Martin Roberts

Martin Roberts

Madrid, Spain

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Martin Roberts

Former Reuters multimedia reporter now freelancing in Spain for international media after being based in Mexico, Brazil, USA, Canada, Portugal and UK. Has grilled both Fidel Castro and George W. Bush at news conferences, covered everything from World Cup finals to plane crashes, and from interviewing the Dalai Lama to writing in-depth reports for Sunday newspapers.



Front-page story on The Times about the killing of an elderly British couple in Spain.


Me analysing the Scottish referendum for Spanish state television's prime-time news-in-depth programme.



  • British residents in Spain demand they keep EU residency rights post-Brexit

    Madrid, Spain Politics March 31 @ 12:00am

    Most British residents in Europe live in Spain, they have made their lives here, like millions of EU citizens in Britain, and are demanding to preserve full EU citizenship rights, whatever happens in Brexit talks. There is still time for these rights to be safeguarded before Article 50 is triggered.... Read more

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