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Marian Männi

Marian Männi is an award-winning journalist editor, and producer. She has mostly worked with Estonian and English language media. Marian is an avid fighter for justice and human rights. Marian has worked with Greenpeace, Reporters Without Borders and Transparency International. She co-founded the agency Journo Birds, which assists journalists and filmmakers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Moldova. Journo Birds is now focusing on life in Moldova. Marian studied journalism at the University of Tartu, Estonia, Aarhus University, Denmark, and Hamburg University, Germany. She has worked and/or studied in Australia, Spain, Denmark, Germany, France and the Netherlands, and is currently hopping between Estonia and Moldova.

Interview (Video / Broadcast) Documentaries News Gathering Feature Stories Content Writing Research Investigative Journalism Interview (Print / Radio / Podcast) Fixing Journalism Live Reporting Fact Checking
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