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Maire Rowland

Tirana, Albania
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About Maire
Maire Rowland is a journalist based in Tirana, Albania. Published in The Sunday Times, Equal Times, Irish Examiner. Freelance member of NUJ UK and Ireland
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Politics Current Affairs Science & Environment

Exit Albania: Media Suppression: A Favorite Tool of the “Strongman”

Exit Albania: Macedonian Elections: The End of a Revolution?

Ireland and Poland are already united by a shared love of football

14 May 2018  |  www.thetimes.co.uk
The Immigrant Council of Ireland has initiated a campaign in collaboration with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service to combat racism against the Polish community in Ireland. The campaign, named Bloody Foreigner, encourages Polish immigrants to donate blood as a way to showcase their positive impact on Irish society. Barnaba Dorda, a Polish lawyer residing in Ireland, is one of the participants who will be donating blood for the first time, inspired by the campaign's message. The initiative aims to introduce the campaign across Ireland in the upcoming weeks.

Tirana’s Kavajes Street: A Microcosm of Albania’s Religious Tolerance

26 Jul 2017  |  Equal Times
The article discusses the religious tolerance and interfaith harmony in Tirana, Albania, exemplified by Kavajes Street where a mosque, a Catholic church, and an Orthodox church coexist. It highlights Albania's religious demographics and the country's history of religious persecution under the communist regime. The article mentions Pope Francis's visit and the UN Special Rapporteur's praise for Albania's religious freedom. It addresses the challenges Albania faced with religious extremism, noting the decrease in Albanians joining ISIS and efforts to counter radicalism. The article also touches on the issue of restitution of religious properties seized during communism and the importance of interfaith dialogue and cooperation to maintain harmony and prevent ideological divisions.

Tirana Times: May 2016

01 May 2016  |  Maire Rowland
The article discusses an exhibition at Tirana's National Art Gallery showcasing Albanian film posters, titled 'The Art of Albanian Motion Picture Design.' Curated by Thomas Logoreci, the exhibit features posters from Albania's first film in 1944 to contemporary works, highlighting the country's cinematic history and the unique artistry of hand-crafted posters. The article touches on Albania's communist past, where cinema was used for propaganda, and the personal connection of Logoreci, whose father fled Albania's regime. It also addresses the challenges of preserving Albanian film heritage, as Logoreci is part of the Albanian Cinema Project, which aims to protect deteriorating film reels from being lost to mould and other damage. The exhibition serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving both the physical and cultural aspects of film history.

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