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Fusion-- Mexican taco stand switches to Haitian food to give stranded immigrants a taste of home TIJUANA, Mexico — A local food stand in downtown Tijuana formerly known for its quesadillas and delicious ranchero-style steaks has recently switched to an all Haitian-fare menu to give the growing group of stranded Caribbean immigrants a taste of home in Mexico.


Al Jazeera- Peña Nieto's Meeting with Trump Sparks Outcry Mexico City - Maria Eugenia Arguello, 52, summarises in three words what Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico makes her feel: "Indignation, shame and anger. "How can the president invite someone to our country who has offended us, who has humiliated us, who has treated us badly as Mexicans?"


Meet Balam Ajpu, A Mayan Hiphop Trio that Indigenous Art Transcends Folklore Talking with members of Guatemalan hip-hop group Balam Ajpu is a rapid-fire lesson in Mayan linguistics and culture. I recently sat down with members Tzutu Baktun Kan and M.C.H.E. in Mexico City; they were unwinding at a friend’s apartment after playing a handful of shows in and around the capital.


Mongabay- Mining in Mexico Passed in 2014, sweeping energy reforms have opened up huge swaths of the national territory to energy prospecting. There are 888 currently active mining projects, making Mexico’s mining industry the fourth largest in the world.


There's a Big Increase in Cubans Heading Through Mexico to the US VICE News November 2015 I reported from Tapachula, Chiapas on the hundreds of Cubans who had arrived on the Guatemala-Mexico border and their journey to reach the United States. Since the U.S. and Cuba re-opened diplomatic relations, thousands of Cubans have tried to reach the U.S. by land from Mexico.

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