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Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi

Jammu, India
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About Mahfooz
Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi is the youngest journalist/ columnist based in Ganderbal, Jammu and Kashmir India. His articles has been published by various reputed and most circulated magazines and newspapers of the valley.
Content Writing
Business Politics Current Affairs

Life’s dynamic canvas

26 Jan 2024  |  kashmirvision.in
Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi reflects on the evolution of personal dreams and goals, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and the pursuit of alternative plans when initial aspirations do not materialize. He shares his own journey from aspiring astronaut to writer, inspired by figures like Kalpana Chawla and Yuri Gagarin, and literary works such as Anne Frank's diary and Shakespeare's 'The Tempest.' Bakshi encourages embracing flexibility in aspirations and contributing to society, regardless of age, which he views as just a number.

End of the Jinxed Year; 2023

03 Jan 2024  |  kashmirvision.in
Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi reflects on 2023 as a jinxed year filled with personal and global tragedies. He recounts the loss of his beloved aunt, his struggle with focus and writing, and his entanglement in unhealthy relationships. Despite the hardships, he learned valuable life lessons about resilience, the importance of cautious decision-making, and self-discovery. He criticizes societal values, such as the prioritization of money over skills and the superficiality of relationships.

We aren’t that hospitable actually!

12 Nov 2023  |  thekashmirimages.com
Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi challenges the perception of Kashmiris as hospitable, arguing that while they are kind to outsiders, they often hinder the success of their own neighbors through jealousy and discrimination. He criticizes the hypocrisy and inhumane treatment within Kashmiri society, calling for a change in behavior and emphasizing the importance of kindness and respect towards neighbors, as taught by Prophet Muhammad. Bakshi urges Kashmiris to be less judgmental and extravagant, and to earn respect through genuine kindness and humanity.





Unethical Communication

13 Oct 2023  |  kashmirvision.in
The article discusses the prevalence and impact of unethical communication, particularly the use of profanity and offensive language, in modern society. It highlights the role of social media and pop culture in normalizing such behavior and the lack of ethics education as contributing factors. The author emphasizes the importance of ethical communication, which fosters respect, transparency, and positivity, and suggests that individuals should be ethical role models to combat the spread of unethical communication.

Unethical Communication: The Dark Side of Dialogue

26 Sep 2023  |  kashmirreader.com
The article discusses the prevalence of unethical communication, including the use of swear words and offensive language, which has become normalized in society, particularly among the youth. The author attributes this trend to a lack of ethical education, the absence of ethical role models, and the influence of social media and pop culture. The article suggests that individuals should become ethical role models themselves, as exemplified by M. K. Gandhi's quote, and highlights the importance of respectful communication. It concludes with a quote by George Bernard Shaw on the illusion of effective communication when unethical practices are involved.

What Have You Done?

30 Aug 2023  |  kashmirvision.in
A poem by Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi expressing deep emotional pain and heartbreak caused by a loved one. The poet reflects on the suffering and confusion experienced due to unreciprocated love and the lingering impact of memories and scars.

A Heartfelt Tribute to my School

18 Jun 2023  |  /
Expresses sincere gratitude towards Govt Boys Higher Secondary School Ganderbal and its principal, Mr. Ghulam Hassan Bhat, highlighting the transformative and valuable experiences gained during the author's time at the school.

Love’s Triumph, The Discovery Of Inner Unity

13 May 2023  |  Kashmir Reader
The article emphasizes the importance of love and compassion as fundamental to human existence and spiritual fulfillment. It argues that loving others is akin to loving the Creator, and that hatred towards any creature is essentially hatred towards God. The author suggests that love should be seen as a valuable investment and a form of prayer, while hatred should be directed only towards negative influences like Satan. The piece concludes by advocating for the spread of love as a means to eradicate hatred from the world.

Kangitch: The Culinary and Medicinal Delicacy

08 Apr 2023  |  kashmirvision.in
Morel mushrooms, known as 'Kangitchh' in the local language, are highly valued for both culinary and medicinal purposes. They are expensive due to their unique taste, limited seasonal availability, and labor-intensive harvesting. Found in moist, temperate climates, morels are common in Europe, Asia, and North America, including Kashmir. The author, Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi, recalls childhood experiences of collecting morels and discusses their potential economic impact on countries like China, India, and Iran. He also highlights the need for fair compensation for children who collect morels and urges parents to ensure their safety.

Private schools are better but government schools are best

14 Jul 2022  |  kashmirreader.com
The author argues that despite common perceptions of government schools as inferior, they provide the best quality education, citing personal experience of 11 years in government schools and a brief period in a private school. The article discusses the reasons behind the declining enrollment in government schools, including teachers' lack of faith in the system, parental jealousy, and societal stereotypes. The author acknowledges the advantages of private schools, such as regular co-curricular activities and parental involvement, but emphasizes that government schools are improving and should not be dismissed based on a few negative examples. The author concludes by urging the public not to spread false information about government schools and to support efforts to eliminate illiteracy.

Where did those days go?

24 Jun 2022  |  Kashmir Reader
Reflecting on the simplicity and joy of childhood in Kashmir, the author laments the loss of genuine human connections and the rise of materialism and social media's superficial relationships. The narrative underscores a longing for the past's purity and the detrimental effects of modern advancements on personal bonds and societal values.

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