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Manasi Gandhi

Morrisville, United States of America
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About Manasi
Manasi Gandhi is a journalist based in United States of America.
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Discrimination against women for temple entry

Bharat Mata used to be fair and lovely, now she's dark and disturbing

02 Jun 2016  |  www.dailyo.in
The article reflects on the changing nature of nationalism in India, expressing discomfort with the aggressive and compulsory nature of patriotic expressions like chanting 'Bharat Mata ki Jai'. The author contrasts the innocent patriotism of their youth with the current scenario where nationalism is bordering on jingoism. The article also touches upon the personal conflict of being an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) and the struggle to reconcile national identity with the realities of living abroad. The author questions the need for constant reassurance of patriotism and criticizes the forceful insistence on nationalist slogans. The article concludes with a quote from J Krishnamurti on the violence inherent in segregating identities based on nationality or religion.

An investigation into why the India Cambodia Tiger deal is flawed.

A write up on wages for housework and why homemakers should have the option of being paid.

This Danish Supermarket Sells Near Expiration Date, Ugly Food And People Are Queuing To Buy

29 Feb 2016  |  The Inquisitr
A new supermarket in Copenhagen, Denmark, named WeFood, sells products nearing expiration dates, with damaged packaging, or wrongly labeled at 30 to 50 percent cheaper than regular supermarkets. The store, inaugurated by Princess Marie and the minister for food and environment, aims to reduce food waste and is open to all shoppers. It is a joint project by Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, Fødevarebanken, and DanChurchAid, with proceeds supporting DanChurchAid's work in developing nations. The initiative has been well-received, with plans to expand if successful. The article highlights the broader issue of food waste and mentions similar efforts in the EU and the US.

Apollo 10 Space Music: Astronauts Heard ‘Weird’ Music Behind The Moon

23 Feb 2016  |  inquisitr.com
During NASA's Apollo 10 mission, astronauts Eugene Cernan and John Young reported hearing strange music-like sounds while orbiting the far side of the moon. The incident, discussed in a new Science Channel series and previously kept in NASA's archives, has sparked curiosity about its nature. While some speculate about extraterrestrial origins, astronaut Michael Collins later attributed the sounds to radio interference between the lunar and command modules. NASA clarified that the recordings were not classified but were inaccessible to the public before the internet. The true origins of the sounds remain unconfirmed.

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation: Unpaid Work And Gender Gap Discussed By Melinda In Annual Letter

23 Feb 2016  |  The Inquisitr
Melinda Gates, in her annual letter to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, addresses the disproportionate burden of unpaid work on women, emphasizing the need for societal change. She highlights the significant gender gap in unpaid work, particularly in developing countries, and advocates for recognizing, reducing, and redistributing this work more evenly between men and women. Gates shares personal anecdotes and calls for a shift in societal norms to achieve gender equality.

Good News For Bernie Sanders: First Presidential Candidate To Get Two Million Individual Campaign Donations

18 Dec 2015  |  www.inquisitr.com
Bernie Sanders has become the first presidential candidate to receive 2 million individual campaign donations, surpassing Barack Obama's previous record. With an average donation of $30, Sanders has shown significant grassroots support despite Hillary Clinton raising more funds overall. Sanders' campaign has rejected a maximum individual contribution from Martin Shkreli, opting to donate it to a health clinic. Sanders has also received endorsements from the Communications Workers of America, Democracy For America, the American Postal Workers Union, and National Nurses United, and leads Hillary Clinton by 10 points in a New Hampshire poll.

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