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Magdaléna Rojo

Magdalena Rojo is a freelance journalist covering global issues and human rights from the field, mostly in developing countries. Rojo comes from Slovakia, however, driven by her desire for a fairer world and common understanding, she has traveled countries on four continents. Exploring the world with an open mind and listening to people with diverse ideas is what makes her feel alive.

Six years ago, she co-founded the long-term, global project Women Who Stay that brings a different perspective on migration – the perspective of women left behind after their male counterparts migrate. She pursues this project together with her husband, a photographer, Noel Rojo.

Within the project, Magdalena and Noel explore slow journalism and anthropology. They spend weeks or months with people they write about in order to understand them and their environment and to gain their trust.

As a journalist fellow for the Spiritual Exemplars Project by the University of Southern California, she followed community leaders who are changing lives. She has been published in international media outlets, such as e.g. News Deeply/TNH, Deutsche Welle, Mongabay, and national media in Slovakia, Czechia, and the U.S. She was nominated for the Slovak Press Award with her reportage about Cuba in 2013.

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