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Parma, Italy

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Mario Robusti

Mario Robusti is a journalist based in Parma, Italy.
I am actually involved in the project as Chief Editor for the italian, english and french version of the website. We start publication in 2013 with news and statements about EMS, natural disasters, emergencies and in-deep reportage about training, education and developments of new devices for solving difficulties in this field. 

Emergency Live is a 5 language online magazine developed for professionals and volunteers involved in the rescue field.
From 2012 to 2014 I was free-lance journalist for Parmaonline and FPS Media Agency
From 2009 to 2012 I was in the press office of the soccer's club Parma FC
From 2006 to 2009 I was free-lance journalist and photographer for many desk like La Repubblica - L'Espresso - Teleducato - Radio Bruno - Polis Newspaper


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Emmanuel Bonsu, a young black and polite student, was mistaken for beeing a pusher in Parma. It was october, 2008. Emmanuel was targeted by local officer, hitted and illegaly detained. The story became viral thanks to some photos (realized by me) and a a fantastic narration realized by Giacomo Talignani, Stefania Parmeggiani and Alessia Ripani.


Anti-prostitution operation realized by Local Police in Parma begun a national case of violence. A young nigerian prostitute was trapped by Local Police in Parma without permission. The story became viral.


In Reas2017 with Tim Schroeder, director of the ambulance development department in Ferno Washington, taking a look about the new iNTRAXX system, the innovative project to realize a safe ambulance in any condition.

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