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Majd Helobi

Majd Helobi is a Fixer based in Erbil, Iraq.
Good at Building and developing networks
I work as a specialist in the Middle East. Acts of violence and phenomena of civil wars raging in the region (ISIS and the extremist and non-extremist Islamic groups) where I have language skills that help to transmit information and cooperate with journalists, researchers, and writers from all over the world.  my work is focused on organizing logistical issues (coordination) and everything the journalist needs from the latest information to exclusive photos, and news.
I work on migration studies, human migration flows, and the development of methods by human smugglers and their causes and effects.  methods found throughout the Middle East to Europe and sometimes internal migration
I work in Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen, and Libya. Syria. Lebanon
During my years of experience, I have developed working skills in managing projects and organizations and even presenting war crimes investigations as well as classic broad political analysis, and to this day my strong and continuous logistical role allows me to solve complex cases. It is difficult for a normal person to solve.
 self-control and controlling emotions, anger, and avoiding aggressive behavior

Arabic English Kurdish

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