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Prague, Czech Republic

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Martin Trabalík

Martin Trabalik is a Czech photographer and videographer based in Prague. In his work, he is focused on social and humanitarian issues. He studied Humanities at Charles University in Prague, but soon left to Japan, where he studied Japanese culture, Martial Arts and Physical Education. After his return to Prague, he worked for Czech NGO Nautis. In January 2016 he left to volunteer in European Refugee Crisis on the island of Lesbos. He spent half a year in Greece and Balkans, becoming interested in photography in the process. Since then he has worked on several projects, traveling to Spain, Armenia, Poland and recently Bangladesh. Martin frequently works with reporter Ariadna Garcia Chas with whom they form documentary duo Drowned in Venice.


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Approximately 1000 Rohingya refugees landing on the Shah Porir Dwib island 26th of September 2017.


A video reportage covering logging in Belovezia which is the last remaining part of primeval forest, that once covered whole European plain.

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