initiative is part of a broader European effort to transition to carbon-neutral steel production, with similar projects in France, Germany, and Spain. The EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism aims to support these efforts by making non-green steel imports more expensive. The transition poses challenges, including high energy costs and potential unemployment in traditional steelmaking regions.

Adults who celebrate their choice of a childfree life

15 Feb 2023  |  elimparcial.com
The article discusses the growing trend of individuals, particularly millennials and Generation Z, choosing to live childfree lives and the rise of influencers and online communities that support and celebrate this lifestyle. Marcela Muñoz, a 27-year-old business owner from Kansas, is highlighted as an example of someone who produces content on social media platforms to validate the choice of not having children. The term 'child-free' has been around since the early 20th century, but it has gained new momentum with social media. Studies from the Pew Research Center and YouGov indicate an increasing number of adults in Western countries are actively choosing not to have children. Reasons for this choice vary, including personal preferences, financial and practical concerns, and concerns about climate change and the state of the world. While the childfree movement is growing, social acceptance and understanding of the choice to live without children are changing more slowly. The article also addresses the backlash and criticism faced by childfree individuals, often with a gendered focus, and the role of media in shaping perceptions of the childfree lifestyle.

Reindeer herders fear Arctic industry boom

22 Dec 2022  |  BBC
Indigenous Sami reindeer herders in northern Sweden, including Elle Merete Omma, are facing challenges due to climate change and the expansion of carbon-cutting industries such as wind farms, which they say are encroaching on grazing lands and altering traditional lifestyles. Despite research showing mixed impacts of wind farms on reindeer, the Sami are concerned about the loss of land and conflicts arising from industry expansion. The region is also experiencing growth in renewable energy-powered factories and plans for new mines, which are part of Sweden's green transition but are increasing tensions with local communities. Sami herders argue that these developments threaten their culture and livelihoods, while some locals see potential economic benefits. The situation highlights a 'green versus green' conflict, where the methods of achieving environmental goals are at odds with the needs of indigenous populations.

Finland wants to transform how we make clothes

06 Sep 2022  |  BBC
Finland is pioneering sustainable textile production through innovative companies like Infinited Fiber and Spinnova. Infinited Fiber's technology transforms textile waste into a new fibre called Infinna, already used by brands like Patagonia and H&M. Spinnova converts cellulose from various sources into fibres, partnering with Suzano for large-scale production. Despite challenges in the fashion industry's shift towards sustainability, there is optimism that these technologies can significantly reduce textile waste and contribute to a circular economy. However, experts caution that broader changes in consumption patterns are necessary to combat climate change effectively.

Avicii fans touched by ‘emotional’ museum in Stockholm

28 Feb 2022  |  BBC
An interactive museum in Stockholm celebrates Avicii's musical legacy while raising awareness about mental health in the music industry. The Avicii Experience features reconstructions of his studios, personal memorabilia, and interactive elements like a VR karaoke. The museum, initiated by Avicii's family, also addresses the pressures he faced and his mental health struggles. The Tim Bergling Foundation, established by his family, continues to work on suicide prevention and mental health initiatives in Sweden. Fans from various countries attended the opening, expressing mixed emotions and appreciation for the tribute to the late DJ.

Vård av Barn: The Swedish parents paid to care for sick kids

13 Jan 2022  |  BBC News فارسی
Sweden's Vård av Barn (VAB) policy allows parents to take paid time off to care for sick children, receiving 80% of their salary. This policy, part of Sweden's family-friendly initiatives, has been crucial during the pandemic, easing pressures on families. While VAB is popular and helps attract international talent, it presents challenges such as potential career impacts for frequent users and financial strains on the state. Despite these issues, VAB remains widely accepted and is seen as a model for other countries.

Provocative strategies in Sweden to destigmatize menstruation

26 Dec 2021  |  es-us.noticias.yahoo.com
In Sweden, provocative strategies such as public art exhibitions and advertising campaigns are being used to destigmatize menstruation. Artist Liv Strömquist's menstrual-themed artwork in the Stockholm metro sparked debate and highlighted ongoing taboos. A public advertising campaign by Essity used red liquid to symbolize menstrual blood, challenging the norm of using blue liquid. Initiatives like Forza Football becoming the first 'period-friendly' workplace and the Swedish Army providing menstrual products to soldiers indicate a shift towards openness. Despite progress, activists like Louise Klinter emphasize the need for further education and affordability of menstrual products. The article also discusses the political and cultural reactions to these efforts, including resistance from some quarters.

How Magdalena Andersson Became Prime Minister of Sweden... Twice in One Week

04 Dec 2021  |  Noticias de México | EL IMPARCIAL
Magdalena Andersson's rise to power as Sweden's first female prime minister was marked by dramatic political events, including her resignation just hours after her initial appointment and subsequent re-election. The political turmoil highlighted the complexities of Sweden's fragmented parliament and coalition politics. Andersson, who succeeded Stefan Lofven, faces significant challenges as the leader of a minority government, including adhering to a budget negotiated by right-wing opposition parties. With elections looming in September 2022, her ability to navigate these challenges will be crucial.

How Magdalena Andersson became Sweden's first female PM twice

01 Dec 2021  |  www.bbc.co.uk
Magdalena Andersson became Sweden's first female prime minister after a tumultuous week in Swedish politics, which saw her elected, resign, and then re-elected. The political drama began with the retirement of Stefan Lofven and Andersson's subsequent election by a narrow margin, complicated by Sweden's fragmented parliament. Her initial resignation followed the passage of a budget proposed by right-wing parties, including the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats. Andersson was later re-elected as the head of a one-party Social Democrat government, marking the first time in 15 years that the party would govern alone. She has pledged to focus on welfare, education, healthcare, climate change, crime, and segregation.

Churchill and King George VI’s Dispute on D-Day: Monarch Accuses PM of Selfish Ambitions to Lead Troops, Historian Christopher Wilson Reveals

08 Oct 2021  |  Internewscast Journal
Historian Christopher Wilson reveals a dispute between Winston Churchill and King George VI during D-Day, where the monarch accused the Prime Minister of having selfish ambitions to lead the troops. The article delves into their relationship during World War II, highlighting the tension and differing perspectives between the two leaders.

Can apps manage our chronic health conditions?

15 Sep 2021  |  BBC
Ewa-Lena Rasmusson's mobility has significantly improved during the pandemic thanks to the Swedish app Joint Academy, which offers bespoke exercise plans to alleviate joint pain. The app, co-founded by Leif and Jakob Dahlberg, has seen a surge in users during the pandemic, becoming the most common first-line treatment for chronic joint pain in Sweden. The app's success is part of a broader trend in digital healthcare services in Sweden, which includes other apps like Blodtrycksdoktorn and Mindler. While some experts like Roger Molin support the trend, others like Sofia Rydgren Stale express concerns about regulation and accessibility. Joint Academy has expanded to the US and plans further growth in Europe, with users like Rasmusson confident in its continued appeal.

Why Sweden's Historic Mechanism for Controlling Rent Prices is Failing

30 Aug 2021  |  Noticias de México | EL IMPARCIAL
Sweden's historic rent control mechanism is failing to keep up with the housing demand, particularly in Stockholm, where the average wait time for a rent-controlled apartment has increased to nine years. The shortage has led to a thriving subletting market with high prices, causing financial strain for many, especially young people. Political parties are divided on solutions, with some advocating for market-based rent pricing and others defending the current system. Despite efforts to build new housing, the growing population in Stockholm exacerbates the issue, leaving the future of affordable housing uncertain.

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