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Marco Gombacci

Brussel, Belgium
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About Marco
Foreign Affairs and Conflict Zones, European and Italian politics. Based in Brussels, Belgium. Marco Gombacci is the editor of online and printed magazine The European Post and a contributor to the Italian newspaper Il Giornale/Occhi della Guerra (now InsideOver). 

Featured on FRANCE24, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, CGTN (formerly CCTV), Russia Today, Rudaw TV, TgCom, Rai1, Rai Radio 1 Zapping, TRECE TV (Spain) and many others. 

He reported the war against the Islamic State from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor (Syria) being on the frontline with the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) supported by the International Coalition. He also reported from the refugee camp of Ain Issa just outside Raqqa. He have been three times to Iraq to report on the situation of Christians in the Middle East and the role of the Kurdish Peshmerga in the fight against ISIS during Mosul offensive.

Book author "Kurdistan. Utopia di un popolo tradito," ed. Salerno, 2019.
English Spanish Italian
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Content Writing Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast)
Politics Current Affairs War Reporter

Jumpstarting Mediterranean Cooperation with Italian-American Leadership

04 Apr 2024  |  wetheitalians.com
The article by James Jay Carafano and Marco Dreosto, with contributions from Marco Gombacci, discusses the importance of the Mediterranean and African regions in terms of strategic investment opportunities for the transatlantic community, amidst the ongoing war against Ukraine. It emphasizes the need for coordinated Western efforts in aid programs, citing the mixed success of initiatives like PEPFAR in addressing global health issues. The article also highlights the challenges posed by China's Belt-and-Road initiative, which has led to increased influence in Africa, often at the cost of governance, security, and equality in the affected nations.

The Beautiful Side Of Fencing; Living In Romania

04 Apr 2024  |  europeanpost.co
The article presents two distinct topics. The first part highlights the sport of fencing, emphasizing its requirements such as speed, accuracy, and strategy. It describes fencing as an elegant and beautiful sport and suggests watching a video with fascinating photos, though the link provided leads to a general website rather than a specific video. The second part of the article focuses on the experience of living in Romania. It lists the country's appealing aspects, including its history, people, culture, and nature. The article seems to serve as an introduction or invitation to explore more about fencing and Romania, with links to a website for further information.

The Mediterranean and Africa: Strategic Opportunities for the West

05 Apr 2023  |  realcleardefense.com
The article discusses the strategic importance of the Mediterranean and African regions in the context of NATO exercises and Western geopolitical interests. It emphasizes the need for coordinated Western efforts to counter China's Belt-and-Road Initiative and Russia's influence in Africa. The article critiques Western aid programs and green initiatives, suggesting they are insufficient or counterproductive. It highlights Italy's role in advocating for European leadership in Africa and the Mediterranean, including a recent Memorandum with Tunisia aimed at stabilizing the country's economy. The article proposes targeted investments and commercial interconnectivity between North Africa and Europe as strategies to counter Russian and Chinese influence. It also mentions Italy's potential as a European energy hub and its upcoming G7 presidency as opportunities to advance cooperation in the region. The authors suggest that the U.S. and Italy could lead in establishing beneficial partnerships with African nations within NATO and the EU frameworks.

The fury of Black Lives Matter in Brussels: 'Let's take down the king's statues'

05 Jun 2020  |  it.insideover.com
Black Lives Matter protests have reached Brussels, with over 30,000 people signing a petition to remove statues of King Leopold II, the Belgian monarch associated with colonial atrocities in Congo. Some statues have been vandalized, reflecting a wider debate on historical revisionism. The article compares this to similar movements in the United States and elsewhere, criticizing the potential erasure of history. It highlights the dangers of historical revisionism, drawing parallels with the destruction of cultural heritage by ISIS and praising figures like Khaleed al-Assad who protected historical artifacts.


The West has died in Kobane

11 Dec 2019  |  ilgiornale.it
Kobane, once a symbol of Kurdish resistance against ISIS, is now surrounded by Turkish forces and Islamist militias with the consent of the United States and Europe. The Kurds feel betrayed by the West, a sentiment that has historical roots and was recently reinforced by Trump's decision in October 2019 to withdraw US troops from northeastern Syria. This move not only ceded territory to NATO ally Turkey but also halted a unique democratic process in the Middle East. The author's personal experiences in war-torn northeastern Syria highlight the complexities of the Kurdish utopia and the cultural and social revolution taking place there.

The Kurds want to manage the 'Nuremberg of ISIS'

06 Jul 2019  |  InsideOver
Kurdish authorities in Northern Syria are proposing the establishment of an International Tribunal in their region to prosecute ISIS criminals, as stated by Anwar Muslim, the mayor of Kobane. The Kurdish prisons are overflowing with detainees, including 11,000 jihadists and 72,000 women and children from 54 countries, following ISIS's territorial defeat. The daily costs of these prisons are unsustainable, and the international community has been called upon to take responsibility. The United States President Donald Trump's request for the repatriation of foreign fighters has largely been unmet, with European security apparatuses fearing national security threats. The Kurdish proposal aims to address repatriation issues, evidence collection, and trial delays, but faces potential opposition from the Syrian Arab Republic, Russia, and Turkey. The US, through Ambassador James Jeffrey, has indicated it is not currently considering an international tribunal.

Germany has lost track of 160 dangerous foreign fighters

03 Jul 2019  |  it.insideover.com
Europe is on alert for the return of foreign fighters following ISIS's territorial defeat. The UK and Germany have seen the highest percentages of returning jihadists. German authorities have lost track of 160 German jihadists who traveled to Syria and Iraq, with a third having returned to Germany and either imprisoned or in de-radicalization centers, 200 dead in combat, but 160 unaccounted for. The security lapse has drawn criticism from Germany's Liberal Democratic Party, with General Secretary Linda Teuteberg highlighting the absence of a strategy to manage the returnees.

Iraq Proposes to Host the Nuremberg Trials for ISIS

28 Feb 2019  |  it.insideover.com
Iraq's Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has raised security concerns following the return of ISIS fighters' families to Iraqi territory. He emphasized the need for additional security measures and differentiated between the families of ISIS victims and those of the fighters. Iraq has offered to collaborate with other states in managing ISIS prisoners and potentially repatriate foreign fighters. An agreement between Iraq and France involves transferring 18 French ISIS fighters from Kurdish prisons in Syria to Baghdad for trial under Iraqi law. The issue of Kurdish prisons holding approximately 800 foreign fighters and their families is pressing, with Western countries debating repatriation. The U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to release fighters if they are not repatriated. European governments are currently reluctant to directly address the issue, fearing national security threats.

My comment for RAI Radio 1 on the situation in North of Syria after Trump's decision to pull out US troops

Spanish TV TRECE - Marco Gombacci: Perseguidos pero no olvidados

The Heat with Anand Naidoo

05 Feb 2019  |  news.cgtn.com
The article discusses the ongoing migration crisis in Europe, highlighting the decrease in immigrant arrivals but emphasizing that migration remains a significant issue. It describes the situation in North Africa, particularly in Libya, where refugees gather to cross the Mediterranean Sea but face stricter border controls and risk being intercepted and returned. Experts like Mohamed Eljarh of Libya Outlook and Camille Le Coz of the Migration Policy Institute Europe discuss the challenges, including human trafficking networks and the need for immigration policy reform in the EU. Marco Gombacci advocates for a 'Marshall' plan for Africa to address underlying development issues. Hamoud Salhi points out Europe's internal divisions and colonial mentality affecting refugee policies. The article also touches on the exploitation of refugees in Libya and the broader political and social challenges posed by migration in Europe.

The Beautiful Side Of Fencing; Living In Romania

05 Feb 2019  |  europeanpost.co
The article presents two distinct topics. The first part highlights the sport of fencing, emphasizing its requirements such as speed, accuracy, and strategy. It describes fencing as an elegant and beautiful sport and suggests watching a video with fascinating photos, though the link provided leads to a general website rather than a specific video. The second part of the article focuses on the experience of living in Romania. It lists the country's appealing aspects, including its history, people, culture, and nature. The article seems to serve as an introduction or invitation to explore more about fencing and Romania, with links to a website for further information.

The Kurds increasingly closer to Assad: here are the points of negotiation

20 Jan 2019  |  InsideOver
Following the U.S. decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria, Kurdish authorities have approached the Syrian government for negotiations to determine the future of the region. The Kurds' requests include maintaining Syria's territorial unity, integrating the self-proclaimed autonomous region of northern Syria into the Syrian Republic, securing Kurdish representation in the Damascus parliament, raising their flags alongside the official Syrian flag, incorporating the Syrian Democratic Forces into the regular army, and teaching in native languages while recognizing Arabic as the official language. Despite feeling betrayed by the U.S., the Kurds have never completely severed ties with Bashar al-Assad's government, which has maintained control over key areas and supported public employees throughout the conflict.

ISIS is Reorganizing (Also Thanks to Erdogan's Help)

09 Nov 2018  |  it.insideover.com
Dutch intelligence services report that ISIS is using Turkey as a base to reorganize and threaten European security. Turkey's anti-terrorism interests do not always align with Europe's, as Ankara does not view jihadist threats as a concern for its internal security. This allows ISIS and Al Qaeda to operate within Turkey. The report highlights Turkey's focus on fighting Kurdish forces rather than Islamic terrorism. Recently, Turkish attacks on Syrian Kurdish military positions led the Kurds to halt their fight against ISIS temporarily. Erdogan aims to remove Kurdish terrorists from northern Syria to secure Turkey's southern border. The relationship between Turkey and ISIS has been controversial, including Ankara's resistance to aiding Kurds in Kobane and alleged connections to jihadist highways and oil trades with ISIS since 2014.

The SDF suspends the fight against ISIS after Erdogan's latest attack

02 Nov 2018  |  InsideOver
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have temporarily suspended their offensive against ISIS in Hajin due to Turkish attacks on Kurdish militias at the Turkey-Syria border. Turkish artillery targeted YPG positions in Kobane, resulting in casualties. The Turkish offensive coincides with the YPG's fight against ISIS, leaving Kurdish forces vulnerable to a Turkish attack from the northwest. The SDF's decision aims to redeploy forces to defend against potential Turkish aggression. Turkey's military actions follow President Erdogan's announcement of a new offensive against Syrian Kurds east of the Euphrates. The U.S. is seen as the only power capable of negotiating with Turkey to halt its offensive, allowing the SDF to resume their fight against ISIS and prevent further Turkish conquests of Kurdish enclaves.

Sweden, controversy over candidate: 'Islamic law is more important than ours'

09 Sep 2018  |  ilgiornale.it
A socialist candidate in Karlshamn, Sweden, was removed from the election list after stating that Islamic law is more important than Swedish law and making other controversial statements, such as obligating Arab women to wear veils. Per-Ola Matsson, a local socialist leader, denounced these views as contrary to socialist principles. The Sweden Democrats, a right-wing party, are gaining popularity due to concerns over security in cities like Malmö, with leader Jimmie Akesson potentially leading them to government.

Letters of Saint Paul considered sexist. Do not read them at televised masses

05 Sep 2018  |  ilgiornale.it
Belgian Flemish Culture Minister Sven Gatz, from the liberal Open Vld party, has criticized the broadcasting of a Sunday mass on the Flemish television station VRT, where a passage from Saint Paul's Letter to the Ephesians was read, which he deemed sexist. He questioned why taxpayer money should fund the broadcasting of such content and compared it to potential reactions if similar words were spoken by an imam. The parish priest of Grimbergen responded, emphasizing the text's context of love and mutual respect between husband and wife, and cautioned against political instrumentalization. The controversy arises in a nation where churches have been repurposed and where the Belgian Islamic party has called for the introduction of sharia law.

Belgium, Islamic party member on Facebook: 'I will slaughter you like a halal lamb'

04 Sep 2018  |  ilgiornale.it
Tensions are high in Belgium ahead of the October 14 municipal elections, particularly due to the presence of the Belgian Islamic Party in 28 municipalities and its controversial proposals such as establishing a Sharia state and gender segregation on public transport. A death threat was made by a member of the Belgian Islamic Party on the MR+ Facebook page, leading to a proposal by liberals in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert to create a 'sanitary cordon' to prevent the Islamic Party from gaining elected positions. The liberal party's lead candidate in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Amélie Pans, filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office following the threat.

Mayor Fined 3,000 Euros for Not Building Mosque

21 Jul 2018  |  ilgiornale.it
Cyril Nauth, mayor of Mantes-la-Ville and member of the Rassemblement National, was fined 3,000 euros by the Versailles administrative court for refusing to grant construction permission for a mosque to the Association of Muslims of Mantes-la-Ville. The mayor faces an additional fine of 150 euros per day if he does not comply with the judge's order. The Muslim community expressed happiness with the decision, while the article also discusses the growing Muslim population in France, the potential increase in mosques, and the funding of mosques by countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. It contrasts this with the demolition of churches in Europe and the proposal to convert empty churches into mosques, highlighting concerns about the rise of Salafism and the preference for Sharia law among a segment of French Muslims.

The Kurds open to dialogue with Assad: 'We are ready for negotiations'

19 Jul 2018  |  it.insideover.com
Kurdish leaders in Northern Syria are open to negotiations with the Syrian government to avoid further violence. Sanharib Barsom and Salih Muslim, representing the self-proclaimed Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, express readiness for talks with conditions, including international mediators. Syrian President Bashar al Assad has also shown willingness to negotiate with the Kurds but is prepared to use force if necessary. Tensions remain high as the SDF, supported by the US, controls the region, and the US's inaction during Turkey's operation against the Kurds complicates relationships. The Kurds have maintained non-belligerence towards Damascus throughout the conflict, with Assad's forces controlling strategic assets in Qamishli.

Croatia too white

19 Jul 2018  |  ilgiornale.it
The French anti-racism association Licra faced backlash after their Paris branch posted a Facebook status claiming Croatia is 'dramatically white,' contrasting the Croatian national team with France's 'multicolored, multiethnic' team during the World Cup final in Moscow. The post, which also alluded to Croatia's WWII-era fascist government, was deleted after sparking controversy. The national coordination of Licra disassociated from the remarks and requested the removal of the post, with the Paris branch apologizing and facing potential leadership changes. The incident highlighted broader sociopolitical and sociological debates surrounding the World Cup match, contrasting Croatia's homogeneity with France's multicultural team. The article suggests that France's victory should be attributed to its investment in youth sports rather than being seen as a social model, countering the interpretations by some intellectuals.

Inside Raqqa: on the frontline with Christian soldiers fighting DAESH

Syrian Christians on the Front Line to Fight the Islamic State

25 Sep 2017  |  InsideOver
Syrian Christian troops are engaged in intense urban warfare against the remnants of the Islamic State in Raqqa, once the capital of the jihadist group. The fighters, part of the Syriac Military Council (MFS) and incorporated into the Kurdish-led SDF, face child soldiers and civilians used as human shields by ISIS. Despite the harrowing conditions, the Christian soldiers, including a fighter named Matthew, express pride in defending their land. The article also highlights the role of women fighters in the conflict and the broader struggle for women's rights. The future of Syria is seen as resting on the shoulders of children who have grown up amidst war and lack of education.

RADIO Interview on the situation of Christians in Egypt

Contributor with some footages to the reportage "Persecution against Christians in Iraq" which was broadcasted on Italian political show on Italian TV channel canale5

Italy's reform rumble: The referendum that's worrying the markets

Italy's Fault Lines: Matteo Renzi's Uphill Referendum Battle

Iraqi Christians ask EU to support the creation of a Nineveh Plain Province

Open the doors of the museums to use our culture and art as weapons to fight ISIS!

Inside Peshmerga Fighting Forces

Inside Qaraqosh - the Iraqi Christian city liberated from ISIS

The Exodus of Christians from Sinai

02 Mar 2017  |  InsideOver
Christian Copts in Egypt are fleeing from El Arish in the northern Sinai Peninsula due to a series of violent attacks by ISIS militants, including the recent burning alive of a Coptic man and his son. The exodus is heading towards Ismailia, with the Egyptian government, led by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, taking measures to assist the displaced. The Coptic community, which has been targeted since last December, is seeking refuge from the threat of an Islamic State as declared by the militants.

In the Hell of Qaraqosh

18 Dec 2016  |  InsideOver
Qaraqosh, Iraq's most significant Christian city, has been devastated by ISIS, leaving it uninhabitable with no electricity or water. General Behnam Aboush of the Assyrian Christian Army appeals for international help to rebuild and repopulate the historically Christian Nineveh Plain. He warns Europe about the threat of Muslims, claiming ISIS actions are in line with the Quran. The article describes the destruction of churches and religious statues, and the burning of ancient bibles. The return of Christians to their homes is uncertain due to the need for protection and fear of betrayal by neighbors who celebrated ISIS's arrival.

Asia Bibi Still Risks Death

31 Oct 2016  |  InsideOver
Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy, remains in danger of being killed in prison, according to Wilson Chowdhry, director of the British Pakistani Christian Association. The Supreme Court of Pakistan delayed its final judgment on her case, and there is widespread fear of defending her due to past assassinations of those who opposed the blasphemy law. Jan Figel, the EU Special Envoy for Religious Freedom, plans to visit Pakistan to discuss religious minority rights and has raised Bibi's case in the past. Federica Mogherini, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, has called for the verdict's annulment and pledged continued EU efforts for Bibi's release. The situation underscores the broader issue of religious persecution, particularly against Christians in various countries.

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