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Marco Rota

Marco Rota was born in 1978. After high school he enrolled in the Faculty of Sociology, University "La Sapienza" of Rome, studying media and communication. Place in the meantime various jobs as a clerk, janitor and museum guide, an actor at a theater company amateur. He writes a book of short stories published by Cicorivolta, directs a documentary film on the food waste, up to lead in the field of web journalism and journalistic photography. The passion for photography comes after several studies and reflections within. He's primarily concerned with the news concerning the march and demonstration taking place in the city of Rome. 

Some works are collected in his blog (******). 
Others in the website ******. 

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Sample image

Some vendors demonstrate in the streets of Rome. "We are workers, we are not criminals"

Sample image

Temporary workers march through the streets of the suburbs of Rome. They demand better wages and better working conditions.


Workers Project B.R.O.S in procession in Rome. They came under the headquarters of the Ministry of Labour to claim their rights. The work falls into their priorities. In their opinion the the municipalities have initiated projects to find work, with professional courses that were supposed to have, as its purpose, that of creating service cooperatives. Later, however, the situation would degenerate, with the human resources that have not been acquired within production processes. On the day he was scheduled to meet institutional to the Ministry of Labour, the Government, the Campania Region, the Province and the City of Naples to discuss the release of EUR 7.5 million already allocated to kick off the design of works managed by precarious BROS Yet workers B.R.O.S. have acquired the skills that would be useful to the province bell, such as personal services or the disposal of special waste. It is essential services for each region, but in particular for the region. Just think about the


A fire developed near the station of Trastevere in Rome. The fire, involved a clothing store. It is Guess, known chain of clothing and accessories. After reporting several trucks arrived on the spot of the fire, ready to douse the flames. Firefighters, however, found several problems. First the scale, leading to plans where p is developed fire, was only a few inches wide and did not facilitate rescue operations. Smoking has subsequently invaded the plans immediately superior to the store, invading several homes. Many tenants who have poured into the street, worried that the situation could escalate further. The shop was completely destroyed by the flames. Require enormous damage. Firefighters are still investigating the possible causes that generated the stake.

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