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Masenjka Bacic

Split, Croatia
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About Masenjka
Masenjka Bacic is a journalist based in Split, Croatia.
She is graduated in sociology and to be graduated in comparative literature and Spanish language. She is working as journalist since 2007. when started by working for local daily newspaper Solobodna Dalmacija and continued as free-lance journalist working and publishing for different medias such as web portal H-Alter, e-novine, tacno.net, public radio HR 3. 
She is covering different topics (culture, society, dealing with a past,...).
In 2016 she won second prize of Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence for investigation on conservative organisations and their impact on right to abortion in Croatia. The article was published in many European countries and respectful media such as The Guardian.
Bosnian English Spanish
News Gathering Feature Stories Investigative Journalism
Fact Checking

Croatia's Abortion Battle: The Deceptive Tactics of Anti-Abortion Campaigns

05 Apr 2023  |  www.theguardian.com
The article discusses the deceptive practices of anti-abortion campaigns in Croatia, particularly focusing on a website that masquerades as an abortion clinic information source but actually aims to dissuade women from terminating pregnancies. It highlights the challenges faced by Croatian women in accessing legal abortions due to a large number of doctors refusing to perform the procedure on religious grounds, and the rise of 'hidden abortions' in private clinics. The article also touches on the influence of Catholic-run shelters like the Bethlehem Centre for Unborn Life, which offer support to pregnant women in exchange for not terminating their pregnancies. The growing movement to end abortion in Croatia is linked to the country's Catholic identity and conservative government. The article raises concerns about the blurring of lines between state and religious principles and the potential impact on women's rights and choices.

Dubrovnik Residents Fight for Their City Amidst Tourist Boom

05 Apr 2023  |  euronews
The article discusses the impact of tourism on Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the influx of visitors, particularly from cruise ships, has significantly outnumbered the local population. The city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has seen a rise in tourism partly due to its feature in the TV show Game of Thrones. While tourism brings economic benefits, it also causes issues such as overcrowding, loss of local shops, and challenges to the city's infrastructure. The local government, led by Mayor Mato Franković, is taking measures to limit tourist numbers. Residents like Marija Grazio and journalist Mirjana Puhjera express concerns about the city's livability and the encroachment of commercial interests on public spaces. The article also touches on the high property prices, the seasonal nature of the economy, and the desire of locals to reclaim their city.

War criminal in the Hague but still a war hero in Croatia

01 Dec 2017  |  www.euronews.com
The article discusses the polarized reactions in Croatia following the suicide of convicted war criminal Slobodan Praljak after his guilty verdict at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. While some Croatian politicians and media outlets hailed Praljak as a hero, others, like opposition figures Goran Beus Richembergh and Vesna Pusic, faced threats for questioning this narrative. The Croatian government and president criticized the tribunal's verdict, calling it a moral injustice. The article highlights the broader political and media landscape in Croatia, where right-wing sentiments and patriotic sympathies influence public discourse.

He found work via a TV show and a former army leader, now he wants to help other immigrants do the same.

03 Nov 2017  |  euronews
The article focuses on the story of Prince Wale Soniyiki, a Nigerian immigrant and one of the first to gain asylum in Croatia, who has recently opened the African Cuisine & Bar in Zagreb. The restaurant is unique for its African theme and is part of Prince's efforts to provide employment opportunities to other immigrants. The article discusses the challenges faced by asylum seekers in Croatia, including finding employment and accommodation, and the limited support provided by the state in terms of language education. It also highlights the experiences of other immigrants, such as Weithi Bongo, who found work as a truck driver after a training course from the Red Cross. The article touches on the broader context of asylum in Croatia, noting the low number of approved applications and the concerns raised by Human Rights Watch regarding the treatment of asylum seekers by the police.

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