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María Sol Borja

Journalist from Ecuador. Topics: Politics, Breaking News. Speak English, French and Spanish. I´d rather like to work in Spanish or French. I´ve covered news in Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain.

Spanish French
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content Risk Analysis Research Investigative Journalism Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast) Photography Live Reporting Fact Checking
Fact Checking

Even to apply for a loan at the bank: the amazing number of things for which the voting certificate is needed in Ecuador

Gonzalo Muñoz: 'The behavior they want to attribute to the President is illogical and outrageous'

The complaint of a parallel computing center, explained

Who is Álvaro Román?

Luz Elena Coloma: 'CREO is not a burden for me'

The inexplicable priorities of the government

Michael Fitzpatrick: 'More than 300 visas have been revoked'

Without dialogue, violence will not stop in Ecuador

President Lasso's partial veto of the rape abortion law, explained

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