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Marie-Line Darcy

Lisboa, Portugal
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About Marie-Line
marie-line darcy is a journalist based in Lisboa, Portugal.

April Carnations: 50 Years of Portuguese Democracy

24 Apr 2024  |  SudOuest.fr
The article commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, which ended the dictatorship of António Salazar and restored democracy and freedom. It reflects on the symbolism of carnations, the impact of the revolution on Portuguese society, and the concerns about the current political climate, particularly the rise of the far-right party Chega. The text includes perspectives from individuals who experienced the revolution and its aftermath, highlighting the ongoing importance of democracy and freedom in Portugal.

Portugal: Where will the crisis in the Douro and Porto vineyards stop?

26 Dec 2023  |  sudouest.fr
The Douro region, known for its terraced vineyards and port wine production, is facing a severe crisis with a 10% decline in sales in 2023. The IVDP has reduced the 'benefit' authorizations due to falling exports, leading to dramatic situations where grape deliveries were refused or sold at a loss. Labor shortages and rising production costs exacerbate the issue. A petition has circulated calling for rule changes to aid small producers, as five groups now control 87% of sales. New categories of porto, like the 50 years old and VVO, aim to address excess stock. Despite the challenges, some see opportunities to upscale, like Fernando Cardoso with his Tawny 50 years. However, the increasing foreign ownership and diminishing decision power of local growers and traders raise concerns about the future of the region's wine industry.

WYD 2023: Time for Lisbon to take stock after the pilgrims' departure

07 Aug 2023  |  la-croix.com
Portugal successfully hosted the World Youth Day (WYD) 2023 in Lisbon, with 1.5 million attendees at the closing mass, representing 15% of the country's population. The event was well-managed according to Pedro Moura of the Portuguese Police, with no major incidents. The media coverage was extensive, and the event was well-received by locals and pilgrims alike, with a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. The government and municipality facilitated the event by allowing absences and encouraging telework. Public transportation was increased, and a voucher system for pilgrim meals functioned effectively. Local businesses like 'Boulangerie portugaise' experienced increased sales, and the overall sentiment towards the event and its management was positive.

In Lisbon, the enigmatic Saint Vincent altarpiece is being restored

19 Dec 2021  |  rfi.fr
The Saint Vincent panels, a major 15th-century polyptych painted by Nuno Gonçalves, are undergoing restoration at the Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon. The restoration, which began in May 2020 amid the Covid crisis, is set to start in earnest in January 2022. The work has reignited interest in the enigmatic altarpiece, which is likely the only collective portrait of its size from the 15th century. The painting has survived various historical events, including the 1755 earthquake, and was rediscovered in 1884. Controversies and theories abound regarding the identification of the 58 characters depicted, with a consensus on the figure of Infante Dom Henrique, the Navigator. The restoration process is expected to raise new questions about the artwork's history and the choices between preserving the original 15th-century work and later overpaintings.

Three Portuguese Women of African Descent Enter Parliament, a First

22 Oct 2019  |  RFI
Joacine Katar Moreira, Beatriz Gomes Dias, and Romualda Fernandes made history by becoming the first women of African descent elected to the Portuguese Parliament. Their election marks a significant milestone in the country's democratic history, emphasizing the importance of representation and the fight against racism and inequality. Each woman has a strong background in activism and advocacy for minority rights. The event underscores the ongoing challenges and the need for continued efforts towards integration and equality in Portugal.

Portugal: interdiction pour Madonna de faire entrer un cheval au palais

01 Apr 2019  |  RFI
Madonna faced a prohibition from the Sintra municipality to bring a horse into the 19th-century palace Quinta nova da Assunção for a video shoot due to the fragile flooring. The singer, who moved to Lisbon in 2017, has been a controversial figure in Portugal, with her actions often causing public outcry. Despite her financial investments and attempts to leverage local benefits, her recent demands have highlighted the growing divide between wealthy visitors and local residents struggling with rising living costs. The mayor's decision to deny her request was well-received by the public, emphasizing that money cannot buy everything.

University Professor and Arbutus Planter

19 Jul 2018  |  www.la-croix.com
Carlos Fonseca, a university professor and biologist, has embarked on an innovative agricultural venture by planting arbutus trees in his native region of Sao Pedro de Alva, Portugal. His company, Medronhalva, produces various arbutus-based products, including highly valued arbutus honey. Fonseca's work is supported by a network of researchers and students, and he also leads the Cooperative of Arbutus Producers. Despite the challenges of agriculture, Fonseca's efforts are driven by a passion for nature and environmental conservation.

Portugal wants to arm itself against 'hell'

31 Jul 2017  |  la-croix.com
Portugal, facing the annual threat of wildfires exacerbated by high temperatures and the return of emigrants for vacation, has enacted a new law aimed at forest management reform. The legislation, passed after the Pedrogão Grande tragedy that resulted in 64 deaths, seeks to reduce the prevalence of highly flammable eucalyptus trees, impose reliable land registries, and hopes for European aid to support necessary reforms. The measures include mandatory integration of flammable species with more resistant ones and a 50% reduction in eucalyptus plantations over five years.

In Portugal, fewer and fewer students are dropping out of school

23 Mar 2017  |  la-croix.com
Portuguese 15-year-old students outperformed the European average in the 2015 PISA study in science, literature, and mathematics. Portugal has made significant progress since 2012, with the early school leaving rate dropping from 39.3% to 13.6%. The country aims to reduce this rate to 10% by 2020, aligning with the OECD average. Efforts to combat educational failure and structural deficiencies have been fruitful, including prioritizing educational territories, extending mandatory education to 18 years, increasing math teaching hours, granting regional school clusters more autonomy, enhancing teacher training, and connecting with businesses to improve vocational training. Despite these advances, caution is advised as the dropout rate slightly increased in 2016 to 14% due to more attractive job opportunities for youth and stricter repetition policies.

Antonio Guterres, the man who wants to shake up the UN

30 Dec 2016  |  la-croix.com
Antonio Guterres, praised by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, is set to replace Ban Ki-moon as the UN Secretary-General on January 1st. Guterres, known for his diplomatic skills and leadership, has a history of effective negotiation, including convincing Indonesian President Suharto to relinquish East Timor. In his inaugural speech, Guterres emphasized the need for UN reform, advocating for more mediation and diplomacy, especially regarding the Syrian refugee crisis. He expressed hope for US-Russia cooperation in Syria and plans to enhance communication, gender equality, and youth involvement in the UN. Guterres's reputation as a determined leader and his past as a Christian Socialist Prime Minister of Portugal contribute to his profile as a humanitarian and advocate for change.

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