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Mahsa Maghsoudi

Alexandria, United States of America
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About Mahsa
I am a visual storyteller, illustrator, and designer based in Virginia, USA. With a background in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, I bring a diverse skill set to my work. Specializing in a range of areas including animation assets, children's illustration, poster design, editorial illustration, branding, concept and character development, and motion design, I use a blend of traditional and digital techniques to create captivating illustrations. My ultimate goal is to bring your unique narrative to life through my distinct style of illustration and animation.
English Persian (Farsi) Turkish

Natural Environment

18 Jul 2023  |  Mahsa Maghsoudi
The article discusses a proposal for the Petroleum Marketing Group (PMG), a fuel distributor company that has recently relocated its headquarters. The proposal is to create a series of nature illustrations that reflect the diversity of PMG's employees and their commitment to environmental consciousness. The illustrations would represent various natural environments from around the world, suggested by PMG employees, and include animals. These artworks would be consistent in style and color palette, aiming to enhance the office environment while telling the story of PMG's global community and their connection to nature.

Quantum Politics

18 Jul 2023  |  Mahsa Maghsoudi
The article discusses the concept of Quantum Politics (QP), which acknowledges the inherent uncertainty in predicting social and political events. It emphasizes that no system or methodology can completely eliminate the risk associated with future events due to randomness, chaos, and the complexity of variables. Instead of offering precise predictions, QP provides a range of potential outcomes to help clients manage uncertainty and mitigate risk. Furthermore, it suggests that uncertainty should not only be managed but also used as a tool to identify opportunities, turning it into an advantage for the client. The article ties this back to the essence of Quantum Politics, which is about embracing uncertainty as a strategic element.

Mahsa Maghsoudi

18 Jul 2023  |  Mahsa Maghsoudi
The article discusses a project called 'Dadnameh,' commissioned by VOA Farsi, which is an animated adaptation of a Shahnemh-style poem about the revolution in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini. The author was tasked with creating character designs and backgrounds that reflect traditional Persian painting styles suitable for animation. The author used Adobe Photoshop for the illustrations and collaborated with the project's art director to ensure the work met the necessary standards for animation. Despite tight deadlines, the author emphasized maintaining high-quality work and attention to detail, resulting in illustrations that captured the essence of the poem and the requirements for animation.

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