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Los Angeles, United States of America

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Marcia Facundo

Marcia Facundo is a journalist in Los Angeles, California, United States. She often reports about Latino issues in the U.S. Previously she worked as Hispanic Affairs Correspondent for the BBC World Service and as a writer/editor for El Nuevo Herald.


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How a growing number of Latino nannies in the U.S. are culturally impacting American children.


During his visit to the U.S. Pope Francis canonized missionary Junipero Serra in a bid to win Latinos for the Catholic Church but scholars and descendants of tribes converted by Franciscan missionaries argue that the Mallorca-born priest oversaw a brutal mission system that ultimately led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Native Americans.


The Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, an epitome of racial tensions between blacks and whites during the 1960s, has an ethnic conflict of its own between the politically dominant African-Americans and the ever growing Latino population that feels underserved.

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