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Malte Lauterbach

Haifa, Israel
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About Malte
Malte Lauterbach is a journalist based in Haifa, Israel, with 4 years experience in the field. He has experience in both live production and video and print media. Malte Lauterbach has been awarded the European Innovation Award and the B&W world photojournalism award.
Contact me for timely reports on the situation in Israels North at the border to Lebanon and Syria, and for reports on the situation in the West Bank.
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Yemen – Numbers Without Faces – 8 Years of Civil War

05 Nov 2022  |  Berlin Story News
Malte Lauterbach discusses the human cost of the Yemeni Civil War, emphasizing the individual lives behind the statistics. The article traces the Houthi movement's transformation from political party to terrorist group, their control over northern Yemen, and their conflict with the Saudi-led coalition. It highlights the humanitarian crisis, including famine and disease outbreaks, and the average daily death toll since the war's outbreak. Lauterbach shares a personal encounter with a Yemeni man named Aaron, whose family suffered at the hands of the Houthis, yet who retains hope and faith. The article serves as a reminder of the duty to humanize the victims of war and to remember their stories.

Israel '22 – Chronicles of Terror

17 Oct 2022  |  Berlin Story News
In the spring of 2022, Israel experienced its worst series of terrorist attacks since the end of the second Intifada, resulting in 19 deaths over a few weeks. The article recounts specific incidents in Hadera, Bnei Brak, and Tel Aviv, where attackers, some with alleged ties to the Islamic State, targeted civilians and security forces. The author, Malte Lauterbach, emphasizes the importance of humanizing the victims rather than reducing them to statistics. In response to the attacks, Prime Minister Lapid raised the police's alert level and deployed thousands of soldiers to areas near the West Bank to prevent further incidents and maintain peace.

Between Celebration and Drone Attacks

25 Sep 2022  |  Berlin Story News
Tensions over a gas field on the border between Lebanon and Israel threaten to reignite conflict in a region with unhealed wounds, affecting Europe as well. Malte Lauterbach reports from Israel, describing the daily life amidst occasional gunfire and the special security measures in the Kibbutz Bar’am near the Lebanese border. The disputed Karish Gas Field, claimed by both Israel and Lebanon as part of their Exclusive Economic Zones, is central to the conflict. Lebanon faces severe energy shortages, while Israel relies on oil and gas imports. The field, operated by Energean, is expected to supply Israel and potentially 10% of Europe's gas consumption. Hezbollah has threatened to attack the gas extraction operations, and the Israeli Defense Forces have responded by shooting down drones supplied by Iran to Lebanon. Diplomatic talks have repeatedly failed, and the threat of saturation attacks on infrastructure remains high. Despite the tensions, life in Israel continues, with people celebrating the end of the workweek, even as soldiers maintain a vigilant watch on the border.

Russia's Submarine Fleet: Between Rust and Radioactivity

19 Sep 2022  |  Berlin Story News
The Russian submarine fleet, once a formidable force, is now a shadow of its former self, with many ships outdated and the average age of the fleet over 30 years. Despite modernization plans, the fleet's condition raises concerns about its safety and effectiveness. The Soviet Union had created the world's largest nuclear-powered navy, but many submarines were already outdated upon commissioning. The harsh marine environment and lack of maintenance have led to deterioration and potential nuclear risks, as seen in the near-meltdown incident in 1995. The economic downturn and corruption post-Soviet collapse exacerbated these issues. Although some modernization occurred after 2005, many submarines, including the Typhoon class, were decommissioned. However, decommissioned submarines pose environmental and safety risks due to lingering radioactivity and hazardous scrapping processes. The modernization efforts have stalled, and the flagship carrier Admiral Kuznetsov has suffered damage and delays in repairs. Sanctions have also impacted Russia's access to precision technology. Despite these challenges, Russian submarines, particularly those armed with Kalibr missiles, play a significant role in the Ukraine conflict and maintain a presence in strategic locations like the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

Between Humility and Megalomania

23 Aug 2022  |  www.giessener-allgemeine.de
Sido, a prominent figure in German gangster rap, delivered a performance that oscillated between humility and megalomania at the Gießen Kultursommer. Opening with his two-decade-old song 'Fuffies im Club,' he captivated the nearly 5,000 fans with a mix of old hits and provocative new material. Despite his controversial lyrics and onstage antics, including smoking a joint borrowed from a fan, Sido also showed a reflective side, addressing serious themes in songs like 'Der Himmel soll warten' and 'Testament.' His dual persona as both a rebellious figure and a thoughtful artist was on full display, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

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