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Beirut, Lebanon
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About Matthew
Matthew Kynaston is a journalist / photojournalist based in Beirut, Lebanon.
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Lebanon's mine clearers risk death to heal the legacy of civil war

26 Apr 2024  |  The National
Lebanon's mine-clearers, led by organizations like DanChurch Aid and the Lebanese Mine Action Centre, face significant risks as they work to clear landmines and unexploded ordnance from decades of conflict. The ongoing Hezbollah-Israel conflict and funding cuts threaten the progress of this vital work. Despite the challenges, the deminers remain committed to making Lebanon safe, with efforts hampered by recent cross-border fighting and the use of white phosphorus by Israel.

Lebanon's fishermen face crisis as stocks dwindle and demand runs dry

04 Apr 2024  |  thenationalnews.com
In Lebanon, the traditional fishing industry in the town of Byblos is facing an existential crisis. Fishermen like cousins Philippe and Ziad Kordahi are struggling with the economic downturn, the devaluation of the Lebanese Lira, and the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns on their primary customers, the restaurants. The cost of fishing supplies has skyrocketed, and fish stocks are dwindling, partly due to harmful fishing practices by those desperate due to the financial crisis. Fishermen are forced to find additional work to support their families, as their income from fishing is no longer sufficient. The article highlights the broader environmental and economic challenges facing the Lebanese fishing community, including destructive fishing practices and the privatisation of the coastline, as explained by Ziad Samaha from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Olympic Dreams: Aziza Sbaity, the fastest woman in Lebanon, sets her sights on Tokyo

04 Apr 2024  |  thenationalnews.com
The article profiles Aziza Sbaity, the fastest woman in Lebanon, who is aiming to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Sbaity has set new personal records in the 200m and is in contention for Lebanon's 'universalist' place at the Olympics, a spot reserved for the best athlete not meeting the cut-off times. Despite facing challenges such as a hamstring syndrome and racial prejudice, Sbaity has persevered in her athletic career. She has broken multiple Lebanese records and is using her platform to speak out against racism in Lebanon. Sbaity's potential selection for the Olympics would make her the first black Lebanese athlete to represent the country at the Games.

Palestinian Paralympian trapped in Gaza says 'doing all we can to survive'

28 Mar 2024  |  The National
Two-time Paralympic medallist Husam Azzam and his family are trapped in northern Gaza amidst constant bombing, facing hunger and lack of supplies. Azzam, a five-time Paralympian, is Palestine's most successful athlete at the Paralympics. Over 32,400 Palestinians have been killed since the Israeli offensive began six months ago, following a Hamas-led attack. Azzam's family, including his handicapped children, struggle to access aid, with the UN's Integrated Food Security Phase Classification warning of catastrophic hunger levels in Gaza. UNRWA's aid efforts are hindered by Israeli restrictions and accusations against the agency, leading to funding cuts. Azzam has previously suffered personal tragedy in the 2008 Gaza war and is now focused on survival as his home is damaged from strikes.

Imran Khan ‘not allowed to leave his tiny prison cell’

07 Feb 2024  |  The National
Imran Khan, Pakistan's former prime minister, is enduring near-solitary confinement in prison, according to his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Convicted in four cases and disqualified from the upcoming national elections, Khan faces 34 years in jail. His marriage to Bushra Bibi in 2018 was deemed illegal by a district court. The UN has raised concerns over the treatment of PTI members. Khan's supporters view the sentencing as retribution for his criticism of Pakistan's military. Despite restrictions, Khan is reportedly staying strong. His political rivals, PML-N and PPP, are poised to regain control, with Nawaz Sharif expected to secure a fourth term as prime minister.

Lebanon's beleaguered revolutionaries march against Hariri's reappointment

23 Oct 2023  |  novaramedia.com
The article discusses the ongoing political struggle in Lebanon, focusing on the protests against the reappointment of Saad Hariri as prime minister. It highlights the symbolism of protesters being redirected through the Solidere district, a controversial redevelopment project by Saad's father, Rafic Hariri. The piece reflects on the achievements of the 'October revolution' and the challenges faced by progressive movements such as Li Haqqi and Citizens in a State Party. Despite structural barriers and political violence, these groups continue to push for a secular state and social justice. The article also touches on the lack of international media coverage and support for Lebanon's leftist groups, emphasizing their determination to persist in their activism.

Live updates: Follow the latest news on Israel-Gaza

18 Oct 2023  |  thenationalnews.com
Massive protests erupted in Beirut, Lebanon, against Israel following an air strike on Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza, which reportedly killed over 500 people. The Iran-backed Hezbollah group called for a 'day of unprecedented rage', leading to clashes with Lebanese armed forces at the US Embassy. Protests also took place in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Turkey, with demonstrators denouncing Israel's actions and expressing solidarity with Palestinians. Western nations, including Canada, France, and the US, issued travel alerts for Lebanon. The conflict between Israel and Hezbollah has escalated, with casualties on both sides. Palestinian officials blame Israel for the hospital strike, while Israel attributes it to a failed rocket launch by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

The Lords of Lebanon: How migrant workers reclaimed their cricket ground

19 Sep 2023  |  thenationalnews.com
The article tells the story of Fernando Sugath, a Sri Lankan migrant worker in Lebanon, who helped establish a community cricket ground in the Université Saint Joseph car park in Beirut. The ground became a hub for migrant workers to play cricket, but faced challenges including a raid by the Lebanese Army in 2005 and a legal threat in 2017. After years of struggle and with the intervention of the Jesuit Church, the ground was reopened. The recent tournament celebrated the return of cricket, with teams from various countries and support from cricketing legend Kumar Sangakkara. Despite economic crises and the pandemic, the community's spirit remains strong, with hopes for future tournaments and continued joy from the game.

Imran Khan vows to keep fighting for Pakistan

06 Jul 2023  |  thenationalnews.com
Imran Khan, Pakistan's former Prime Minister, is facing a multitude of legal charges which he claims are fabricated to undermine him and his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, before the upcoming elections in October. He suggests a conspiracy involving the military establishment, which holds significant power in Pakistan, to disqualify him. Khan has been vocal about the need for governance reform and has faced arrest and accusations of terrorism and other serious charges. The country is dealing with severe economic issues, including high inflation and debt, as well as the aftermath of catastrophic flooding. Khan calls for rule of law and investment to address these challenges, while also highlighting the threat of a military dictatorship versus the hope for a free and fair election.

Lebanese MPs say 50 nights sleeping in Parliament 'a fight for hope'

09 Mar 2023  |  thenationalnews.com
Lebanese MPs Najat Saliba and Melhem Khalaf, who were elected as Change MPs, have been sleeping in parliament for 50 nights to protest the political deadlock that has left Lebanon without a president for four months. Despite 11 failed attempts to elect a new president, they remain determined to continue their protest until a president is elected. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently endorsed Suleiman Frangieh for president, a stance also supported by the Amal Movement. However, Saliba and Khalaf do not support Frangieh, questioning his ability to address Lebanon's economic, healthcare, and education issues. The country continues to face one of the worst economic crises in modern history, and the entrenched divisions in parliament make it difficult to elect a new leader.

Confessions of a Runner: A Story of Healing and Redemption

28 Feb 2023  |  thenationalnews.com
The article discusses the documentary 'Confessions of a Runner' by Lebanese filmmaker and cinematographer Bachar Khattar, which follows the story of American ultra-runner Patrick Vaughan. Vaughan, who overcame a debilitating addiction to opioids and heroin through running, attempted to set a record by running the 470-kilometer Lebanon Mountain Trail. Khattar, initially intending only to capture memories, decided to create a documentary after Vaughan opened up about his personal struggles during the journey. The film, which took two and a half years to complete, has won several awards at international film festivals. The success of the documentary has led Khattar and Vaughan to establish a production company, House of Steep Productions, focusing on films about ultra-running and endurance athletes. The article highlights the themes of healing, redemption, and the transformative power of endurance sports.

The ground where Pakistani cricket made its mark

23 Dec 2022  |  thenationalnews.com
Najum Latif, a 76-year-old historian and founding honorary curator of Pakistan’s first cricket museum at Lahore Gymkhana Cricket Club, reflects on the rich history of the ground and its significance in Pakistani cricket. The Lahore pitch, made from clay brought from Britain around 1880, has witnessed key moments including Pakistan's first international match in 1948. The museum, opened in 2003, contains memorabilia and records of the sport's legacy in Pakistan. The article also touches on the impact of the 10-year ban on hosting international cricket following a terrorist attack in 2009, and the recent return of international cricket to Pakistan with England's tour, seen as a turning point by Mr. Latif.

'The most important England captain' - Nasser Hussain stunned by Ben Stokes' leadership

20 Dec 2022  |  thenationalnews.com
Nasser Hussain, a former England cricket captain, has praised Ben Stokes for his transformative impact on the England cricket team, suggesting he may become the most successful and important captain in the nation's history. Under Stokes' leadership, England has achieved a 3-0 series whitewash against Pakistan in Karachi, marking a significant turnaround from their previous struggles where they had won only one out of 17 matches. Hussain credits the new aggressive and fearless approach adopted by Stokes and coach Brendon McCullum for the team's recent success. He highlights the change in mindset and the removal of the fear of failure as key factors. Looking ahead, Hussain points out that the next big challenge for England will be the Ashes series in the UK, where they will need to adapt their playing style to different conditions.

England batsman Harry Brook flattered by Virat Kohli comparisons

17 Dec 2022  |  thenationalnews.com
Harry Brook, an England batsman, has had an outstanding start to his international cricket career, excelling in both T20 and Test cricket. With 369 runs in his first three Tests, including two centuries and a fifty, Brook's performance has led England captain Ben Stokes to compare him to Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli. Brook acknowledges the compliment but believes he has much to achieve to truly be compared to Kohli. He credits his success in Pakistan to his experience with Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League and enjoys the local conditions. Brook's confidence is further boosted by the aggressive and result-oriented approach to Test cricket adopted by England's coach Brendon McCullum and captain Ben Stokes, which has led to eight wins in their last nine Tests.

Ramiz Raja calls on ICC to be 'proactive' to help end Pakistan-India cricket dispute

12 Dec 2022  |  thenationalnews.com
PCB chairman Ramiz Raja has urged the ICC to take a proactive role in resolving the cricketing dispute between India and Pakistan, citing the ICC's compromised position due to India's financial influence. The conflict has escalated with the BCCI refusing to play in Pakistan for the Asia Cup and the PCB threatening to boycott the World Cup in India. Despite the tensions, Raja emphasizes the importance of the two nations playing each other. He also discusses the return of international cricket to Pakistan after the 2009 attack and the security measures in place for the ongoing Test series against England. Raja highlights the growth of Pakistani cricket despite the absence of bilateral series with India and announces the launch of the PWTL to boost women's cricket in Pakistan.

‘I’ll Do it Again,’ Says Man Who Held Up Bank to Withdraw His Own Money

19 Aug 2022  |  vice.com
Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein became a public figure in Lebanon after holding up a Federal Bank branch in Beirut to withdraw his own savings, which he was restricted from accessing due to banking limitations. He needed the money to pay for his father's medical bills and other debts. During the six-hour siege, he took hostages and demanded his money. Eventually, he agreed to release the hostages in exchange for $35,000 from his savings and a promise of $400 daily withdrawals. Despite being released without charges after the bank withdrew its complaint, Hussein has not received the daily funds promised and is considering further action to retrieve his savings.

Man Becomes Public Hero After Holding Up Bank to Withdraw His Own Money

12 Aug 2022  |  vice.com
Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein, a 42-year-old man, held up a Federal Bank branch in Beirut, demanding to withdraw $200,000 from his account to pay for his family's medical bills. The incident, which lasted six hours, ended with Hussein accepting $30,000 and surrendering to the police after initially taking six people hostage. The Lebanese financial crisis, which began in 2019, has restricted people's access to their bank accounts, leading to widespread poverty and occasional desperate actions like Hussein's. The public showed support for Hussein, reflecting the dire economic situation in Lebanon.

“He used to say, ‘24 hours [in a day] is not enough for me!’”

16 Jul 2022  |  theguardian.com
The article discusses the tragic airplane crash of a Tara Air flight in Nepal, piloted by Captain Prabhakar Prasad Ghimire, which resulted in the deaths of all passengers and crew. The crash underscores Nepal's poor aviation safety record, particularly for domestic flights. It highlights the lack of modern technology such as weather radars and GPS in older aircraft, which could potentially prevent such accidents. The Nepal Association of Tour Operators and experienced pilots like Captain Bed Upreti suggest that more investment is needed in aviation technology and meteorological services for domestic routes. The article also touches on the challenges of flying in Nepal due to the terrain and weather conditions, especially during the pre-monsoon season. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has withheld its statement until the investigation report is published.

'I saw an opportunity to transform children's lives, but also spread the love of cricket'

12 Mar 2022  |  thenationalnews.com
The article discusses the development of cricket in Lebanon, particularly within refugee communities. It highlights a match between Alsama Shatila Hub 1 and Alsama Bekaa Hub 1, emphasizing the sport's potential for growth in the region. Richard Verity, who founded the first cricket hub in Shatila refugee camp, and his wife Meike Ziervogel, who runs Alsama, have expanded their initiative to nine cricket hubs, engaging around 360 children. The MCC Foundation in the UK supports their efforts. Former England women's cricket captain Clare Connor and MCC Foundation's Dr Sarah Fane visited Lebanon to witness the project's impact. The article also touches on the harsh realities faced by Syrian refugees in Lebanon, including legal and economic challenges. Cricket is seen as a tool for empowerment and personal development, with aspirations to further expand the sport in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries.

Lebanese boxer Nadim Salloum storms to emphatic victory in New York

12 Nov 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
Lebanese professional boxer Nadim Salloum secured another victory in his career against Delvecchio Savage in New York. The super-middleweight fight lasted the full six rounds at The Paramount. Salloum overcame a challenging start to dominate the fight with powerful combinations, improving his official BoxRec record to 6-1. Despite Savage's aggressive approach and resilience, Salloum maintained his composure and outperformed his opponent, especially in the final round. The judges awarded Salloum the victory, marking his fifth win in the past year and his second under manager Adam Glenn.

Afghanistan’s Paralympic Official Urges Evacuation of Athletes Amidst Taliban Rule

24 Sep 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
Arian Sadiqi, Afghanistan’s Chef de Mission for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, has called for international assistance to evacuate Afghan para-athletes amidst the Taliban takeover. Sadiqi, in a statement on Facebook and an interview with The National, expressed concern for the athletes, especially women, who are unable to train or pursue education. Despite the challenges, para-athletes Zakia Khudadadi and Hossain Rasouli managed to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The situation for athletes in Afghanistan remains dire, with reports of the Taliban barring women from sports and complex legal processes hindering free travel out of the country. Sadiqi urges immediate action to help the para-athletes and protect the future of women's sports in Afghanistan.

Afghan Female Para-Athlete Appeals for International Support Amid Taliban Crackdown

24 Sep 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
Afghan female para-athlete Benafsha Najafi has released a video pleading for international assistance for vulnerable individuals and economic support for Afghanistan following the Taliban's crackdown on women's rights. Since the Taliban's takeover, Afghan women, including Paralympic athletes, have been banned from working, attending university, and participating in sports. The head of the Afghan team at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Arian Sadiqi, echoed Najafi's concerns and highlighted the lack of future for para-athletes in the country. The Asia Foundation reported a high prevalence of disabilities among Afghan adults and children. Human Rights Watch has documented the discrimination faced by disabled Afghan women even before the Taliban's rule and the worsening situation for women's rights post-takeover. The Taliban's cultural commission has indicated a ban on women's sports, deeming it inappropriate.

Final Day of Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games: UAE and Mena Athletes in Spotlight

05 Sep 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
The article discusses the final day of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, highlighting the events in athletics and shooting. It focuses on athletes from the UAE and the Mena region. In athletics, Moroccan El Amin Chentouf, a two-time reigning Paralympic champion, is aiming for a third gold in the men's T12 marathon, leading a strong North African group. Other notable athletes include Hicham Haynin, Hatem Nasrallah, Wajdi Boukhili, and Nacer-Eddine Karfas. Meryem En-Nourhi and Abdelhadi El Harti of Morocco are also mentioned for their previous performances. In shooting, UAE's Abdulla Sultan Al Aryani, who recently won gold, is competing in the mixed 50m Rifle prone SH1, alongside Saif Al Nuaimi. Israeli shooters Doron Shaziri and Yuliya Chernoy are also highlighted.

Records continue to tumble in Tokyo as we come into day eight of the Paralympic Games

01 Sep 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
Day eight of the Tokyo Paralympic Games features athletes from the MENA region competing in various events. In athletics, MENA athletes are likely to shine in the men’s seated javelin - F34 final, with Iran's Saeid Afrooz, Tunisia's Faouzi Rzig, Morocco's Azeddine Nouiri, and Iraq's Hussein Khafaji. UAE's Maryam Al Zeyoudi competes in the F41 women's discus throw, with Tunisia's Raoua Tlili and Morocco's Youssra Karim as top contenders. Other notable athletes include Tunisia's Mohamed Chida in the T38 long jump and Saudi Arabia's Abdulrahman Al Qurashi and Fahad Alganaidl in the T53 100m. UAE's Noura Al Ketbi and Sarah Aljumaah of Saudi Arabia will participate in shot put events. In badminton, Israel's Nina Gorodetzky faces Jing Zhang, and in goalball, Israel's women's team competes against Japan. UAE shooters, including Abdulla Al Aryani, aim for medals at the Asaka Shooting Range. Algeria's women's wheelchair basketball team will play against Colombia.

Tokyo Paralympics: Mena athletes in action on Day 7

31 Aug 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
Day seven of the Tokyo Paralympics will feature 60 gold medals across 12 disciplines. Athletes from the Mena region are among the medal hopefuls. In archery, Iran's Alisina Manshaezadeh and Ramezan Biabani have advanced in the men's individual compound. Notable athletes in athletics include Afghanistan's Hossain Rasouli, Algeria's Abdellatif Baka, and Tunisia's Rouay Jebabli. In the women's f56 javelin, Iran's Hasghemiyeh Motaghian Moavi and Algeria's Nadia Medjmedj are contenders. Other athletes to watch include Morocco's Saida Amoudi and Tunisia's Mohamed Chida. UAE's Ahmad Al Mansoori and Iran's Mahdi Mohammadi will debut in cycling road events. Morocco's football 5-a-side team faces Spain. In shooting, Iran's Sareh Javanmardi aims for the finals. Iran's men's sitting volleyball team plays China. Israeli swimmers Mark Malyar, Veronika Guirenko, and Erel Halevi compete in various events. Jordan's table tennis players face Great Britain and Slovakia. Algeria's women's wheelchair basketball team plays against Australia.

Jamil El Shebli Wins Gold for Jordan in Powerlifting at Tokyo Paralympics

30 Aug 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
Jamil El Shebli from Jordan won the gold medal in the men’s +107kg powerlifting category at the Tokyo Paralympics, marking Jordan’s third gold of the event. He triumphed over Iran’s Mansour Pourmirzaei, who took silver, and Iraq’s Faris Al-Ageeli, who claimed bronze. El Shebli's strategic approach, starting with the heaviest weight and being lighter than Pourmirzaei, allowed him to win by bodyweight. This victory was El Shebli's first Paralympic title after previously winning a silver in shot put and a bronze in powerlifting at past games. The article also pays tribute to the late Iranian powerlifting legend Siamand Rahman. Jordan's powerlifters have significantly increased their country's gold medal tally at the Paralympics with this and other wins.

An extraordinary Olympic Games came to a close on Sunday

08 Aug 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
The article provides a summary of the achievements of athletes from the Middle East and North Africa at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. It lists the medals won by competitors from Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Tunisia in various sports, including karate, modern pentathlon, taekwondo, wrestling, gymnastics, judo, skeet shooting, steeplechase, high jump, beach volleyball, weightlifting, and swimming. The article celebrates the region's success and highlights the individual athletes who contributed to their countries' medal tallies.

Lebanon's fastest man Noureddine Hadid dreams of Olympic glory despite financial hardships

29 May 2021  |  thenationalnews.com
The article profiles Lebanese sprinter Noureddine Hadid, who is vying for a spot on Lebanon's Olympic team for the Tokyo Games. Hadid holds national records in various sprinting events and has overcome significant challenges, including financial hardships and a lack of sponsorship. Despite these obstacles, he has managed to excel in athletics, transitioning from a potential football career to becoming Lebanon's fastest man. The article highlights Hadid's journey, his training regimen, and his determination to represent Lebanon at the Olympics, despite the country's financial collapse and the devaluation of the lira, which has severely impacted his ability to afford new running gear. Hadid's story is one of resilience and passion for his sport, as he continues to train and compete with the hope of being selected for the Tokyo Olympics.

Her Brother Was Killed in Cold Blood, But His Killers Still Walk Free

15 Apr 2021  |  vice.com
The article discusses the assassination of Lokman Slim, a prominent Lebanese writer, analyst, and critic of Hezbollah. Rasha Al Ameer, Lokman's sister, recounts the distressing events leading up to the discovery of her brother's death. Slim was shot and killed while returning to Beirut from a visit to friends. His death has raised fears of a resurgence of targeted violence in Lebanon, particularly against critics of Hezbollah and those involved in the investigation of the Beirut port explosion. The article also touches on the broader context of political assassinations in Lebanon, including the killings of Colonel Munir Abu Rjeili, Joe Bejjani, and former Minister of Finance Mohamad Chatah. Despite international condemnation and calls for justice, the culture of impunity persists in Lebanon, with no arrests made and investigations remaining inconclusive.

Photos: Protesters Rage Against ‘Gangster’ Politicians in Lebanon

09 Mar 2021  |  vice.com
Lebanon is experiencing widespread protests due to the severe devaluation of the Lebanese lira, which has lost over 85 percent of its value in the past two years. Protesters have been blocking roads and highways, expressing their frustration with the country's political and economic crises. The currency's plummeting value has led to skyrocketing prices for everyday goods, while salaries remain stagnant, causing significant hardship for the population. The government has not presented any solutions to the crises and has been reluctant to engage with international efforts to stabilize the country. The protests reflect a deep-seated despair among the Lebanese people, with some resorting to extreme measures such as attempted self-immolation.

Lebanon's Revolution Started a Year Ago, and It's Not Over Yet

19 Oct 2020  |  vice.com
The article covers the anniversary of Lebanon's October Revolution, where activists Rawane and Karim, along with others like Aline, a political organizer, reflect on the events of the past year. The protests were initially sparked by a proposed tax on WhatsApp and quickly evolved into a broader movement against systemic corruption and the sectarian political class that has been in power for 30 years. The article describes the occupation of Azarieh car park, the use of The Egg as a space for talks, and the eventual dismantling of protest sites due to COVID-19. It also touches on the government's failures, including the Beirut port explosion, and the current economic crisis. Despite setbacks, activists like Rawane believe they have achieved a breakthrough in fear and are more prepared for future confrontations. Experts like Karim Bitar note that political leaders have been delegitimized and the system challenged.

'We Don’t Know When We're Going to Die' – Young Activists in Lebanon Explain What They're Fighting For

07 Oct 2020  |  vice.com
The article discusses the dire situation in Lebanon a year after mass protests began, highlighting the worsening financial and economic conditions, the devaluation of the currency, rising poverty, and the strain on health services due to COVID-19. The capital, Beirut, remains devastated from the August 4th explosion, which killed 202 people and injured over 6,000. With no functioning government since the explosion, necessary reforms for international aid seem unattainable. Protests have become more intense, with the military responding violently. Many young people are losing hope and considering leaving the country, as revealed by the Arab Youth Survey. VICE News interviews several young activists who express their reasons for protesting, their experiences, and their hopes for the future amidst the crisis.



This farmer is growing spices for economic freedom

18 Sep 2019  |  ONE.org US
The article profiles Khairat Suleiman Ame, a 24-year-old spice farmer from Zanzibar, who is challenging gender norms and pursuing economic independence through agriculture. Despite facing societal pressures and high unemployment rates in Zanzibar, Khairat is determined to succeed in spice farming, a market with local demand but dominated by imports. She has received a grant to develop her enterprise and is actively working to empower other women in her community by teaching them how to start their own agricultural businesses. The article highlights the broader issues of gender inequality and economic struggles faced by women in Zanzibar, emphasizing Khairat's personal journey and her efforts to create change.

This farmer is growing spices for economic freedom

18 Sep 2019  |  one.org
Khairat Suleiman Ame, a 24-year-old spice farmer from Zanzibar, is challenging gender norms and pursuing financial independence through agriculture. Despite facing societal pressures and a high unemployment rate among young people in Zanzibar, Khairat has been determined to succeed in spice farming, a market with local demand for products like turmeric and ginger. Her efforts have been recognized with a Youth Innovation Fund grant, and she is actively working to empower other women in her community by teaching them how to start their own agricultural businesses. Khairat's story highlights the struggles and aspirations of women seeking economic freedom in a traditionally male-dominated field.

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