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Tunis, Tunisia

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Massinissa Benlakehal

Currently available for stories and interviews from Tunisia, following nationwide protests happening now around the country.

Freelancer after several years of staffing with newsrooms in Algeria, I'm currently fully available for news-gathering, photo-shooting, well equipped for the job. I mostly work on the NorthAfrican area, including both Algeria's capital and Tunisia's. Available for immediate covering of the region's regional and international issues: politics, society, conflicts and local development-related news/issues in the turbulent area of Sahel.

Beyond the focus on news-delivery purpose, I love digging on, research and grub up till the real story shows up.


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Algeria's latest change is a two-sided story


New Round of Protests Hits Algerian Universities


In Algerian desert, death ends migrants' hopes of a better life


Terrorism fears derail Algeria's burgeoning tourist industry


Algerians remember their own Hebdo outrage


Desert Foxes offer distraction but also disclosure


Algeria opposition unbowed after government blocks meet


Clashes in Algeria's Ghardaia signal lasting conflict


Algeria: Shale gas protesters defy Algiers' iron grip


Algerian support for joint Arab military would be 'limited'


Algeria Moves against Local ISIS-Loyal Fighters


New Challenges Emerge in Tunisia’s Fight against Terrorism:


Tunisian Soldier Kills Comrade Raising Terror Concern: Seven servicemen have been killed in Tunisia in what appears to have been an insider attack by a fellow soldier, last May 2015.


Renewed tensions grip Algeria's Ghardaia: Renewed clashes between Mozabite Berbers and Chaamba Arabs in Ghardaia province, 600km south of Algeria's capital Algiers, have killed more than 20 people and wounded 300 others.


No power struggle' over Algeria's presidency, says analyst:


Algeria: Retirement of the World’s Longest Serving Intelligence Chief



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