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Marie-Alix Détrie

Marseille, France
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About Marie-Alix
I'm a French trilingual freelance editor and photographer based in Marseille. I've got a driving licence and a vehicle here, so I can easily move around.

Being an editor, I also occasionnaly make some live TV reports for a German media. I am a member and co-founder of the French collective of independent journalists Les Plumé.e.s. (http://******). 

I used to live and work in Central Asia for French media until I came back to the south of France in 2019 to launch Culot Creative, a digital media about sex and genders. 

My main thematics are women's rights and LGBTQI+ rights (reports and investigations), I also worked a lot about post-soviet countries, but I am always ready to jump in a new field.

I'm French and Irish, have lived 3 years in Germany and 1 year in Central Asia ==> Languages spoken : French (C2), English (C2), German (C1), Russian (B1)
German English French
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Feature Stories Content Writing
Current Affairs Technology Music

In the north of Kyrgyzstan live around 100 Germans, in a village created by their ancestors a century ago. They never lost their culture and their language, passed over through generations. Rotfront is the last German village of Central Asia. (Arte, 2019)

Live TV report for German media "Das Bild", about a covid outbreak on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in Toulon, south east of France 17.04.2020

The day a Kazakhstan hospital transmitted HIV to 149 children

07 Jun 2019  |  www.vice.com
In 2006, a mass HIV infection occurred in children's hospitals in the Shymkent region of Kazakhstan, affecting 149 children. Thirteen years later, the situation was revisited to understand the events. The infection was linked to corrupt practices and inadequate medical procedures, including reusing disposable syringes and improper blood transfusions. The Kazakh government took drastic measures in response, including closing blood collection centers, prosecuting medical staff, and compensating affected families. A new HIV center for mothers and children was built in Shymkent, and the country has since improved hospital hygiene and blood testing protocols. Despite these efforts, the HIV epidemic continues to grow in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, while it declines elsewhere globally.

Schools facing their sexual aggressors

08 Mar 2019  |  Marie Claire
In French schools, cases of sexual harassment and relationships between teachers and students are often known but not acted upon. Despite multiple reports, teachers like Mr. Benoît in Vaucluse continue their careers with clean records. The fear of false accusations and the lack of appropriate response mechanisms contribute to the inaction. The Aix-Marseille Academy and the National Education Ministry have procedures to react to reports, but implementation is inconsistent. Since 2017, there have been thirteen dismissals for sexual misconduct. The article highlights the need for better training and awareness among teachers and school administrators to prevent and address sexual harassment and violence.

In Kyrgyzstan, a gay bar holds out

11 Feb 2019  |  KOMITID
In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, a gay bar named London serves as a safe haven for the LGBTQ community, including Alek, who faces discrimination and has been ostracized by his family and society. Despite the risks, the bar provides a place where individuals like Alek can be themselves and find support among friends.

Ice Run, the race of the gentle madmen crossing a frozen Siberian lake by motorcycle

05 Apr 2018  |  L'Obs
The Adventurists are organizing the Ice Run for the third time, where teams will ride side-car motorcycles across the frozen Lake Baikal for ten days. This year's race is particularly challenging due to unstable temperatures ranging from -30°C to +6°C, causing holes and cracks in the ice. The Ural motorcycles, originally built for the Red Army in the 1940s, add another layer of difficulty to the race.

Ice Run, the race of the gentle madmen crossing a frozen Siberian lake by motorcycle

05 Apr 2018  |  nouvelobs.com
The Adventurists are organizing the Ice Run for the third time, where teams ride side-car motorcycles across the frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia. The event is challenging due to unstable temperatures ranging from -30°C to +6°C, causing holes and cracks in the ice. Participants, briefed by Siberian Dmitry Yaskin, face the additional difficulty of mastering the Ural motorcycle, a vehicle originally built for the Red Army in the 1940s.

Bulgartabac: The scandal shaking Bulgarian corruption

15 Jan 2018  |  8e étage
Bulgaria, the poorest country in the EU, has been struggling with corruption and clientelism despite efforts to reform its judicial system since 2007. A recent scandal involving Bulgartabac, a company with historical ties to the state and a significant role in European tobacco production, has highlighted the issue. Tzvetan Vassilev, a former banker, alleges that Delyan Peevski, a prominent figure in the Movement for Rights and Freedom, has been using a complex network of companies to control Bulgartabac and profit from it. Peevski is a controversial figure, often at the center of corruption scandals. Despite public outcry and evidence of corrupt practices, Peevski remains untouched, allegedly protected by Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov. Hristo Ivanov, leader of the anti-corruption party

Resourcefulness in Kinshasa

31 Jul 2017  |  TSUGI
Kokoko!, a band formed in Kinshasa by Makara, Dido, Boms, Bovic, and French producer Debruit, represents an artistic revolution with their unique sound created from recycled materials. Their music, neither world music nor traditional African, challenges conventional genres. After a successful European tour, they plan to record an album and continue their project, which includes a broader collective of dancers, sculptors, and artists contributing to the Congolese wave of innovation. Their music reflects a desire for change from the rumba-dominated scene and serves as a form of expression in a politically restrictive environment.

Ukraine: Rape and Sexual Violence as Weapons of War

28 Mar 2017  |  Mediapart
The article discusses the use of rape and sexual violence as weapons of war in the Ukrainian conflict, particularly in the separatist-controlled regions. It details the harrowing experiences of victims like Léna, a journalist who was captured, tortured, and sexually assaulted by pro-Russian separatists. The report highlights the increase in sexual violence since the conflict began, with both men and women being targeted for abuse in detention facilities and at checkpoints. Despite the gravity of these crimes, the article notes the challenges victims face in seeking justice, including societal stigma, the ineffectiveness of local law enforcement, and the limitations of international legal mechanisms. The article also touches on the role of propaganda in the conflict and the difficulties in obtaining accurate information about the extent of sexual violence.

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