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Marize De Klerk

Johannesburg, South Africa
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About Marize
Marize de Klerk is an experienced journalist, online content, TV and video producer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She specialises in science, technology, agriculture, aerospace, lifestyle, tourism and environment. During her 16-year career she worked for broadcasters like Deutsche Welle Radio and TV, the South African Broadcasting Corporation Radio and TV, Jewish News 1. She was also head researcher
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Nets, lights and dry ice --- could these be used to hunt some of the world's deadliest animals? Mosquito hunters, a.k.a. medical entomologists, catch mosquitoes and studying their role in causing diseases. Mosquitoes are tiny, but at an estimated 100 trillion swarming across the globe, they are big in numbers. Medical entomologists' insights are crucial in finding ways to prevent mosquito borne diseases, but there is a global shortage of these scientists. Dr. Megan Riddin visited South Africa's hottest malaria hotspot bordering Mozambique and Zimbabwe, tracking down Anopheles mosquitoes responsible for malaria parasite transmissions. Produced for China Plus

World Rowing Masters Regatta Concludes in South Africa

25 Sep 2023  |  voanews.com
The 2023 World Rowing Masters Regatta, a four-day event, concluded on Sunday at Roodeplaat Dam in South Africa. This occasion is notable as it marks the first time the World Rowing Federation has held a competition on the African continent. Marize de Klerk reported from the location with Patrick O’Reilly handling the camera work.

Religious Groups in South Africa Urge Faithful to Get Vaccinated

07 Dec 2021  |  voanews.com
In South Africa, there is a growing trend of companies and institutions implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in response to a new wave of infections caused by the omicron variant. The Religious Forum Against COVID-19 is actively working to reduce vaccine hesitancy by encouraging religious communities to get vaccinated. Marize de Klerk has reported on this development from Johannesburg for VOA.

First Partial Homo Naledi Child’s Skull Discovered in South Africa

12 Nov 2021  |  voanews.com
Scientists in South Africa have made a significant discovery at the Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO World Heritage site near Johannesburg. They have uncovered the first partial skull of a Homo Naledi child, providing evidence that this ancient non-human species may have engaged in ritualistic behavior concerning their dead. This behavior was previously thought to be unique to humans. The find adds to the rich collection of hominin fossils at one of the world's most prolific sites for such discoveries. The report on this finding was provided by Marize de Klerk for VOA, with Franco Puglisi on camera duty.

First Partial Homo Naledi Child’s Skull Discovered in South Africa

12 Nov 2021  |  voanews.com
Scientists in South Africa have discovered a partial child's skull of Homo Naledi at the Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The skull, named Fossil Leti, was found by Lee Berger and the Rising Star Expedition team from the University of the Witwatersrand. The discovery suggests that Homo Naledi may have performed death rituals, as the child's skull was placed on a remote shelf in the Rising Star Cave, indicating it was not moved there by natural forces. The skull is composed of 28 fragments and six teeth and is believed to be between 241,000 to 335,000 years old. This find adds to the collection of over 20 Homo Naledi individuals at the University of the Witwatersrand's fossil hominid vault.

Report: Africa’s Online Sector Could Grow with More Support

30 Jun 2021  |  voanews.com
The International Financial Corporation and Jumia reported that women-led online businesses in Africa have been more adversely affected by the pandemic than those led by men, with sales dropping by 39% compared to 28% for male-led businesses. Charlotte Ntim from the IFC highlights the challenges faced by women in competitive fields like beauty products, exacerbated by the pandemic and border closures. The report also notes the digital and financial gaps that hinder businesswomen, with a significant financing gap and lower internet usage among women. The World Bank and Facebook survey indicated higher temporary closure rates for female-owned firms during the pandemic. Wacu Mureithi, an online business owner, shared her struggles with understanding consumer behavior. The IFC encourages women to seek loans and calls for online platforms to provide training for women-led businesses.

First Fatalities of Mount Everest's Current Climbing Season

13 May 2021  |  voanews.com
The article reports the first fatalities of the current Mount Everest climbing season, involving a Swiss climber named Abdul Waraich and an American climber named Puwei Liu. Waraich reached the summit but encountered problems during his descent and died despite the efforts of additional Sherpas who brought him oxygen and food. Liu suffered from snow blindness and exhaustion and died on his descent after reaching Hillary Step. Nepal, which had halted expeditions last year due to COVID-19, has issued a record number of permits this season to boost tourism.

South African Researchers Lead Study on COVID-19 Impact on Athletes

04 Nov 2020  |  voanews.com
The article discusses the efforts by South African researchers to understand the long-term health effects of COVID-19 on athletes, including those preparing for the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics. South African Olympic hurdler Wenda Nel has recovered from COVID-19 and is training for the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee has appointed South African sports physician Martin Schwellnus to lead the development of guidelines for treating athletes with respiratory infections, including COVID-19. The University of Pretoria's SEMLI and the IOC Research Center in South Africa are conducting the AWARE Research Study, which includes an online survey and a COVID-19 Recovery Clinic for athletes. Preliminary findings suggest that athletes recovering from COVID-19 experience more difficulty with low-intensity exercise and longer recovery times. The research aims to provide evidence-based guidelines for athletes' recovery and return to sport.

South African Researchers Lead Study on COVID-19 Impact on Athletes

04 Nov 2020  |  voanews.com
The article discusses the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and the concerns regarding COVID-19, particularly its long-term health effects on athletes. South African researchers are at the forefront of an international study aimed at understanding these long-term impacts. The Tokyo Olympics organizers are implementing measures to mitigate the spread of the virus during the event. The report includes contributions from Marize de Klerk in Pretoria, with camera work by Franco Puglisi and production by Jon Spier.

Lesotho Prime Minister Loses Bid to Get Immunity from Prosecution in Ex-Wife's Killing

30 Apr 2020  |  voanews.com
Lesotho's Prime Minister Thomas Thabane is facing a political and legal crisis as his demands for immunity from prosecution over the murder of his former wife have been rejected by the head of his ruling party, the All Basotho Convention (ABC). A magistrate has ruled that the high court will decide on Thabane's claim to immunity, and the Senate has recently limited the prime minister's powers. The opposition Democratic Congress (DC) believes Thabane has no options left but to resign. Thabane's current wife, Maesaiah Thabane, has been charged with the murder of his previous wife, Lipolelo Thabane.

Drones Spread Word About COVID-19 in Rural South Africa

28 Apr 2020  |  voanews.com
In the Greater Tzaneen Municipality of northern South Africa, drones are being used to educate people about COVID-19 prevention. The drones broadcast messages in local languages and monitor potential hotspots. This initiative, led by Mayor Maripe Mangena, is a pioneering effort in the country to leverage technology for public health messaging. Ntiyiso Aviation Services, a licensed drone service provider, is conducting the operations. The South African Federation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and local media, including the Far North Bulletin, have noted the effectiveness of drones in spreading awareness in rural areas. South Africa has been significantly affected by COVID-19, but the lockdown measures are being gradually eased as they have helped curb the virus spread.

South Africa-Mozambique Cooperation Reduces Rhino Poaching

20 Feb 2020  |  voanews.com
The article discusses the successful reduction of rhinoceros poaching in Kruger National Park, which is attributed to the cooperation between South African and Mozambican officials, as well as private business stakeholders. The park has seen a significant decline in poaching incidents and rhino losses due to improved patrols, technology, and cross-border efforts, despite the lack of an extradition agreement between the two countries. Challenges remain, including the need for social upliftment to ensure the long-term sustainability of anti-poaching efforts. Kruger National Park is a major tourist attraction, home to the world's largest wild rhino population, and officials are hopeful that the rhino numbers will continue to grow with ongoing cooperation.

Africa's Only Wheelchair Rugby League Battles It Out

30 Oct 2019  |  voanews.com
South Africa is recognized for its rugby prowess, which extends to wheelchair rugby, despite it being an amateur sport with limited resources. Players like Okkie Anker, who once aspired to join the Springboks but suffered a neck injury, now play with pride for the Wheelboks, the national wheelchair rugby team. Leratho Netchane, Africa's first female wheelchair rugby player, is actively promoting the sport. The high cost of specialized wheelchairs is a challenge, but innovations like Jared McIntyre's more affordable beginner's wheelchair are helping. The South African Wheelchair Rugby team has not competed internationally since 2015 due to financial constraints, but with efforts from the South African Wheelchair Rugby Vice President David Jacobs and affiliations with rugby unions, there is hope to develop the sport further in Africa. The Mustangs recently won the South African Wheelchair Rugby League, and there are aspirations to compete internationally again next year.

How these two sisters started their own diamond cutting and polishing shop

21 Oct 2019  |  howwemadeitinafrica.com
Mosibudi Jo Mathole and Khomotso Ramodipa are sisters who have successfully penetrated the male-dominated diamond industry in South Africa with their company, Kwame Diamonds. Established in 2008, Kwame Diamonds is notable for being one of the few women-owned diamond polishing businesses globally and the first run by sisters in South Africa. Despite the challenges of a declining global diamond market and a significant reduction in the number of polishers in South Africa, Kwame Diamonds has thrived by specializing in responsibly sourced, certified stones and fancy and bespoke cut diamonds. They are accredited to cut and polish De Beers Group's branded diamonds. The sisters are committed to empowering women in the industry by developing their skills and are recognized for their innovative approach by industry leaders.

South African Sisters Shine in Diamond Business Dominated by Men

17 Oct 2019  |  voanews.com
Mosibudi Jo Mathole and Khomotso Ramodipa are South African sisters who have established Kwame Diamonds, one of the few women-owned diamond polishing businesses in the world. Despite challenges in a male-dominated industry and a global downturn in the diamond market, they have succeeded by focusing on responsibly sourced, certified stones and specializing in fancy and bespoke cut diamonds. They are accredited to cut and polish De Beers Group's branded diamonds, which is a mark of excellence in the industry. The sisters are committed to empowering women by developing their skills in diamond polishing. The South African diamond industry has significantly contracted, but Kwame Diamonds is thriving by innovating and refusing to downsize.

The Nan Hua Performing Arts Group is internationally known for fusing traditional African and Chinese dance and music into attention-grabbing performances. The South African group was a finalist in the South Africa’s Got Talent TV show some years ago, but still wants to introduce more of their compatriots to what they do. The Performing Art Group is an empowerment initiative of Africa’s largest Buddhist temple, the Nan Hua Temple, for young women based on Buddhist principles. Produced for China Plus

University students from Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, and Angola will represent Southern Africa in China in the global final of this year’s Huawei ICT Competition. After months of intensive preparation 14 teams from 11 Southern African countries, gathered in South Africa to write a 5-hour exam, determining who will represent the region on the global stage. In an effort to develop ICT talent and give students an international platform to showcase their ICT abilities, Huawei launched the ICT Competition in 2015. Produced for China Plus

Inspirational Teen Aviation Project Ends in Tragedy

06 Aug 2019  |  voanews.com
A group of South African teenagers, part of a nonprofit initiative by U-Dream Global, successfully built and flew an aircraft across Africa. However, the project ended in tragedy when the two adult pilots, Des Werner and Werner Froneman, who were accompanying the teens in a support plane, died in a crash in Tanzania. The project, which was followed closely by Athol Franz of African Pilot magazine, aimed to inspire young people and demonstrate that dreams can be achieved. The teens had flown from South Africa to Egypt and were on their way back when the accident occurred. The U-Dream Global project has highlighted both the potential of youth and the inherent risks of aviation.

South Africa Hosts International Marimba and Steelpan Festival

31 Jul 2019  |  voanews.com
South Africa recently hosted the eighth annual Education Africa International Marimba and Steelpan Festival, which saw nearly 2,000 musicians from across Africa, including Botswana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. The festival celebrates a mix of musical styles and prides itself on inclusivity, featuring performances by disadvantaged and disabled musicians. Joan Lithgow highlighted the importance of a multi-faceted approach to music education. Deaf marimba player Boitumelo Lekaka, along with her teacher Rose Moloi, expressed that deaf individuals can achieve anything, including playing various musical instruments. American artist Jason 'Malletman' Taylor, a Grammy Ballot Award nominee, served as a judge and was particularly moved by the performances of deaf musicians. The festival also included competitive elements, with St. Jude's Private Schools of Nigeria being a past winner, and offered 90 music workshops, with award-winning composer Dave Reynolds commenting on the therapeutic nature of marimba and steelpan music.

South African Women Mountaineers Aim to Conquer Everest

01 Jul 2019  |  voanews.com
The article discusses the aspirations of four South African women mountaineers who are training to become the first all-female African team to climb Mount Everest. They are inspired by Saray Khumalo, the first black African woman to reach the summit of Everest. The team, consisting of Deshun Deysel, Lisa Gering, Tumi Mphahlele, and Alda Waddell, is currently preparing in the Drakensberg Mountains. They are undergoing intensive mental and physical training to tackle the technical, physical, cold, and altitude challenges of the climb. Deshun Deysel, who in 1996 became the first black South African woman to set foot on Everest, highlights the increase in women mountaineers in South Africa. The team, also entrepreneurs, draws parallels between climbing and navigating a male-dominated business world. Their goal is to inspire more African women to aim high.

South African Teens Build Airplane, Embark on Cross-Continent Flight

20 Jun 2019  |  voanews.com
A group of 20 South African teenagers, led by 17-year-old pilot Megan Werner and her nonprofit U-Dream Global, has successfully assembled a four-seater airplane. They embarked on a round-trip flight from Cape Town to Cairo, stopping in 11 countries to inspire other teens. The project aims to show young people the possibilities within the aviation industry and to encourage them to pursue their dreams. The teens were supervised by qualified adults, including Megan's father, Des Werner, and U-Dream Global Project director Werner Froneman. Athol Franz, editor of African Pilot Magazine, highlighted the importance of involving youth in aviation to ensure a skilled and enthusiastic future workforce. The journey covers approximately 12,000 kilometers and includes opportunities for other teenagers to fly and be motivated by the project.

South African Vet Pioneering Medicine for Africa's Pangolins

23 May 2019  |  voanews.com
Dr. Karin Lourens is recognized as Africa's 'pangolin doctor' for her medical work with pangolins rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. She has developed innovative medical treatments for the endangered ground pangolin, significantly improving their chances of survival and return to the wild. Lourens and her team have introduced a tube-feeding method and conducted blood-testing research to create customized treatment plans. Professor Leith Meyer from the University of Pretoria and Nicci Wright from the African Pangolin Working Group and Humane Society International emphasize the importance of veterinary care in pangolin conservation. Professor Raymond Jansen reports a high success rate in rehabilitating and releasing pangolins with their monitoring showing promising post-release survival rates. The article highlights the critical role of specialized veterinary treatment in preventing the extinction of one of the most trafficked animals in the world.

South African Vet Pioneering Medicine for Africa's Endangered Pangolins

23 May 2019  |  voanews.com
Dr. Karin Lourens is recognized as Africa's 'pangolin doctor' due to her significant role in the medical rehabilitation of pangolins that have been saved from the illegal wildlife trade. She has developed innovative methods such as tube-feeding and blood testing to enhance the chances of survival for these endangered animals. Marize de Klerk has covered this story for VOA, reporting from Johannesburg, highlighting the impact of Dr. Lourens' work on pangolin conservation.

About 2,000 abandoned lesser flamingo chicks are currently being cared for at suitable facilities across South Africa, after being evacuated from the Kamfers Dam in the country’s Northern Cape Province. Local specialist private investigator and animal-lover, Mike Bolhuis, initiated and funded, the rescue attempt when he learnt that thousands of wild adult flamingos left their chicks for dead because the dam ran dry. Produced for China Plus

Modern cave people and their famous hominin fossil friend, Homo Naledi, went VR! The world’s first free mobile paleoanthropology virtual reality app, Dinaledi VR, now allows one to enter an underground cave and one of the most inaccessible, but richest hominin excavation sites on the planet, in South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. Produced for China Plus

Little African girls can now play with cute dolls that look just like them, complete with cool, designer Afrocentric outfits. The black dolls with features resembling African children are defying critics and are making waves globally. Two South African friends, turned entrepreneurs, launched the African doll line in an effort to encourage children of African descent to embrace their own beauty and natural hair. The growing collection, which includes an albino doll, has even attracted the attention of customers in Russia and South Korea. Produced for China Plus

The first multi-genre entertainment, comic and fan convention in Africa, Comic Con Africa, eclipsed expectations. The African version of one of the world’s most famous pop-culture extravaganzas, was a sold-out event. Thousands had the opportunity to get up close with all things and people comic and sci-fi and live out their superhero dreams. Produced for China Plus

Medical clowning is a real job. A serious complimentary, healthcare profession. No jokes! In Israel, “clown doctors” are not only an integral part of the medical system, some universities even offer degree courses in medical clowning! So, it’s no laughing matter that some South African clowns called upon the world’s only person with a PhD in Medical Clowning, Dr. Amnon Raviv, in establishing medical clowning as a recognized paramedical profession in their country. Produced for China Plus

Volunteers from across South Africa and beyond crocheted for months in order to create a scarf of over 27 km in celebration of South Africa's former president and international icon, Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday Produced for Pear Video

China Plus Youth Talks 2018: Wen Jian "If you want to go fast, go alone. And if you want to go further, go together,” said Wen Jian, Managing Director of China Railway International Southern African Company, one of over 200 Chinese corporations in South Africa. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and South Africa. #YouthTalks Produced introductory video for China Plus News & China Radio International Youth Talks 2018

Introductory profile on Kirsten Greenop, Executive Head - Regulatory Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement of Standard Bank in South Africa as part of China Plus Youth Talks 2018 broadcasts. Produce for China Plus and China Radio International.

Scientists and researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand are pioneering a new generation of generic supercomputers. The team of the High Energy Physics Group involved in the Massive Affordable Computing Project or the MAC Project is developing and building a new generation of supercomputers with so called high-throughput capability to deal with the high throughput data needs of scientist. The team is using affordable and energy efficient existing technologies and components like ARM processors (Advanced Reduced Instruction Set Computer Micro-processor) which are used in smartphones and tablets. Produced for online marketing platform, Features Africa.

The Potential of Crowdfunding in Financing Africa's Energy Revolution

09 Jun 2018  |  www.youris.com
The article discusses the need for significant investment in Africa to achieve universal access to modern energy, highlighting the potential role of crowdfunding in financing energy projects. Dr. Richard Munang of UNEP emphasizes the need for a blended financing model and the socioeconomic benefits of energy development. The German crowdfunding platform bettervest has raised funds for global renewable energy projects, with a focus on energy efficiency and societal benefits. The article also mentions the work of EFABOSA in building sustainable food systems and the innovative approaches of The Sun Exchange, which uses blockchain technology for solar panel investments. Abundance Investment, a UK-based platform, expresses interest in African solar projects but notes the challenges due to the lack of mature legal and government systems in developing countries.



JoburgToday.tv SS Mendi

JOBURGTODAY.TV Egg Shell Jewelry Some Johannesburg artists and crafts people have been creating uniquely, handcrafted ostrich eggshell jewellery for years. Mambu Design's pieces have been attracting attention from international jewellery shows in Paris and Germany to craft markets and shops in Bryanston, Rosebank and Cape Town

PEAR VIDEO Miss Universe 2017/18 Self-defence Champion Produced for Pear Video Producer, reporter, research, fixing: Marize de Klerk

JOBURGTODAY.TV HIV Remission Discovery

PEAR VIDEO - Welcome home, Miss Universe 2017/18, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Miss Universe 2017/18, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters arrives back in her native South Africa for the first time after her coronation Producer, reporter, research, fixing: Marize de Klerk

Crowdfunding Africa's Energy Revolution: Potential and Challenges

08 Jan 2018  |  crowdfundres.eu
The article discusses the need for significant investment in Africa to achieve universal access to modern energy, highlighting the potential role of crowdfunding in financing energy projects. Dr. Richard Munang of UNEP emphasizes the need for a blended finance model and the socioeconomic benefits of energy development. The German platform bettervest and its spokesperson Sara Steidinger are mentioned for their success in funding renewable energy projects, despite higher risks in Africa. The article also covers the work of EFABOSA in promoting sustainable agriculture and the innovative approaches of The Sun Exchange and Abundance Investment in financing solar and sustainable technologies. The challenges of crowdfunding in the African context, such as the need for mature legal and government systems, are also discussed.

The first HIV vaccine trail in 7 years started late in 2016 in South Africa. When the well-known child AIDS activist, Nkosi Johnson, passed away in 2001, that was almost unthinkable. JoburgToday visited Nkosi’s Haven that cares for 27 HIV positive mothers and 98 children

Somerbosch: Ice cream from wine Somerbosch Wine is the only South African wine estate producing homemade ice cream from it's own wines. Paired with Somerbosch red wines this makes for a very unique wine tasting and summer red wine experience. Filmed, edited, scripted and produced - Marize de Klerk

Satellites and high-tech solutions help African farmers face historic drought

05 Dec 2016  |  www.youris.com
Researchers from South African and European institutions are collaborating to develop water-use-and-stress maps for savannahs in South Africa to aid smallholder farmers in managing drought conditions. Utilizing satellite data from the European Space Agency, the team aims to assess ecosystem health and vulnerability. The research is part of a broader initiative, the EAU4Food project, which seeks to enhance food production in irrigated farming systems across Africa. Additionally, concerns about water pollution from Microcystin toxicity and uranium are prompting calls for further research into their effects on human health through bioaccumulation in the food chain. The article also touches on the importance of water management research for food security and the potential for recurring droughts in South Africa, necessitating careful water management across all industries.

What if sleeping not well could worsen your pain? The University of Witwatersrand's Sleep Laboratory is on of very few globally researching the relationship between sleep an pain. Their research on women, sleep and pain is even more unique. Produced for JoburgToday.tv (www.joburgtoday.tv) Reporter, research, directing, scriptwriting, on-camera presenting, producer, voice over: Marize de Klerk Camera & Editing: Nicki Thessner

Consol Solar Jars are shining uniquely and proudly South African at the 300th anniversary of the landscape architect (Capability Brown) who changed the look of 18th century England. Joburgtoday.tv looked at how South African engineers adapted a local invension for this occasion and British solar conditions Producer: Marize de Klerk; Camera: Franco Puglisi & Jan Singleton; Editing: Thato Kekana

Insights from FTI Consulting political analyst, Coenraad Bezuidenhout, about the newly appointed mayoral committee in the Johannesburg Metro, shortly after the closely contested 2016 local government election - For JoburgToday.tv

Exposing the media to brandy and the concept of neural marketing research Produced for JoburgToday.tv Reporter, presenter, voice-over, research, producer, scriptwriting, director: Marize de Klerk Camera: Franco Puglisi Editing: Thato Kekana

JoburgToday.tv attended the 2016 South African Culinary Olympics Team's last public training session in Johannesburg. Research, presenting, scriptwriting, voice-over, production, directing: Marize de Klerk Camera: Franco Puglisi

Conservation of the University of Witwatersrand's (Wits) Rock Art Research Institute's Walter Battiss collection. This collection includes original tracings on cellophane of rock art scenes. Produced for JoburgToday.tv Kamera / Camera: X Mtebele Editor / Redigeerder: Lee Saunders

What is the refurbishment of electronic equipment all about? How do you do it? Produced for JoburgToday.tv Reporting, research, presenting, scripting, voice-over, directing, producing: Marize de Klerk Camera: Franco Puglisi Editing: Nthuthuko Mthanti

Looking at an eco oor wetland pool that uses no chemicals as an more environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional swimming pool. With Jane Griffiths and architect, Anthony Philbrick. Produced for online TV channel JoburgToday.tv

SANBWA standard - If drinking more than water in a bottle is important. SANBWA certification helps ensured its members' bottled water is of world class standard. Produced for JoburgToday.tv

When electronic and electrical devices die or go out of fashion, they become e-waste and potentially dangerous. It is better to give them a recycling send off rather than a rubbish bin burial. JoburgToday.tv followed an old laptop on one of Africa's safest e-waste recycling journeys Producer, reporter, researcher, script-writer: Marize de Klerk Camera: Jan Singleton Editing: Nthuthuko Mthanti

Late former Israeli Prime minister, Ariel Sharon's career as soldier and statesman made an impression on many Jewish Diaspora communities. South African Jewry is no exception. They paid their respects during a special memorial service in Johannesburg.

Post-Apartheid South Africa has diplomatic ties with both the State of Israel and the Palestinian state. JN1 talks to Israeli's newly appointed ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk, about Israel's place in the post-Arab Spring Middle East.

Inner city Johannesburg. Unemployment and poverty is rife here, but some residents pinned their hope on needlework by joining a sewing school initiated by the Union of Jewish Women and the Impact for Christ Ministries Church.

Studio-onderhoud met die Suid-Afrikaanse Burgerlugvaartowerheid oor die registrering en die lugwaardigheidsverklaring van nuwe lugvaartuie in Suid-Afrika vir die internet-TV-kanaal, www.aadtv.org, met spesifieke verwysing na die FAMA K209 helikopter Studio interview with the South African Civil Aviation Authority about the registering and the airworthiness declaration of new aircraft in South Africa, for the internet TV channel, www.aadtv.org, with specific focus on the FAMA K209 helicopter

Innovation is the name of the game for Africa's largest Jewish welfare organization, in assisting Johannesburg's Jews in fulfilling the mitzvah of Matanot l'Evyonim on Purim. And in doing so, Chevrah Kadisha makes use of technology.

Landbousake en AgriTV ondersoek die dorps- en plaaswagmodel wat in die Makhado-omgewing gebruik word om landelike veiligheid te bewerkstellig. Nagevors en vervaardig deur Marize de Klerk

Researched & produced for AgriTV & Landbousake by Marize de Klerk Camera: Frank Swiegelaar & Roedolf Swanepoel

A concert compiled and performed by two of South Africa's most acclaimed classical music artists, consisting of music by Jewish composers which was banned by the Nazi's. This is how the Goethe Institut and the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre recently commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Kristallnacht attacks on Jews in Nazi Germany

This year was game, set and match to soccer, when South African government decided to rather fund the hosting of the African Nations Soccer Championship instead of the Soweto Open Tennis Tournament. But top Israeli tennis coach, Ronen Moralli, nevertheless visited South Africa recently.

South Africans interested in martial arts practice a wide variety of styles and systems. The Israeli self-defence and combat system, Krav Maga is also making head way. Israeli Krav Maga master, Gabi Noah recently visited the country.

The South African Ostrich Business Chamber is always busy to market and unlock new markets for the South African ostrich industry's various products. One of its very creative efforts is the promotion of the use of ostrich leather by fashion designers. Produced for AgriTV. Researched and produced by Marize de Klerk. Cameraman: Charl Rohland

Gevallestudie van 'n die impak van 'n plaasaanval op die Malherbe-gesin van Roedtan in Limpopo en hulle boerdery vir AgriTV en Landbousake nagevors en vervaardig deur Marize de Klerk

Whether it is soccer, rugby, cricket, swimming or athletics, sport has time and again proved to unite South Africans in post-Apartheid South Africa. And although sport is not a silver bullet for the Middle East's peace issues, South African Jews recently leveraged its power in this regard.

Since South Africa's chief rabbi Warren Goldstein announced The Shabbos Project during Rosh Hashanah, Jews from across the country seemed to have joined in. Jewish women in Johannesburg decided to go big and organized the Great Street Challah bake to kick off The Shabbos Project.

South Africa's Independent communications authority recently extended Africa's only Jewish community talk radio station, Chai FM's, broadcasting license by another 5 years. This can be considered an ideal 5th birthday gift for the station which broadcasts from Johannesburg.

The International Mitzvah Day initiative was born in the UK from of the belief that by acting together all can make a positive impact on the world. This year, more than 20 countries signed up for the International Mitzvah Day campaign. In Johannesburg, South Africa, the elderly benefited from the local campaign.

Whether or not one likes a certain type music is a very personal choice. However music does seem to touch and connect people. Three famous Jewish artists whose music seems to be doing just this, recently met up in Johannesburg.

Insert on the preparations of participants in the Interhotel Challenge Competition for Joburg Today internet TV channel (www.joburgtoday.tv)

Insert on the Johannesburg cook-off in the national Cape Legends Interhotel Challenge competition organised by Showcook.com. The insert was produced and broadcasted for the internet TV channel Joburg Today (www.joburgtoday.tv)

Sonkraggeskiedenis - die Suidelike Halfronde se eerste en grootste gekonsentreerde sonkragverkoelingsaanleg wat Liniêre Fresnel gekonsentreerde sonkragtegnologie gebruik, bekendgestel. / Solar power history - the Southern Hemisphere's first and largest concentrated solar cooling plant, using Linear Fresnel Concentrating Solar Power technology, launched.

Samevatting oor die uitkoms van die 2014 Interhotel Challenge kook- en wynsommelierkompetie. Instesel vervaardig vir die internet-TV-kanaal, JoburgToday.tv. A wrap about the 2014 Interhotel Challenge cooking and wine steward competition. Insert produced for the internet TV channel, JoburgToday.tv

Insetsel oor die eerste unieke FAMA K209-helikopter in Afrika. Insetsel is vervaardig vir die internet-TV-kanaal, AADtv.org wat besit word deur BrandTV Media Network Pty Ltd Insert about the first unique FAMA K209 helicopter in Africa. Insert was produced for the internet TV channel, AADtv presented by BrandTV Media Network Pty Ltd.

In order to half its carbon footprint by 2050, the aviation industry considers biofuels produced responsibly and sustainably in commercial quantities as one of the realistic options. Boeing, South African Airways, SkyNRG and Sunchem SA considers energy or solaris tobacco, a hybrid tobacco grown for its oily seed, as a worthwhile bio jet fuel feedstock. Project Solaris in South Africa's Limpopo Province is a trial project to determine the commercial viability of growing the crop in South Africa and establishing a rand based supply chain for bio yet fuel in Southern Africa. This insert was produced for AADtv (www.aadtv.org)

A school for children with special needs use butterfly farming as a form of thearapy for the children. This insert was originally produced for AgriTV and broadcasted on SABC2

Rand Water is one of the world's largest bulk water utilities. The utility was established when the reality dawned that there was not enough water to excavate the gold reefs of the Witwatersrand of South Africa more than a century ago. Since then it has been providing world class quality water to South Africa's economic heartland. This is an insert produced for online TV channel, JoburgToday.tv (www.joburgtoday.tv) Produced, researched, directed and presented by Marize de Klerk. Camera: Jacques du Toit, Karl Spangenberg. Edit: Lee Saunders

Profile on Africa's oldest Cyber Defence Research Group, CSIR Cyber Defence Research Group. This insert also gives an idea about the state of cyber defence research and cyber threats in especially in SA. This was produced for the niche on-line TV channel for the Africa aerospace, defence and security industries, AADtv. Crew VNS 24/7 team

Interview with crisis communications specialist and associate director of Kenyon International, Linden Birns, on why CEO, Tony Fernandes and budget airline, Air Asia's dealing with the crisis of one of its aeroplanes crushing into the sea, as a prime example for crisis communications

2015 CIDESCO Wêreldkongres vir skoonheidsterapeute : Opleiding, wetenskap en sakevernuf - die skoonheidsterapiebedryf is meer as net mooi lyk. 2015 CIDESCO World congress for beauty therapists: Training, science and business, the beauty therapy industry is deeper than skin deep Vervaardig vir JoburgToday.tv Produced for JoburgToday.tv Kameraman / cameraman: Franco Puglisi Editor / redigeerder: Lee Saunders

Spiëeltjie, spiëeltjie, aan die wand.... Van die nuutste nie- en minimale ingrypende skoonheidsbehandelkngstegnologie te siene by CIDESCO Mirror, mirror on the wall... Some of the latest non- and minimally invasive beauty treatment technology on show at CIDESCO Produced for JoburgToday.tv Vervaardig vir JoburgToday.tv Kameraman / Cameraman: Fanco Puglisi Redigeerder / Editor: Bryce Ninow

This was produced for online TV channel, JoburgToday. Against the background of rolling blackouts and load shedding in South Africa, the residents of Johannesburg suburb, Parkhurst, started the process to take their homes off the national electricity grid. Produced, researched, presented, directed: Marize de Klerk Camerawork, sound, editing: Bryce Ninow

Die algemene gebruik van miniatuur rekenaars, beter bekend as slimfone, maak kuberoorlog en -misdaad net soveel meer persoonlik. JT loer in by Afrika se oud navorsingsgroep in die veld, die WNNR Kuberverdedigingsnavorsingsgroep The common use of miniature computers, better known as smart phones, makes cyber war and crime just so much more personal. JT visits Africa's oldest research group in the field, the CSIR Cyber Defence Research Group

The need for qualified aviation maintenance technicians in the growing aviation sector, resulted in niche industry and the unique private aviation maintenance training facility, Mega Aero Training Academy, in South Africa, which has been attracting attention from far and wide. Insert produced for online TV channel AADtv (www.aadtv.org) Cameraman: Jacques du Toit Editor: Bryce Ninow

Africa's first online TV channel for the defence, aviation and security industries. Research, executive producer, scriptwriting, directing, field presenting, voice overs: Marize de Klerk

Reporting for Jewish News 1 as South African foreign correspondent

Africa's first online TV channel for the defence, aviation and security industries. Research, executive producer, scriptwriting, presenting, directing, field presenting, voice overs: Marize de Klerk


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