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Mansoor Ahmed

Karachi, Pakistan
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About Mansoor
An excited hard worker, looking for hardcore assignments to expose.
Exploring myself, down to earth friendly but very strict for my work.
English Urdu
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Cyber Kill Chain

09 Jan 2024  |  mansoor99us.medium.com
The Cyber Kill Chain is a framework that outlines the stages intruders go through to exploit network vulnerabilities. It consists of seven stages: reconnaissance, weaponization, delivery, exploitation, installation, command and control (C2), and actions on objectives. The article details each stage and the actions network defenders can take to mitigate risks at each point.

Privacy-First Paradigm for Dynamic Consent Management Systems: Empowering Data Subjects through Decentralized Data Controllers and Privacy-Preserving Techniques

12 Dec 2023  |  mdpi.com
This paper presents a model for dynamic consent management systems (DCMS) that emphasizes privacy-first approaches by utilizing blockchain technology to decentralize data controllers and incorporating privacy-preserving techniques. The model aims to empower data subjects by enhancing the security and privacy of their data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. The proposed system uses permissioned blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Fabric to ensure data integrity and employs techniques such as secure multi-party computation, differential privacy, and homomorphic encryption to maintain data confidentiality. The paper also discusses the application of these technologies in the healthcare sector for managing patient data and sharing with researchers, providing guidelines for implementing security and privacy by design in DCMS.

Who will ensure consistency?

03 Oct 2023  |  www.thenews.com.pk
The caretaker government in Pakistan has taken significant actions against currency speculators and power and gas thieves, measures that previous elected governments failed to implement due to their ties with corrupt elements. The article questions whether these actions will continue under future elected governments and highlights the need for strong governance, effective legislation, and international cooperation to address issues like tax evasion and currency speculation. It also notes the caretaker government's adherence to IMF policies and the positive impact on exports, while expressing concerns about the sustainability of these reforms.

Three killed, many injured in shooting at shopping mall in Copenhagen

03 Jul 2023  |  Aaj English TV
Three people were killed and several injured in a shooting at Field's shopping mall in Copenhagen. The victims include a man in his forties and two young individuals. A 22-year-old Danish man was arrested as the suspect. Chief Police Inspector Soren Thomassen indicated that the perpetrator appeared to have acted alone, and terrorism could not be ruled out. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen described the event as a 'cruel attack' and urged Danes to support each other. The mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie H Andersen, expressed readiness to help. The shopping center offered crisis help to employees and customers.

Financing healthcare projects in Saudi Arabia: unlocking the hidden value

27 Feb 2023  |  insights.omnia-health.com
Saudi Arabia's healthcare sector is poised for growth, driven by a large population and Vision 2030 reforms. High land costs and capital funding are challenges, but unlocking real estate value through REIT funds and sale-leaseback arrangements offers opportunities for expansion. Colliers estimates a need for 195,000 additional beds by 2030, with potential property value unlocking of US$59.0 to US$63.4 billion. Private sector participation is encouraged, and REITs are expected to play a significant role in funding new hospital developments. Mansoor Ahmed of Colliers provides insights into the market and funding strategies.

The Fear Of Hindu Rashtra In India

13 Oct 2022  |  eurasiareview.com
India, constitutionally a secular nation, is perceived to be moving towards a Hindu Rashtra, dominated by Hindutva forces, with minorities facing discrimination and being treated as second-class citizens. The BJP government, led by Narendra Modi, has been accused of taking steps to suppress Muslims, Christians, and Dalits, including hate crimes, propaganda, and controversial laws like the Citizenship Amendment Act. The abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir is seen as an attempt to change the region's demographics. The article suggests that the rise of Hindutva ideology and anti-Muslim sentiment is threatening the democratic and constitutional rights of minorities, with the potential to destabilize India's secular fabric.

Afghan Trade Relations: Key To Regional Development – OpEd

07 Oct 2022  |  www.eurasiareview.com
Pakistan's foreign policy emphasizes strong, cooperative relations with Afghanistan, viewing a stable Afghanistan as essential for regional development. Amidst Afghanistan's severe humanitarian and economic crisis, Pakistan urges global powers to engage with the Taliban and lift economic sanctions. Pakistan has increased bilateral cooperation, offering trade concessions and humanitarian aid, and facilitating trade through barter due to Afghanistan's banking system issues. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is highlighted as a significant opportunity for infrastructure and trade connectivity. The text underscores the importance of stable, cordial relations between the two countries for regional development.

Modi’s Failed Policy In Kashmir – OpEd

18 Jul 2022  |  www.eurasiareview.com
The Modi government's policies in Kashmir have failed to bring peace and development, instead resulting in increased violence and suppression. Despite the abrogation of Article 370, the situation has worsened with daily killings, illegal raids, and fake encounters. The government's claims of normalcy contrast with the reality of restrictions, arrests, and communication blackouts. New domicile laws and demographic changes have been met with opposition accusations of gerrymandering. The crackdown on journalists and the shutdown of the Kashmir Press Club highlight violations of free press. The resistance among Kashmiris is growing, with more joining armed groups against Indian forces. The Indian government's systematic campaigns to portray normalcy are undermined by biased and unfair trials against Kashmiri leaders like JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik.

The Importance Of Pakistan-Afghanistan Barter Trade

04 Jul 2022  |  www.eurasiareview.com
Pakistan and Afghanistan are enhancing their bilateral cooperation through barter trade, a system allowing commerce without money, to address economic challenges and the absence of a banking system in Afghanistan. The barter trade initiative aims to overcome dollar shortages and asset freezes by the US. Both countries have formed committees to recommend trade practices under this system. The Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment have expressed support for the initiative, which is expected to strengthen economic ties and benefit the people of Afghanistan. Pakistan is also considering opening additional border crossings to facilitate trade.

Social Media: Influential Tool Of Fifth Generation Warfare – OpEd

17 Jun 2022  |  www.eurasiareview.com
Social media has become a crucial tool in the contemporary era, facilitating communication and information sharing globally. However, its misuse by non-state actors, including terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, Daesh, ISIS, and PKK, poses significant threats. These groups use social media for spreading disinformation, recruiting members, and inciting violence. The text highlights the role of social media in fifth-generation warfare, particularly against Pakistan, and calls for regulatory measures by states and social media companies to curb its negative impact. The article also emphasizes the need for users to respect social, cultural, and democratic norms to prevent societal polarization and unrest.

Pakistan’s Ceasefire With TTP: A Step Towards Regional Peace – OpEd

06 Jun 2022  |  www.eurasiareview.com
Pakistan has faced significant challenges due to its involvement in the US-led Global War on Terror, suffering heavy casualties and economic losses. Despite successful military operations against terrorist groups like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the country continues to face security threats, particularly from groups operating from Afghan soil. The recent ceasefire with TTP, mediated by the Taliban, is seen as a positive step towards regional peace. However, the success of this ceasefire depends on the Taliban's ability to ensure TTP's compliance. The article highlights the importance of regional cooperation for economic development and stability, particularly in the context of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Freedom of Expression is Under Threat in Kashmir

14 May 2022  |  Modern Diplomacy
The article highlights the severe restrictions on freedom of expression in Kashmir following the abrogation of its autonomous status by the Modi government in 2019. It details the increased harassment and intimidation of journalists, internet restrictions, and the introduction of a new media policy allowing censorship. The shutdown of the Kashmir Press Club and the detention of journalists under the Public Safety Act are cited as examples of the government's crackdown. The article calls for international attention to the violation of human rights and freedom of expression in the region.

Synthesis of Sheet Like Nanostructures of NiO Using Potassium Dichromate as Surface Modifying Agent for the Sensitive and Selective Determination of Amlodipine Besylate (ADB) Drug

01 Jun 2020  |  Wiley Online Library
The study presents the synthesis of sheet-like nanostructures of nickel oxide (NiO) using potassium dichromate as a surface modifying agent. These nanostructures are utilized for the sensitive and selective determination of the pharmaceutical drug Amlodipine Besylate (ADB). The research highlights the effectiveness of the synthesized nanostructures in analytical applications, particularly in the pharmaceutical field.

India and Pakistan's Crisis Means a New Arms Race

02 Apr 2019  |  nationalinterest.org
The recent India-Pakistan crisis challenges established narratives on crisis stability and escalation control in South Asia. The crisis began with India's airstrike in Pakistan following the Pulwama attack, aiming to establish a 'new normal' in its counterforce strategy. However, Pakistan's conventional response and deterrence capabilities, including air and naval engagements, effectively countered India's actions. The crisis also highlighted the evolving roles of third-party mediators, with the United States' influence as a crisis manager in South Asia diminishing in favor of Russia, China, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The events suggest a shift towards a pre-emptive counterforce posture by India and a re-evaluation of Pakistan's Full Spectrum Deterrence, leading to concerns over a new arms race in the region.

Simulate Shipment Cost (VT02N) Using Function Module

05 Nov 2017  |  community.sap.com
The blog post provides a step-by-step guide on how to simulate shipment costs in SAP ERP software using the VT02N transaction and a specific Function Module. The author, MJ, explains the process of retrieving shipment data, using various Function Modules like RV_SHIPMENT_VIEW and SD_SCD_SIMULATE_FREIGHT_COSTS, and handling the returned data structures to simulate the shipment costs. The post aims to assist users who are automating shipment cost simulation and may encounter difficulties with the implementation.

Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons and Their Impact on Stability

30 Jun 2016  |  carnegieendowment.org
Mansoor Ahmed, a Stanton Nuclear Security Junior Faculty Fellow at the Belfer Center, analyzes Pakistan's development of tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs) in response to India's military strategies. The Hatf-IX, or Nasr, missile is designed to deter India's Cold Start doctrine by providing a quick response system for short-range scenarios. Pakistani military and academic perspectives on TNWs vary, with some viewing them as essential for full spectrum deterrence, while others criticize the practical challenges they pose. The Nasr missile, along with other short-range systems, is part of Pakistan's broader nuclear posture, which aims to maintain strategic stability in South Asia by deterring conventional and nuclear threats. The integration of TNWs into Pakistan's military strategy raises questions about command and control, battlefield effectiveness, and strategic stability. The article concludes that while TNWs are intended to strengthen deterrence, their actual use in conflict would likely lead to rapid escalation and strategic consequences.

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