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Manchester, United Kingdom
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About Marthe
Marthe de Ferrer is a journalist based in Manchester, United Kingdom.
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Labour plans to use AI to tackle school absence

07 Apr 2024  |  news.nestia.com
The Labour Party intends to prioritize improving school attendance if it wins the next election, with Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson announcing measures including the use of artificial intelligence to identify patterns in student absences. The announcement comes as the government plans to expand its attendance-hub scheme to aid an additional thousand schools in England. Labour's proposal has the support of Sir Kevan Collins, former education catch-up tsar.

Student maintenance loans almost entirely used up by rent, report warns

04 Apr 2024  |  news.nestia.com
University students in England are facing a financial crisis as accommodation costs consume nearly all of the average maintenance loan, leaving little for other essentials. Unipol, a student housing charity, and the Higher Education Policy Institute reported a 14.6% increase in student rent over the past two years, while maintenance loans only rose by 5.2%. The Department for Education urges students to seek help from their universities. Unipol and Hepi call for reforming the student finance system, suggesting maintenance loans be rebranded as 'contributions to living costs' and highlighting the need for parental contributions. The National Union of Students advocates for loans to align with inflation, noting the impact on students from poorer backgrounds. Personal accounts from students Julia Żelazo and Kayleigh Atkins illustrate the struggle to afford basic living expenses and academic resources.

Ofsted visit contributed to Ruth Perry death, coroner rules

07 Dec 2023  |  www.homeofscience.net
An inquest ruled that an Ofsted inspection contributed to the death of head teacher Ruth Perry, who took her own life while awaiting the report's publication. The inspection was criticized for lacking fairness and being intimidating. The coroner's verdict highlighted the negative impact of the inspection system on school leaders. Ruth Perry's family and education officials called for urgent reforms to prevent similar tragedies. The Education Secretary and Ofsted acknowledged the need for changes, while the coroner issued a prevention of future death notice to address the systemic issues.

Low confidence and periods stop girls liking PE, Youth Sport Trust survey suggests

11 Oct 2023  |  BBC
A Youth Sport Trust survey indicates a widening gap in enjoyment of PE lessons between boys and girls in England, with 59% of girls liking PE compared to 84% of boys. The survey, which interviewed nearly 25,000 children, found that periods and low confidence were key reasons for girls' reluctance. The government plans to improve girls' access to sport, with over £600m in funding. The Youth Sport Trust calls for more action to engage young women in sport, emphasizing the importance of PE for girls' social and emotional wellbeing. Olympic medalist Holly Bradshaw and academic Dr. Jackie Day-Garner suggest role models and active mothers can help increase girls' sports engagement.

Labour proposes free breakfast clubs to tackle persistent school absence

03 Oct 2023  |  BBC
Labour's proposed measures to improve school attendance in England include free breakfast clubs for primary schools, better mental health support, and increased funding for early speech and language interventions. Shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson emphasized the importance of school attendance for children's life chances and called for a partnership between parents, schools, and the government. The plans also involve creating a national register for home-schooled pupils, using Ofsted to review attendance data, and employing AI to spot trends in absence. Sir Kevan Collins, the former school catch-up tsar, supports the proposals, highlighting the ongoing impact of the pandemic on school absence and educational attainment.

Drop in what number of women like PE, survey suggests

02 Oct 2023  |  mynews24x7.in
A Youth Sport Trust survey reveals a significant drop in the number of secondary school girls who enjoy PE, from 74% in 2016 to 59% currently, while boys' enjoyment remains stable at 84%. The Department for Education aims to enhance girls' access to sport by encouraging schools to offer at least two hours of physical education weekly. Common reasons for girls' disinterest include periods and low confidence. The charity calls for urgent action to improve girls' future activity levels, with Olympic athlete Holly Bradshaw suggesting more diverse PE kit options to boost participation.

Is eco anxiety affecting you on World Mental Health Day? How to turn despair into action

Cambridge University students 'in limbo' over marking row

14 Jun 2023  |  BBC
Cambridge University students face uncertainty due to a marking boycott by the University and College Union (UCU), affecting 145 UK institutions. Students like Michelle Crees and Bella Cross express concerns about their future academic and employment prospects. The University and Colleges Employers' Association (UCEA) proposed a pay deal, which was rejected by UCU members, leading to stalled negotiations. Both the university and UCU call for resumed talks to resolve the dispute, emphasizing the stress and anxiety experienced by students and staff.

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022

03 Jan 2023  |  euronews
The article highlights various positive environmental stories from 2022, showcasing efforts in conservation, climate action, renewable energy, biodiversity, and sustainability. It covers a range of topics, including potential referendums on nature rights, renewable energy schemes, bans on wasteful packaging, and breakthroughs in climate action. The piece emphasizes the importance of hope and optimism in the media's role in combating climate doom and eco-anxiety.

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022

03 Jan 2023  |  www.euronews.com
The article compiles various positive environmental stories from 2022, highlighting significant achievements and initiatives in environmental conservation, climate change mitigation, and sustainability. Key developments include Ireland's potential referendum on giving nature rights, Belgium's innovative use of human hair to clean waterways, the EU's approval of a €28 billion German renewable energy scheme, and the historic biodiversity deal at COP15. Companies like Notpla and McDonald's are praised for their sustainable packaging innovations, while organizations such as the EU, UN, and various NGOs are recognized for their impactful environmental policies and actions. The article also celebrates individual contributions, such as Christiana Figueres' optimistic approach to eco-anxiety and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's pledge to end deforestation in the Amazon.

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022

03 Jan 2023  |  euronews.com
The article highlights a series of positive environmental developments from 2022, including potential referendums on nature rights, significant renewable energy initiatives, advancements in sustainable technology, and successful conservation efforts. It emphasizes the importance of hope and action in combating eco-anxiety and climate doom, showcasing various global and local projects that contribute to environmental protection and sustainability.

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022

03 Jan 2023  |  euronews.com
The article compiles positive environmental stories from 2022, highlighting various initiatives and developments across the globe. It includes Ireland's potential referendum on nature's rights, Belgium's use of human hair to clean waterways, the EU's approval of a German renewable energy scheme, and the EU's potential ban on single-use plastics. Other stories feature the growth of EU solar power, a historic UN biodiversity deal, Oxford University's research on renewable energy transition savings, a start-up's seaweed-based plastic alternative, and the UK's first carbon capture plant. The article emphasizes the importance of hope and action in combating eco-anxiety and climate doom.

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022

03 Jan 2023  |  euronews.com
The article highlights various positive environmental stories from 2022, including potential referendums on nature rights in Ireland, the use of human hair to clean waterways in Belgium, a significant German renewable energy scheme, and the EU's fight against single-use plastics. It also covers the growth of renewable energy, particularly solar power in Europe, and significant international agreements made for biodiversity and climate action. Innovations such as a seaweed-based plastic alternative and a sea salt battery are discussed, along with the role of environmental educators and organizations in combating eco-anxiety and promoting sustainability.

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022

03 Jan 2023  |  www.euronews.com
The article highlights a series of positive environmental developments from 2022, including Ireland's potential referendum on nature's rights, a Belgian NGO using human hair to clean waterways, the EU's approval of a €28 billion German renewable energy scheme, and the EU's potential ban on single-use hotel toiletries. It also covers the EU's solar power increase, a historic UN biodiversity deal, Oxford University's research on savings from renewable energy transition, Notpla's seaweed-based plastic alternative, and various other environmental success stories.

Digital detox: I went on an off-grid sailing trip to fix my toxic relationship with technology

24 Oct 2022  |  www.euronews.com
The author recounts their experience of a 10-day off-grid sailing trip on the Snark, aimed at disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with oneself and the surroundings. Despite initial apprehensions, the trip allowed the author to significantly reduce screen time, read extensively, and develop healthier habits. Although not entirely successful in adhering to their digital detox rules, the experience led to a lasting positive impact on their relationship with technology.

Could the dwarf lemur be the key to the secret of human hibernation?

20 Jun 2022  |  fr.euronews.com
The dwarf lemur, the only known primate to hibernate, successfully entered hibernation in captivity at the Duke Lemur Center in North Carolina. This breakthrough could have significant implications for human medical research, particularly in understanding metabolic disorders and potential applications in trauma recovery and space travel. The study, led by Marina Blanco, involved replicating the lemurs' natural conditions, resulting in successful hibernation similar to their wild counterparts in Madagascar. The research highlights the unique hibernation patterns of dwarf lemurs and their potential to inform human hibernation studies.

"Frankenchickens": the "nightmarish" reality of chicken farming in the UK

15 Jun 2022  |  fr.euronews.com
Animal rights activists criticize Morrisons for selling genetically modified chickens, termed 'Frankenchickens,' which grow 400% faster than normal, causing severe animal suffering. Open Cages and The Humane League lead campaigns against this practice, highlighting legal violations and inadequate enforcement by UK authorities. The article discusses the broader issue of fast-growing chickens in the EU and suggests consumer actions to avoid supporting such cruelty. Major brands like KFC, Nando's, Waitrose, and Marks & Spencer are noted for adhering to better welfare standards.

Frankenchickens: The ‘nightmarish’ reality of how chickens are farmed in the UK

Pueblos Mágicos: What are Mexico's 132 magical towns and are they worth visiting?

20 Apr 2022  |  euronews.com
Mexico's Pueblos Mágicos program designates towns with unique charm and cultural significance as 'magical towns' to promote tourism and preserve heritage. With 132 towns across all 31 states, the program has criteria for selection and maintenance of status. While the program has helped redistribute tourists and preserve historical sites, research indicates mixed economic benefits for local residents and risks of inauthenticity. The author's visit to Izamal, one of the Pueblos Mágicos, revealed a town with a strong sense of history and tradition, countering fears of artificiality. Experts suggest that with proper oversight, the program could offer more substantial benefits to residents.

Global warming must be limited to 1.5°C to avoid ‘climate disaster’ warns the latest IPCC report

04 Apr 2022  |  euronews.com
The UN's IPCC report emphasizes the urgency of halving emissions by 2030 to limit global warming to 1.5°C, in line with the Paris Agreement goals. Current pathways predict a rise to over 3°C by 2030, but the report suggests that immediate and substantial action can still secure a liveable future. The cost of renewable energy has decreased significantly, and there is a focus on legislation to combat deforestation and improve energy efficiency. Despite COP26 commitments, emissions are projected to rise, prompting criticism from UN Secretary-General António Guterres and others. The report offers solutions across industries, including carbon capture and storage, and highlights the potential for innovation in construction and the need for financial investment. It also notes that mitigating global warming can lead to a fairer, more sustainable world with improved public health.

Flight free travel: The best English country hotels that are just a train ride away

24 Mar 2022  |  euronews
The article highlights a selection of English country hotels accessible by train, catering to various interests such as Shakespeare, romance, wellness, swimming, and coastal retreats. Featured hotels include The Arden Hotel in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Linthwaite House near Lake Windemere, Seaham Hall in County Durham, New Bath Hotel in Matlock Bath, and Talland Bay Hotel in Cornwall. The piece emphasizes the hotels' unique features, from historical connections to luxury amenities and scenic locations.

I borrowed a Tesla for a month and it changed my mind about electric cars

17 Mar 2022  |  euronews
The author, an experienced driver, borrowed three electric cars for a month each through Onto's all-inclusive subscription service, testing a Renault Zoe GT, a Volkswagen ID3, and a Tesla Model 3. Despite being accustomed to charging a hybrid vehicle, the author found the transition to fully electric cars to be a significant lifestyle change, particularly in terms of planning for charging needs. The Renault Zoe was suitable as a city car, the Volkswagen ID3 impressed with its handling and advanced driver-assistance system, while the Tesla Model 3 was a disappointment, feeling unsafe and uncomfortable. The experience highlighted the importance of thoroughly testing electric vehicles before committing to a purchase.

Mexico is restriction-free for tourists: Here's why you should visit the Yucatán Peninsula

07 Mar 2022  |  www.euronews.com
Mexico, the seventh-most visited country, offers relaxed travel restrictions and rigorous hygiene practices. The Yucatán Peninsula, rich in Maya culture, provides diverse experiences from walking tours in Mérida to visiting Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza, Mayapan, and Uxmal. The region is also known for its cenotes, with over 6,000 natural sinkholes, and beautiful beaches. Mérida is ranked as the second safest city in North America. Yucatán's cuisine, especially pork dishes like cochinita pibil, is highlighted, though there are options for all dietary preferences. The area's variety caters to all types of travelers, making it an ideal destination for a first-time visit to Mexico.

The countries and organisations helping Ukraine’s pet refugees find a safe haven

03 Mar 2022  |  www.euronews.com
More than one million people have fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, with many bringing their pets. European countries like Romania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, and Poland have relaxed restrictions to allow refugees to bring their pets. Organizations such as Animals Syria - CatConnect, Humane Society International, PETA, and Sava’s Safe Haven are providing support, including food, blankets, and assistance with pet documentation. The European Commission has advised EU Member States to ease veterinary paperwork requirements, though this has not been uniformly adopted. These efforts aim to alleviate the trauma for refugees by ensuring they can keep their pets safe.

Russia closes airspace to planes from several EU countries

27 Feb 2022  |  euronews.com
Russia has banned flights from airlines in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Slovenia from entering its airspace in retaliation for similar sanctions imposed by these countries due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This follows earlier bans on flights from Bulgaria, Poland, and the Czech Republic, as well as a ban on UK flights. Russian airlines will continue to fly to Kaliningrad, bypassing Lithuania by flying over international waters. Germany is also considering closing its airspace to Russian planes, and Austrian Airlines has cancelled flights to Russia and will avoid Russian airspace for at least seven days.

A trip that will stay with me forever: Why you need to visit Greenland in 2022

03 Feb 2022  |  www.euronews.com
Greenland offers unique travel experiences, from adventurous activities like kayaking through fjords and dog-sledding across ice, to witnessing the northern lights while camping on the Greenlandic ice cap. The article emphasizes the importance of Greenland's ice sheet in the context of climate change, highlighting the rapid melting and its global implications. It also delves into the rich Inuit culture and Viking history, particularly the story of Erik the Red. Travel to Greenland is best achieved via flights from Iceland or Denmark, with no direct international ferry connections available.

Take a look inside China's first vertical forest - home to 500 people and 5,000 trees

01 Feb 2022  |  euronews.com
China's first 'Vertical Forest City' in Huanggang, designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, has been completed, housing 500 people and over 5,000 trees and shrubs. The project spans 4.54 hectares with residential and commercial towers, and is expected to absorb 20 tonnes of CO2 annually while emitting 10 tonnes of oxygen. Boeri's design integrates natural and built environments, using native, non-invasive species. Another project, the Liuzhou Forest City, is underway in Guangxi to house 30,000 people and combat air pollution with extensive plant life.

TUI settles lawsuit with Tunisia terror attack survivors and victims' families

06 Jan 2022  |  www.euronews.com
Tour operator TUI has settled a lawsuit with survivors and victims' families of the 2015 Tunisia terror attack, which resulted in 38 deaths. The settlement was reached without admission of liability or fault by TUI. The attack, claimed by the Islamic State, is the deadliest non-state attack in modern Tunisia's history. The incident had a significant impact on Tunisia's tourism, causing a major drop in tourists and earnings, although the industry had recovered by 2018. The COVID-19 pandemic has since had a more severe impact on the country's travel sector.

Santa Paws is coming: Sustainable presents for pets

17 Dec 2021  |  www.euronews.com
The article discusses sustainable gift options for pets, emphasizing eco-friendly and durable products. It highlights various brands like Animal Instincts, House of Klaus, Snooty Catz, and Lady and the Hound, praising their products for being environmentally conscious and high-quality. The article also mentions the importance of monitoring pets during the festive season to prevent them from ingesting harmful items.

This year, why not buy a pencil that grows into a Christmas tree?

01 Dec 2021  |  euronews.com
A Danish start-up, Sprout, has created the world's only plantable pencils, which can grow into trees, including Christmas trees. Made from sustainably harvested wood and non-toxic graphite, these pencils contain a seed capsule at the end. Once the pencil is too short to use, it can be planted. Sprout has sold over 30 million pencils in more than 80 countries since its inception in 2013, contributing to the fight against climate change by reducing the number of trees cut down for pencil production.

Faces of COP26: Meet the Brazilian activist fighting for forests

05 Nov 2021  |  www.euronews.com
Gaby Baesse, the Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean for Youth4Nature, discusses their lifelong commitment to environmental activism, influenced by their parents. At COP26, Baesse emphasizes the importance of youth involvement and diversity in addressing climate change and biodiversity crises. They express skepticism about the Brazilian government's commitment to deforestation pledges, urging world leaders to take concrete actions rather than making empty promises.

Faces of COP26: Meet the Kenyan climate advocate urging the Global North to step up

03 Nov 2021  |  euronews.com
Kaluki Paul Mutuku, the African Regional Director at Youth4Nature, is at COP26 in Glasgow to demand youth inclusion in climate negotiations, emphasizing the importance of nature in combating climate change and biodiversity loss. He reacts positively to the deforestation pledge but questions the practical implementation of such commitments. Mutuku stresses the significance of youth voices in the climate movement and outlines his vision for a successful COP26, which includes translating commitments into action, prioritizing marginalized communities, and increasing climate financing from the Global North.

Colombia commits to protecting 30% of its land by 2022 - 8 years ahead of schedule

02 Nov 2021  |  www.euronews.com
Colombia has committed to declaring 30% of its territory as protected land by 2022, significantly ahead of its original 2030 target. President Duque emphasized the importance of this move for reducing emissions and achieving carbon neutrality. The announcement, made during COP26, aligns with global efforts to end deforestation by 2030. The initiative is backed by green finance, with significant support from international financial institutions. Experts highlight the dual benefits of carbon sequestration and water supply protection, while stressing the need to address financial incentives for deforestation.

COP26 pledge to end deforestation by 2030: Landmark deal or rerun of past failures?

02 Nov 2021  |  www.euronews.com
More than 100 world leaders are set to sign a landmark pledge at COP26 to end deforestation by 2030, representing over 85% of the planet's forests. The pledge, supported by €16.5 billion in public and private funding, aims to halt and reverse deforestation and land degradation. Key supporters include the UK, Norway, and financial institutions like Aviva, Schroders, and Axa. Critics, however, highlight the need for strong, binding legislation to ensure accountability. The agreement emphasizes the importance of preserving existing forests to combat climate change and support the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people dependent on forests.

What is greenwashing and why is it a problem?

09 Sep 2020  |  euronews
The article discusses the increasing trend of companies using 'sustainable' marketing to boost their image and profits, a practice known as greenwashing. It highlights how businesses, including mega corporations and politicians, use green credentials to cover up poor environmental records or as a marketing strategy without real accountability. The article mentions the origins of greenwashing and provides examples such as H&M's 'Conscious' collection and Package Free's questionable claims. It also points out the financial incentive companies have to appear socially conscious, especially to attract Gen Z consumers. The article acknowledges the challenges consumers face in verifying green claims but suggests online tools and search engines that can help. It concludes by mentioning brands like Bramley and Roar Gill, which are genuinely committed to sustainability, emphasizing the importance of consumer pressure in promoting transparency and authentic green practices.

As Boohoo faces an investigation into its factories, we consider the alternatives to fast fashion.

09 Jul 2020  |  euronews
Boohoo, a UK-based fast fashion retailer, is under investigation following a report by The Sunday Times that revealed workers in Leicester factories were paid below minimum wage and worked in unsafe conditions. The company's market value has dropped significantly since the exposé, leading to severed ties with online retailers such as Next, Asos, and Zalando. Boohoo has initiated an independent review of its supply chain and committed £10 million to address malpractice. The article also discusses the broader environmental impact of the fast fashion industry and highlights Project Cece, a sustainable clothing platform, as an emerging ethical alternative to fast fashion.

New relationships are meant to be about hot dates, sex, and (maybe) meeting the family – but amid social distancing, blossoming romances are having to find other ways to thrive

19 Mar 2020  |  www.dazeddigital.com
The article by Marthe de Ferrer discusses how new relationships are adapting to the challenges posed by social distancing and quarantine measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional dating activities are being replaced with virtual interactions and conversations heavily centered around the virus. Couples are finding creative ways to maintain their connection, such as using Netflix Party or Houseparty to share experiences. The article shares anecdotes from individuals in new relationships, detailing how they are coping with the lack of physical presence and the increased emphasis on communication. Despite the difficulties, there is a sense of resilience and a belief that if a relationship can survive these trying times, it has a promising future.


01 Jul 2019  |  Marthe de Ferrer
The journalist's portfolio is diverse, encompassing a range of topics including the environment, education, sports, and theatre. The portfolio includes trending news, in-depth features, and opinion pieces. However, the journalist notes that the portfolio section is not regularly updated and directs readers to their MuckRack profile for more recent work. The article also suggests that the journalist is involved in various types of journalism, including current affairs, arts and books, sports coverage, and theatre reviews.

£100m for Cambridge? Give it to universities that need the money | Marthe de Ferrer

06 Feb 2019  |  www.theguardian.com
The article discusses the implications of a £100m donation by billionaire financier David Harding to the University of Cambridge, questioning the necessity and impact of such a large gift to an already wealthy institution. The author, a Cambridge graduate, acknowledges the financial support Cambridge offers to its students but points out that the donation exacerbates the financial divide between Oxbridge and other UK universities. The article contrasts Harding's donation with American philanthropic culture and cites Malcolm Gladwell's criticism of giving to wealthy institutions. It highlights the financial struggles of other institutions like Birkbeck College, which could have used such a donation to significantly enhance educational opportunities for disadvantaged students. The author argues for a more socially responsible approach to philanthropy that considers the needs of the wider higher education sector rather than deepening existing divisions.

Military Mom Pumps Breast Milk While Running Ironman Triathlon

08 Nov 2018  |  New York Post
Jaime Sloan, an Air Force servicewoman and mother of two, made headlines by using a breast pump while competing in an Ironman triathlon in Tempe, Arizona. Sloan, who had given birth seven months prior, decided to pump during the 70.3-mile race to avoid stopping and potentially missing out on a personal best time. Despite concerns about nudity and the logistical challenge of pumping mid-race, Sloan received positive reactions from spectators and fellow competitors. She managed to beat her previous best time by nearly 30 minutes. Sloan emphasized the importance of staying active postpartum and setting an example for her children. She also discussed the challenges of balancing training with her military career and motherhood, crediting her husband and the support from their military units for making it possible.

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