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Mavi Parra

Palomino, Colombia
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About Mavi
I'm a bilingual freelance writer, photographer, and full-time nomad. Her work takes a reflective look into issues such as travel, gender, culture, and humanity's experience in a rapidly changing world. 

Follow me on Instagram @mavi_parra.
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Everyone Travels: Travel Writing by Authors of Color

10 Jun 2024  |  passionpassport.com
The article highlights the importance of diversifying travel writing by showcasing works from authors of color. It features notable books and authors such as Isabel Allende, Michelle De Kretser, Noo Saro-Wiwa, and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, emphasizing themes of migration, exile, colonization, and culture. The piece also includes insights from Bani Amor, who advocates for the decolonization of travel culture and recommends titles that push the boundaries of traditional travel writing.

Path Road Trip Itinerary To Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

04 Jun 2024  |  passionpassport.com
The article provides a detailed road trip itinerary for exploring Colombia's Caribbean coast, highlighting lesser-known destinations such as Puerto Escondido, Santiago de Tolu, and the Pink Sea of Galerazamba. It emphasizes cultural and ecological diversity, recommending activities like bird watching, scuba diving, and visiting hot springs. The itinerary also includes historical and cultural sites like the Lost City and Palomino, offering a mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

Guided Tour of Montreal – Passion Passport

04 May 2024  |  passionpassport.com
The article explores Montreal's colonial history and its impact on Indigenous peoples, highlighting the city's role as a significant site for the Iroquoian people before European colonization. It discusses the formation of the Iroquois Confederacy, the arrival of Jacques Cartier, and the establishment of Ville Marie. The piece also addresses Canada's recent efforts to confront its history of cultural genocide, including the creation of the Residential School system and the imposition of restrictive policies on Indigenous peoples. The article then provides a guide to key locations in Montreal that reflect its colonial past and the ongoing work of organizations like the Montreal Indigenous Community Network and the Indigenous Solidarity group to promote de-colonialism and reconciliation. It concludes with a description of cultural sites and events that celebrate Indigenous heritage, such as the Kahnawake Reservation and Montreal’s First Peoples Festival.

Hiroshima’s Thriving Dining Scene

04 Apr 2024  |  passionpassport.com
Hiroshima offers a vibrant dining scene beyond its historical significance, with unique culinary experiences such as Horumon, which includes organ meats, and the city's version of Okonomiyaki, a layered pancake dish. The article describes the adventurous eating of offal meats and the cultural experience of dining in local establishments, highlighting the city's rich food culture.

Japan’s Art Islands: Naoshima, Teshima, Inujima

04 Apr 2024  |  passionpassport.com
The Seto Inland Sea's islands Naoshima, Teshima, and Inujima are renowned for their modern outdoor art installations, museums with international artworks, and architectural achievements. These islands, reflecting Shintoism's reverence for nature, feature works by notable artists and architects such as Tadao Ando, Yayoi Kusama, and Kazuyo Sejima. Highlights include the Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, and Benesse House Museum on Naoshima; the Teshima Art Museum on Teshima; and the Inujima Seirensho Art Museum on Inujima. The islands offer a blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences, with art integrated into the environment, and are accessible from Okayama city.

Okayama’s Calming Prefecture

04 Apr 2024  |  passionpassport.com
Okayama Prefecture, known as the 'Land of Sunshine', is a serene destination in Japan, offering a rich history and a slower pace compared to the country's larger cities. It is home to the folkloric hero Momotarō, with tributes throughout the region. Key attractions include Okayama Castle, Koraku-en Garden, cherry blossoms at Kakuzan Park, the historical quarter of Kurashiki Bikan, and the Ohara Museum of Art. Visitors can also cycle through the Kibitsu plains and visit the Kibitsuhiko and Kibitsu Shrines. Okayama provides a peaceful retreat for tourists seeking a harmonious balance between exploration and relaxation.

Looking For the Best Food in Canada? Visit North Bay

04 Apr 2024  |  passionpassport.com
North Bay, located in Northeastern Ontario, Canada, is celebrated for its diverse and delicious food offerings. From ethnic cuisines to traditional Canadian dishes, the city boasts a variety of breakfast spots like Terry’s Place and Oak East Eatery, lunch options such as The Food Truck and Joey’s Restaurants, and dinner venues including Wyld Street Poutinerie, Churchill’s, and The White Owl Bistro. The area is also known for its craft breweries like New Ontario Brewery, Gateway City Brewery, and Cecil’s Brewhouse, which offer a selection of local beers and pub grub. These establishments provide a range of dishes and drinks that highlight Canadian flavors and ingredients, making North Bay a must-visit destination for foodies.

We’re Not Here for the Hookup: How To Spot (and Avoid) Couchsurfing Creeps

26 Aug 2021  |  Matador Network
The article provides safety tips for individuals using Couchsurfing, a service that connects travelers with local hosts. It emphasizes the importance of thoroughly reviewing a potential host's or surfer's profile, looking out for red flags such as a lack of personal information, minimal photos, and inappropriate interests. The author advises paying close attention to references, preferring those with several detailed ones. Interaction before meeting is recommended to gauge intentions and compatibility. Checking the specifics of the accommodation offered is also crucial. The article underscores the importance of trusting one's instincts; if something feels off, one should not hesitate to find another host or leave. Lastly, it suggests having backup accommodation plans. While most Couchsurfing experiences are positive, the article encourages vigilance to ensure personal safety and a pleasant experience.

Decolonize this City is an ongoing decolonizing travel guide, focusing on major touristic cities and the colonial history behind them.

Decolonizing Travel: Going Ethically to Under-Resourced Countries – Passion Passport

26 Aug 2021  |  passionpassport.com
The article discusses the ethical responsibilities that come with the privilege of travel, especially to countries with different socio-economic conditions. It emphasizes the importance of being aware of the impact tourists have on local communities and avoiding insensitive behaviors. The author suggests a checklist for ethical travel, including understanding local cultures, avoiding poverty tourism, and engaging respectfully with locals. The article also touches on the potential harm of volunteering in orphanages and the importance of spending money in ways that benefit the local economy. It concludes by encouraging travelers to use their experiences to foster a greater understanding of the world and to share their stories responsibly.

From the intimate to the collective: Love as a tool for revolution

29 Jul 2020  |  esmifiestamag.com
The article discusses the concept of love as a revolutionary tool that can transform society. It critiques the patriarchal and capitalist constraints on love, suggesting that love should extend beyond intimate relationships to collective social bonds. The text draws on the ideas of Erich Fromm, Bell Hooks, and Coral Herrera Gómez to argue for a feminist reimagining of love that can empower individuals and communities to challenge systemic issues like individualism, domination, and dehumanization. The author envisions a new revolution founded on love, where care, affection, recognition, respect, trust, and commitment are practiced daily, leading to organic change and the creation of new social realities.

The uncomfortable truths of traveling as a Latin woman

08 Feb 2020  |  matadornetwork.com
Traveling as a Latin woman brings unique challenges, as the author and fellow travelers Evelyn Peguero and Laura Lazzarino discuss. Passport strength varies significantly among Latin American countries, affecting visa applications and border crossings. The author's Venezuelan passport, once powerful, now faces restrictions due to the country's crisis. Evelyn's Dominican passport allows visa-free access to only 26 countries, while Laura's Argentine passport grants access to over 100. Skin color also influences experiences abroad, with darker skin often leading to discrimination and stereotyping. The author and Evelyn have faced harassment and prejudice in Europe, while Laura, with less typically Latin features, encounters different stereotypes. These stories highlight the need for a more diverse narrative in travel writing, acknowledging the uncomfortable and complex realities of traveling as a Latin woman.

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