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Valletta, Malta
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About Mark
Mark Laurence Zammit is a 29-year-old journalist, television host and media producer based in Valletta, Malta. He currently works as a journalist for Times of Malta. He is known for his work on Malta’s most-watched current affairs shows 'Xarabank' and 'L-Erbgħa Fost il-Ġimgħa' and he is also the author of a children’s book, a writer and composer, and creator of Malta’s first musical theatre production designed, built and performed entirely by 120 young people.
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Will Malta continue to sell passports to Russians? Abela avoids a direct answer

04 Apr 2024  |  timesofmalta.com
Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela avoided directly answering whether Malta will continue selling citizenship to Russian nationals amid western sanctions on Russia due to the Ukraine crisis. He emphasized the robustness and strong due diligence of the Individual Investor Programme (IIP), noting its high rejection rate. Abela highlighted the financial benefits Malta has reaped from the IIP, including support for businesses and families during the pandemic and contributions to social projects through the National Development and Social Fund, which has received €599.8 million from the IIP. The Maltese foreign ministry condemned Russia's recognition of Ukraine's breakaway republics, expressing support for Ukraine's sovereignty.

Two ongoing magisterial inquiries into hospital deaths – MUMN president

04 Apr 2024  |  timesofmalta.com
Two magisterial inquiries are investigating deaths at Mater Dei Hospital, which have not been made public, according to MUMN president Paul Pace. These inquiries involve nurses and are examining potential hospital errors. Pace contrasts the private nature of these inquiries with the public scrutiny faced by a nurse suspended after the death of dementia patient Carmelo Fino. He criticizes the healthcare system for overburdening nurses, leading to inevitable mistakes, and argues against the need for multiple inquiries into such incidents, suggesting they could be used to unfairly target nurses or absolve ministers of blame. The health ministry has declined to comment on the ongoing inquiries.

St Albert rector drops court case against teacher for 'vulgar' Facebook posts

05 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
A teacher at St Albert the Great College avoided a potential €23,000 fine after rector Fr Aaron Zahra forgave her for posting 'vulgar' comments on Facebook. The comments were made following the firing of headmaster Mario Mallia, which led to protests from parents and staff. In court, Zahra requested the legal procedures against the teacher, Maria Scicluna Mantas, to be dropped after she apologized. Magistrate Charmaine Galea warned that a guilty verdict could have resulted in a hefty fine and revocation of her teaching warrant.

Byron Camilleri confirms transfer of high-ranking prison official

04 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri confirmed the transfer of high-ranking prison official Randolph Spiteri to another unit within the ministry. Spiteri, who was second-in-command at the prison and a close confidant of former director Alex Dalli, has been replaced by former AFM officer Daren Micallef. The transfer follows a controversial period in the prison's history marked by 14 inmate deaths in three years. A public call will be issued for the role of Chief Operating Officer at the Correctional Services Agency.

Polo shirts and baseball caps

03 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
The police force in Malta has updated its uniforms to polo shirts and baseball caps, replacing traditional blue shirts, neckties, and hats. The new gender-neutral uniforms, designed for the local climate, will be worn year-round. Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri announced the change, highlighting the €2 million cost and the superior quality of the new uniforms. This update is part of broader efforts to enhance police efficiency, transparency, and public trust. Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa' noted that public trust in the police has reached a 12-year high, and crime rates have decreased despite population growth.

Lawyer Peter Agius approved as PN's first new candidate for MEP election

03 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
The Nationalist Party has approved lawyer Peter Agius as a candidate for the upcoming European Parliament election. Agius, who has extensive experience in European law and previously served in various EU roles, aims to enhance Malta's representation in the EU. The party's performance in the election is seen as crucial for its future, particularly for leader Bernard Grech.

175, including children, wait years for intervention to help them speak

02 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
A backlog of 175 cases, many involving children, is causing significant delays in assessments for communication needs by Malta's Access to Communication and Technology Unit (ACTU). The unit, which is understaffed with only five professionals, is struggling to manage the demand, leading to long waiting times. Inclusion Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli highlighted the issue in parliament, urging students to consider careers in this field. The unit's professionals emphasize the complexity of the assessment process and the need for ongoing training and technological updates. Despite the challenges, the unit managed to schedule 685 appointments last year, but the shortage of skilled professionals remains a critical issue.

PN stays firm on removing ‘health’ from abortion bill

02 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
The Nationalist Party (PN) in Malta is preparing to oppose the new wording of the abortion amendment if the term 'health' is not removed. PN health spokesperson Stephen Spiteri emphasized that the current bill, which protects doctors and women from prosecution when a pregnancy is terminated to save the mother's life or health, is seen as potentially broadening the justification for abortion. Health Minister Chris Fearne announced that the government will propose amendments to clarify that a viable fetus must be born, aiming to dispel rumors of legalizing abortion. The opposition remains firm on its stance, awaiting the new wording before taking a definitive position.

Malta's crime rate drops to lowest since 2004

02 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
Malta's crime rate in 2022 was the lowest since 2004, with 28 crimes per 1,000 people. The CrimeMalta Observatory's annual review, presented by criminology professor Saviour Formosa, highlighted significant drops in theft and other crimes, while noting increases in fraud, computer misuse, and domestic violence reports. Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri and Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà attributed the decline to effective community policing and increased public awareness. Despite a growing population, the overall crime rate has decreased, indicating a safer environment for citizens.

First phase of Grand Harbour's shore-to-ship project is 50% complete

02 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
The first phase of Malta's Grand Harbour Clean Air Project, aimed at reducing maritime pollution by allowing ships to draw power from the national grid, is 50% complete. Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg and EU funds Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi highlighted the project's benefits, including a significant reduction in air pollution and long-term cost savings. The project, part-financed by the EU, involves extensive underground cabling and will eventually extend to multiple berths. Research by BirdLife Malta and Danish scientist Kare Press-Kristensen underscores the urgent need for this initiative, revealing alarmingly high pollution levels in Valletta and Senglea.

Justice delayed: 130 people charged with serious crimes await trial by jury

02 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
130 individuals accused of serious crimes in Malta are awaiting trial by jury, with pending cases rising from 80 in May to 106 in November. Of these, 20 trials have been scheduled, eight are pending scheduling, and 78 are delayed due to various legal reasons, including pending psychiatric reports. Justice Minister Jonathan Attard provided these figures in response to a parliamentary question by PN MP Ivan Bartolo, highlighting ongoing delays in Malta's justice system.

Gonzi defends 2006 local plans but laments overdependence on construction

01 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
Former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi defended the 2006 local plans that earmarked large stretches of land for development, arguing they were necessary to regularize development. He criticized the current Labour government for over-reliance on construction and stretching development rules, making the country dangerously dependent on the construction industry. Gonzi highlighted that his government was conservative in approving development zones, with 90% of proposed land remaining outside development zones. He also discussed his political career, Malta's EU accession, and ruled out the possibility of becoming president.

We still look down on people, and this has to change

01 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
Bernard Grech, leader of the Nationalist Party (PN), emphasized the need for the party to change its attitude of looking down on people to move forward and become an alternative government. Speaking at the PN’s annual General Council meeting, he called for unity and confidence among party members. The meeting highlighted various issues, including public disenchantment with politics, institutional failures, and the need for a strong PN to counter the Labour government. Several speakers, including MPs and party officials, echoed these sentiments, urging the party to focus on present actions for a better future and to address pressing national issues such as the rising cost of living and systemic corruption.

Watch: Time capsules found during restoration of St Paul's Pro

01 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
Builders and architects discovered decades-old time capsules, including a cigarette packet from 1957, during the restoration of St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral in Valletta. The six-year project, costing over €4 million, addressed significant structural damage caused by corroded iron cramps. The restoration, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and notable donors like King Charles and Sir Cameron Mackintosh, aims to preserve the historical integrity of the 1844 Grade 1 listed building. The project is nearing completion, with the tower set to be unveiled in July.

Pelin Kaya bid last farewell in funeral in Turkey

01 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
Pelin Kaya's funeral was held in Istanbul, Turkey, attended by her family and friends. Her parents expressed their grief and called for justice against Jeremie Camilleri, who is charged with her murder. The incident occurred in Malta, where Kaya was hit by a car driven by Camilleri, who then allegedly attacked her further. The family shared emotional memories and expressed trust in both Maltese and Turkish justice systems.

Make politics a subject in post-secondary schools, says public policy head at University of Malta

01 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
Dr. Mario Thomas Vassallo, head of the public policy department at the University of Malta, advocates for the introduction of politics as a subject in post-secondary schools. He argues that political education is essential for fostering informed and engaged citizens, criticizing the current lack of political discourse in classrooms. Vassallo attributes decreasing voter turnout and youth disinterest in politics to the absence of political education, emphasizing the need for a dedicated subject to teach political science, philosophy, and practical skills. He highlights the importance of understanding politics beyond partisan tactics and stresses the role of virtuous individuals in public service.

Watch: Aaron Farrugia plans to cut morning traffic by staggering services

01 Oct 2023  |  Times of Malta
Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia proposes staggering various services and activities throughout the day to reduce morning traffic congestion in Malta. His plan includes rescheduling government work hours, nighttime deliveries, and spreading out hospital outpatient appointments. Farrugia emphasizes that this initiative should complement improved public transport services. He also addresses road safety concerns, recent traffic-related deaths, and other transport issues. The full interview will be available in The Sunday Times of Malta.

Interview with Sandro Chetcuti

01 Apr 2023  |  Times of Malta
In an interview with Times of Malta, outgoing developers' lobby boss Sandro Chetcuti discusses the relationship between business and politics in Malta. Chetcuti refutes the notion that business people are constantly trying to influence politicians with donations, stating that it is actually politicians who often solicit funds from the business community. He acknowledges that while some criticism of the construction industry's impact on Malta's landscape is valid, not all developers are corrupt or disregard planning laws. Chetcuti also suggests that political parties should be state-funded to avoid the implication of corruption through private donations. He defends the role of developers in the economy and argues for better urban planning rather than blaming the industry for all issues. The interview also touches on the perception of political parties as entities that can be 'bought' and the need for politicians to act ethically and not engage in overly cozy relationships with business figures.

David Agius to contest MEP elections

12 Feb 2023  |  timesofmalta.com
David Agius, former deputy leader of the PN, has formally requested to be included as a candidate for the upcoming European Parliament elections. This announcement was made during a PN general council meeting. Previously, Agius had been encouraged by the PN to stand for election to help secure grassroots support and potentially win one of Malta's six European Parliament seats. Agius, who has been elected to Malta's parliament in the last five general elections, would have to relinquish his national parliament seat if elected to the European Parliament.

Who is new prison boss Christopher Siegersma?

24 Jan 2023  |  Times of Malta
Christopher Siegersma, a 39-year-old nurse specializing in psychological trauma, has been appointed as the new prison boss of Malta, succeeding Robert Brincau who resigned after being found guilty of various offences. Siegersma, who previously worked in the mental health sector and holds a Master's degree from the University of Malta, was the prison's first welfare commissioner. He advocates for prioritizing rehabilitation, especially for first-time and young offenders, to prevent institutionalization. Siegersma faces challenges such as keeping drugs out of prison, managing a divided staff, addressing overcrowding, and implementing recommendations from an inquiry calling for a major overhaul of the prison system, including building new facilities and specialized rehabilitation programs.

Public transport is unreliable, Transport Minister admits

22 Jan 2023  |  timesofmalta.com
Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia acknowledges the unreliability of Malta's public transport system, which has led to people preferring cars over buses. Despite free bus rides with the Tallinja card and surpassing pre-pandemic usage numbers, public sentiment remains reluctant due to concerns about reliability. Farrugia outlines plans to add more buses, revise routes, and introduce bus lanes to improve traffic flow. He also discusses strategies to reduce traffic congestion and road accidents, including staggering services to flatten peak hour spikes. The full interview will be available on Monday and in the print edition of The Sunday Times of Malta.

President Vella calls off Australia trip amid controversy on abortion debate

15 Jan 2023  |  Times of Malta
President George Vella of Malta has cancelled his scheduled trip to Australia in February, intending to be present when the abortion amendment is discussed in parliament. He has indicated he might sign the law if comfortable with its wording or resign otherwise. This decision quells rumors of him avoiding the signing, similar to a previous IVF vote controversy. Despite speculation about the cancellation's link to the abortion vote, Vella has not commented directly on the matter. The trip was part of a tradition where presidents visit Maltese emigrants in Australia. Another trip to Geneva has also been reportedly postponed. Vella's term ends next year, and he would be the first president to resign before the end of his term if he chooses to do so over the abortion amendment.

President urges honorary consuls to help foreigners integrate in Malta

13 Jan 2023  |  timesofmalta.com
President George Vella addressed Maltese honorary consuls, urging them to assist foreigners in integrating into local communities, emphasizing that Malta's multicultural society is permanent. The annual exchange of new year's greetings took place at the president's palace in Valletta, with Foreign Minister Ian Borg and honorary consular corps dean Joseph Buhagiar present. The Honorary Consular Corps, established in 1995, represents 60 countries. Prime Minister Robert Abela also thanked the consuls for their service and discussed the government's efforts to strengthen economic, social, and cultural ties internationally.

PN MPs call out police commissioner for refusing to answer on Electrogas probe

11 Jan 2023  |  Times of Malta
The Nationalist Party criticized police commissioner Angelo Gafà for not answering questions about the Electrogas power station deal investigation. PN members of the Public Accounts Committee questioned whether the police had started investigating the deal following a National Audit Office report. Gafà refused to answer, citing confidentiality. The PN MPs argued that this response indirectly confirmed an ongoing investigation. The PAC is reviewing the NAO's findings, which highlighted several shortcomings in the Electrogas contract award process.

Miriam Dalli should be next health minister – MUMN boss Paul Pace

10 Jan 2023  |  timesofmalta.com
Paul Pace, president of the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, advocates for Miriam Dalli to be appointed as the next health minister of Malta, citing the need for a non-health professional in the role to avoid biases. He reflects on the performance of past ministers and discusses the challenges within the healthcare system, including a case involving the death of dementia patient Carmelo Fino at St Vincent de Paul residence. Pace criticizes the handling of the case and the healthcare system's failures, while also expressing his views on the current health minister, Chris Fearne, and potential successor Jo Etienne Abela.

Restoration plan in motion for Gozo’s dilapidated Fort Chambray

02 Jan 2023  |  Times of Malta
Discussions are ongoing for the restoration of Gozo’s Fort Chambray, with a comprehensive study presented to authorities. Businessman Michael Caruana, who took over the fort in 2004, is in talks to address infrastructural issues. The fort, built in the early 1700s by the Knights of St John, is in a state of disrepair, with significant geological movements complicating restoration efforts. NGOs Wirt Għawdex and Għawdix have called for urgent action to preserve the fort, criticizing the privatization that has restricted public access. Leading architect Alex Torpiano highlights the need for extensive substructure engineering interventions.

‘No funds’ for NYE Valletta fireworks – but ministry sponsors Mellieħa display

27 Dec 2022  |  timesofmalta.com
The tourism ministry of Malta has opted to sponsor a New Year's Eve fireworks display in Mellieħa instead of the traditional event in Valletta. This decision has sparked controversy as Mellieħa is part of the electoral district of Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo. The Valletta Cultural Agency, which previously received funding for the event, expressed disappointment. Mellieħa's local council anticipates the event will boost business in the area. The ministry maintains that the decision was not influenced by other celebrations.

Nurses ‘risked lives’ to evacuate patients in Gozo hospital fire

26 Dec 2022  |  Times of Malta
Nurses at Gozo hospital were praised for their heroic efforts in evacuating patients during a fire on Christmas Day. The fire, which started in a server room, led to the evacuation of 59 patients, most of whom were elderly. The Civil Protection Department quickly controlled the fire, and no injuries were reported, although some nurses were treated for smoke inhalation. Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri and Active Ageing Minister Jo Etienne Abela were involved in the response, with the latter thanking all workers and firemen. A magisterial inquiry is underway to determine the cause of the fire.

Andrea Dibben and Peppi Azzopardi Debate Abortion Bill

19 Dec 2022  |  Times of Malta
In Malta, a heated debate on a proposed abortion bill took place between social policy academic Andrea Dibben, who views the bill as a positive but insufficient step, and journalist Peppi Azzopardi, who opposes it as a means to introduce abortion. The bill aims to decriminalize abortion when a woman's life or health is at risk. Prime Minister Robert Abela is open to rewording the bill without changing its principles. The Parliament is set to vote on the bill, with the opposition PN party planning to vote against it.

Business fury as BOV triples monthly admin fee to €30

16 Dec 2022  |  Times of Malta
Bank of Valletta (BOV) has informed its business clients that the monthly administration fee will increase from €10 to €30 starting next February, citing higher regulatory costs. The Malta Chamber of SMEs criticized the hike as unjustified and an abuse of dominance, with CEO Abigail Mamo calling it 'daylight robbery.' BOV, which had a financially challenging 2022, justified the fee as necessary to cover enhanced Anti-Financial Crime compliance costs. The Malta Financial Services Authority approved the fee without objection. BOV and HSBC, which previously raised its fees, are pushing for a transition to digital banking, with BOV's chairman and CEO highlighting a significant reduction in cheque usage following fee changes.

This is snow joke: Elderly Minister suspended... in a mountain cable car

No bidders to provide and operate fourth Gozo ferry

16 Dec 2022  |  Times of Malta
No company has expressed interest in leasing or operating a fourth ferry between Ċirkewwa and Mġarr, including the current operator of MV Nikolaos. The government is considering reissuing a tender, stopping the service, or issuing a direct order to the Greek company. The MV Nikolaos, operating since 2019, is essential due to increasing vehicle and passenger numbers but has faced complaints about its facilities. The tender for a new ropax vessel closed with no bidders, leaving the government to decide on the next steps.

Alex Perici Calascione sole contender for PN deputy leader race

01 Oct 2022  |  Times of Malta
Alex Perici Calascione is the sole contender for the PN deputy leader position after nominations closed. He will undergo an internal due diligence process before being formally nominated. Perici Calascione, a lawyer and former PN executive committee president, has held various roles within the party. The election follows the party's recent leadership election and statutory changes reducing the number of deputy leaders from two to one.

Mario Mallia was inclusive for everyone except us

14 Aug 2022  |  Times of Malta
Mario Mallia, former headmaster of St Albert the Great College, was dismissed for insubordination and lack of cooperation with the school's governing body, the Dominican Order. Fr Aaron Zahra, the college rector, emphasized that the dismissal was not related to Mallia's inclusivity policies but rather his unilateral decision-making. The controversy has sparked protests from teachers, parents, and the Malta Union of Teachers. Archbishop Charles Scicluna offered to mediate but has limited influence as the school is under the autonomous Dominican Order.

‘Change your Eurovision style', expert tells Malta

16 May 2022  |  timesofmalta.com
Dean Vuletic, an academic and Eurovision expert, suggests Malta should change its approach to the Eurovision Song Contest by competing with a more authentic Maltese song that reflects current European experiences. He notes that the typical Eurovision pop songs are no longer successful and that entries in native languages and those addressing relatable personal experiences are gaining popularity. Vuletic praises Malta's past performances, including Emma Muscat's, and encourages the country to not underestimate its potential, highlighting the importance of Eurovision in fostering a European identity and community spirit.

Labour insists it is not proposing abortion after vague clause in manifesto

21 Mar 2022  |  Times of Malta
The Labour Party in Malta has clarified that it is not proposing the introduction of abortion, despite a vaguely-worded clause in its electoral manifesto that suggested otherwise. The clarification came in response to inquiries from the pro-life LifeNetwork Foundation. The manifesto's proposal 506 indicated an update to the sexual health policy, which the party insists does not imply legalizing abortion. The Labour Party also addressed the topic of voluntary euthanasia, stating that while it has suggested a national discussion, it does not intend to legalize the practice if re-elected. The Nationalist Party reaffirmed its pro-life position from conception to natural death.

Watch: Bombs interrupt interview with Maltese man trapped in Ukraine

28 Feb 2022  |  Times of Malta
Explosions interrupted an interview with Martin Ellul Mercer, a Maltese man living in Kharkiv, Ukraine, as he described the daily bombings and the dire situation in the besieged city. Ellul Mercer, who moved to Kharkiv to live with his Ukrainian wife, is currently trapped and unable to leave due to the Russian invasion. He shared his experiences of the conflict, the advice from the Maltese Consulate to stay indoors, and his efforts to remain calm amidst the chaos. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's call for immediate EU membership was also mentioned. The article highlights the severe impact of the conflict on Kharkiv's residents and infrastructure.

Watch: Police raid on Muscat: what does the Labour heartland think?

23 Jan 2022  |  Times of Malta
Residents of the Three Cities in Malta, a Labour stronghold, expressed mixed reactions to the police raid on former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's home as part of a corruption investigation into the Vitals Global Healthcare hospitals deal. While some backed the police's actions and called for justice, others felt it was an invasion of privacy and a political attack. Muscat, who won a significant majority in the district in 2017, denies any wrongdoing. The raid involved seizing mobile phones from Muscat and his family, with public sentiment ranging from support for Muscat's contributions to the country to concerns about potential corruption.

Malta will not become another Amsterdam: cannabis authority chair

19 Jan 2022  |  timesofmalta.com
Mariella Dimech, a psychotherapist and the first executive chair of Malta's Authority on Cannabis, discusses her shift from opposing to supporting cannabis legalization, emphasizing a harm-reduction approach. She clarifies misconceptions about the new law, stating it does not allow tourists to buy weed or the opening of coffee shops like in Amsterdam. Dimech explains that legal cannabis will be safer and cheaper than the black market, and the authority will provide education and research to inform the public. She also reflects on her previous work at Caritas and the link between drug addiction and childhood trauma.

Watch: 'I look forward to seeing Metsola elected EP president'

18 Jan 2022  |  timesofmalta.com
Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition Leader Bernard Grech met with Roberta Metsola in Strasbourg before her expected election as president of the European Parliament. Both leaders expressed support and pride for Metsola, who is backed by the largest groups in the Parliament, the EPP and the S&D. The election follows the passing of former president David Sassoli, with Metsola acting as interim president. The vote is set for Tuesday morning, with Metsola poised to win in the first round due to the support of the two major groups.

Metsola temporarily assumes EP president role as parliament mourns Sassoli

11 Jan 2022  |  Times of Malta
Roberta Metsola has temporarily taken on the responsibilities of the president of the EU Parliament following the death of David Sassoli. Metsola, the highest-ranking vice-president, will serve until the election of the next president, scheduled for next Tuesday. Sassoli had been ill and was hospitalized in December. Metsola is the EPP's candidate for the presidency and could become the highest-ranking Maltese politician if elected. Tributes to Sassoli, who was a journalist before joining politics, have been led by Ursula von der Leyen, among others. The EU flags were lowered to half-mast, and a minute's silence was held at the EU Parliament.

Paceville buzzed with business on New Year’s Eve

03 Jan 2022  |  Times of Malta
Paceville in Malta experienced a bustling New Year's Eve with many people, including tourists, celebrating despite restrictions and a significant number of quarantined individuals. Businesses did better than on Christmas Eve, with takeouts and deliveries mitigating the impact of cancelled restaurant bookings. Philip Fenech, chairman of the Town Centre Management of Paceville, noted that the summer had brought encouraging business, but a recent surge in COVID-19 cases led to cancellations. He anticipates a challenging January and February for the entertainment industry due to reduced flights and ongoing pandemic concerns.

Mount Carmel drove me to contemplate suicide again

28 Dec 2021  |  Times of Malta
Actor and comedian Toni Busuttil recounted his traumatic experience at Mount Carmel Hospital, which he described as horrific and nearly drove him to suicide. He contrasted the poor conditions and lack of proper care at Mount Carmel with the more positive experience at Mater Dei Hospital. Busuttil, who has publicly shared his struggles with depression, credited the Richmond Foundation for their professional help. The Maltese Association of Psychiatry has called for improved mental health services, and the government plans to build a new facility by 2025.

An interview with Secretary-General of the Synod of Bishops, Cardinal Mario Grech at the Vatican in Rome.

An exclusive one-on-one interview with former Maltese Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat following his resignation from the Maltese parliament in October 2020.

A one-on-one interview with Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in Malta.

Live link for Euronews Tonight on 29th July 2021, a few hours after a public inquiry concluded that the former Maltese Prime Minister and his cabinet were responsible for the assassination of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.


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