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Maria Martinez Mur

Maria Martinez Mur is a spanish journalist based in Panama with two years of experiencie in Central America. I can made spanish resports in three differente formats: audio, written and video. I have been working for long time in a big international news agency and I know and undertand the way of living of this region of the planet. I am hard working and responsible.

Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Fact Checking
Fact Checking

Article about the two owners of the lawyer's office Mossack Fonseca, reponsible for the Panama Papers

Article about how panamenian feel after Panama Papers

Article about african migrants that cross Central America in their way to the United States

Article about the speech given by the cuban Raul Castro during his first Summit of the Americas celebrated in Panama in april 2015

Article about the best tweets published during the VII Summit of the Americas that joined for the first time the cuban Raúl Castro

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