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Matthew Bradfield

I am a freelance writer based in Norwich, UK. I have 15+ years experience of writing and editing content for large websites, primarily Microsoft where I worked for 10 years producing content across a range of products and services. I have recently moved to Norwich and now split my time between remote news shifts for a number of clients and writing on a range of subjects. I cover local issues, music reviews, technology and current affairs and can also turn my hand to lifestyle/magazine features.



Low-cost flights have opened up the world to backpackers, businessmen and family holiday makers alike. But as our tastes in travel destinations become more exotic, we’ve come to accept as normal the less palatable elements of actually getting there – think dawn dashes to the airport, followed by huge queues at security, before squeezing on to planes where the seats seem to get smaller every time you fly. Daydreams at 30,000 feet that see you arriving in style on a private jet are common. The good news is those dreams are moving ever closer to reality.


With three Michelin stars under his belt, the last place you’d expect to find top chef Massimo Bottura hard at work is in a soup kitchen. But then this is no ordinary soup kitchen.

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