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Santiago, Chile

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Ma. Virginia Parra

Ma. Virginia Parra is a journalist based in Santiago, Chile. She specializes on investigative journalism about emerging social movements, feminism, travel and pop culture writing.


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No Tenemos Miedo: Sobre las mochileras argentinas asesinadas en Ecuador - In early 2016 two female argentinian backpackers were found dead on a beach in Montañita, Ecuador. The violent way in which they were murdered made waves all over Latinamerica, with the victims being blamed for "travelling alone" in most media outlets. This is an opinion piece demanding respect for the victims and a stop to the official narrative that women should not travel without a man by their side.


La Rutina Diaria de los Asesinatos en Venezuela - In 2014 students took to the streets of Venezuela's main cities to protest high crime rates, shortages of basic goods and growing inflation. They were met with the GNB's (Bolivarian National Guard) anti riot arsenal and a violence they'd never seen before. This is the side of the story which was kept hidden from Venezuelan official news outlets.


Hijo de la Dictadura - The final years of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile remembered by a child who grew up in the midst of it, confronted by a natural naiveness and the feeling that something strange must've been going on around him.


How Traveling and a Petri Compact Made Me Fall Back in Love with Photography. An essay on the joys of film photography, published on Lomography Magazine's website to celebrate World Film Photography Day 2016.

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