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Maryam Shahi

Kabul, Afghanistan
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About Maryam
maryam shahi is a journalist based in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Persian (Farsi)
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Feature Stories Corporate Content
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High-Hole-Mobility Fiber Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Next-Generation Adaptive Neuromorphic Bio-Hybrid Technologies

21 Jul 2024  |  Wiley Online Library
The text is a comprehensive list of references related to high-hole-mobility fiber organic electrochemical transistors, focusing on their applications in next-generation adaptive neuromorphic bio-hybrid technologies. It includes citations from various scientific journals and articles, highlighting significant research and advancements in the field.

Functionalized anthrathienothiophenes: synthesis, properties, and integration into OFETs

03 Jul 2024  |  pubs.rsc.org
The article discusses the synthesis, properties, and integration of functionalized anthrathienothiophenes into organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). It provides detailed insights into the chemical processes and characteristics of these compounds, highlighting their potential applications in electronic devices.

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Leila, the Kabul restaurateur who brings addicts back to life

27 Jan 2017  |  parsi.euronews.com
Addiction in Afghanistan is on the rise, considered a social crisis with approximately three million drug addicts. The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Counter Narcotics are key governmental bodies fighting addiction. Leila Heidary, a Kabul restaurateur, independently runs Mother Camp, a rehabilitation center funded by her restaurant's income. She provides a new life for marginalized men, including Mohammad Nasim Alizadeh, who overcame addiction and now manages the camp. Despite Mother Camp's success, it alone cannot address the increasing trend of addiction in Afghanistan.

How do girls from Iran live in Afghanistan?

23 Nov 2016  |  euronews
Iranian-educated women, referred to as 'girls from Iran' by Afghan citizens, have been living and working in various middle-class jobs in Kabul for years, yet their lifestyle and social interactions remain a subject of scrutiny by Afghan citizens. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has sent 1,500 specialists to Afghanistan since 2001, including about 300 women, most of whom are university graduates from Iran. These women have faced challenges in finding housing and acceptance in a multi-ethnic society recovering from civil wars. Some have broken social taboos, such as Khadijeh Moradi, who asked students to write their mother's name on exam papers, and Kobra Khademi, who protested street harassment by wearing armor. Despite the challenges, these women have made significant contributions to Afghan society, teaching, engaging in civil activities, and working in the media.

Continued Bloody Protests in Kabul

23 Jul 2016  |  euronews
Following two suicide bombings among protesters in Kabul's Dehmazang area, demonstrators returned to the site to mourn the victims and continue their peaceful protests, demanding the implementation of Afghanistan's electricity master plan. The plan involves routing a 500 kV power line through Bamiyan-Maidan Wardak to secure the power network, which the government intends to divert through Salang. Over 80 people have been killed and more than 230 injured. The Taliban condemned the attack, while ISIS claimed responsibility. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has declared a day of mourning and commissioned an investigation. Witnesses hold the president responsible, alleging security forces withdrew just before the attack. The government's proposal is criticized for lacking an executive guarantee, and the protests, part of the 'Enlightenment Movement,' are expected to continue both inside and outside Afghanistan.

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