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María Abissi

San José, Costa Rica
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About María
I'm currently based in San José, Costa Rica. I work for El Financiero, which is part of Grupo Nación and I'm also correspondent for Lonely Planet in Costa Rica.
I'm a finance journalist but I enjoy writing about everything, from business, to lifestyle, to any topic that you need me to. 
Some of my skills include video and audio editing on Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Indesign and writing on Xalok and ARC. 
I also have skills on designing and developing content on digital tools.


Actualmente me encuentro en San José, Costa Rica. Trabajo para El Financiero, un medio especializado que es parte de Grupo Nación y también son corresponsal para Lonely Planet en Costa Rica.
Soy periodista de finanzas pero me gusta escribir de cualquier otro tema, desde negocios hasta estilo de vida o cualquier otro tema que sea necesario.
Algunas de mis habilidades técnicas incluyen Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Audition, Indesign y Photoshop. También manejo avanzado de las plataformas ARC y Xalox.
Manejo también contenido multimedia y desarrollo contenido en plataformas y herramientas digitales.
English Spanish Italian
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Business Finance Politics

A giant lost his blue cat in San José

21 Jan 2018  |  ameliarueda.com
Sergio Guillen, a 31-year-old artist, created a 500 m2 mural on the Hotel Presidente in San José, depicting a giant searching for his lost blue cat among the city's colorful rooftops. The mural, which was supported by volunteers and assistants, won the Tu Ciudad Tu Lienzo contest, promoting urban murals in San José. Guillen's work, which he designed over three nights, reflects his belief in the accessibility of urban art, which can be appreciated by anyone. Despite minor errors during execution, the mural's vibrant colors and narrative captivate onlookers, leaving the story of the hidden cat to be interpreted by the public.

Mario Barrenechea: A Controversial Banker Obsessed with Profitability

03 Nov 2017  |  El Financiero
Mario Barrenechea, known for his controversial tenure and focus on profitability, was detained amid an investigation by the Ministerio Público regarding a credit granted for the importation of cement from China. His second term as manager of BCR was marked by both achievements and setbacks, including a significant increase in bank profitability in 2016, but also rising financial expenses and delinquency rates. The credit granted to Sinocem, owned by Juan Carlos Bolaños, led to Barrenechea's suspension and has been a focal point of criticism and legal scrutiny.

After 15 years, the stock market still questions the benefits of securities valuation

12 Aug 2017  |  El Financiero
For 15 years, the market valuation system, which determines the price of securities in Costa Rica, has been under scrutiny for its effectiveness and potential hindrance to the growth and diversification of the investment and pension fund industry. Prior to 2002, when the system was established, investment and pension funds maintained stable returns with less volatility. The market valuation was introduced to reflect real market value and prevent price manipulation. Critics argue that the methodology has negative consequences in an illiquid market, polarizing the industry between very short-term and sophisticated long-term portfolios, and leading savers to opt for less risky banking products. Regulatory bodies have taken note of these concerns and are reviewing the regulations. Proposals for change include regulatory flexibility and alternative valuation methodologies to better reflect market realities and dynamics.

Taste and demands of Costa Ricans drive ice cream business to grow and diversify

04 Dec 2016  |  El Financiero
The ice cream industry in Costa Rica has diversified, moving beyond seasonal offerings to cater to consumer demands for innovation, new flavors, and unique shopping experiences. Over the past 30 years, the market has expanded from traditional vendors to include yogurt ice creams like Moyo and TCBY, gelaterias like Da Noi, fruit popsicles from Yolobon, and the latest trend of rolled ice creams from Rollolado. Businesses are tapping into traditional flavors and artisanal production to compete with larger local producers. The frozen yogurt sector has also seen growth, with a variety of flavors and toppings available. Changes in Costa Rican consumption habits towards healthier options have contributed to the success of these products. Companies like TCBY have diversified their sales channels to remain profitable, while others like Dippin' Dots have struggled with high import costs. The key to survival in the ice cream business is adapting to changes, as consumer needs evolve daily.

San José neighborhoods come back to life as gastronomic hubs

20 Nov 2016  |  El Financiero
Eastern neighborhoods of San José, such as Amón, Otoya, Aranjuez, Dent, Los Yoses, and Escalante, have transformed into attractive gastronomic hubs, drawing visitors with their architectural charm and diverse culinary offerings. Over 85 gastronomic establishments operate within a 2-square-kilometer area, often housed in repurposed old homes and garages. The commercial development in these areas has increased by 10% this year, with Barrio Escalante being particularly emblematic, hosting around 40 establishments. Property prices have risen due to the trend, with sales prices around $1,300 per square meter and rental prices between $10 and $14 per square meter. The neighborhoods' appeal is attributed to their unique mix of old-world charm and high-quality food, attracting a young, affluent clientele. Despite the growth, there are concerns about parking and accessibility, which the community plans to address with new parking developments.

The institutional chaos of migration in Costa Rica

20 Jul 2016  |  El Financiero
Costa Rica's immigration authority, Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería, is facing a backlog of 20,000 cases, affecting individuals like Sara Estrada who waited over a year to regularize her immigration status. The majority of Costa Rica's migrants are women with some level of education, comprising 12% of the workforce. The slow process hampers labor competitiveness and company profitability, particularly in industries reliant on foreign labor. Industry representatives call for practical and cost-effective solutions to streamline the process. Despite the presence of an official for simplifying procedures, the immigration process remains lengthy and cumbersome, impacting the national economy's attractiveness and competitiveness.

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