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Matthew Vickery

I am a freelance journalist currently based in Iraq, and who works with the likes of USA Today, Al Jazeera, The Times of London, Foreign Policy Magazine, Haaretz, The Herald, and others. I have previously done live feeds for BBC World Service.

I have worked on the ground in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, East Ukraine, and Palestine/Israel, covering conflict, human rights issues and refugee issues.

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With over 4000 Yazidi women kidnapped by the Islamic State, two men have begun the long process of hunting out the kidnapped and smuggling them out of the IS controlled areas, over the frontlines, and into the relative safety of Kurdish controlled Iraq.


The ancient Syrian Christian minority in Northern Syria have taken their defense into their own hands, as they fight back Islamic extremists in Syria's Hassakah province.


In Kirkuk, Iraqi IDPs say they did not flee from the advancing Islamic State, but instead from government and coalition airstrikes that bombed their residential communities.


As battles continue to rage between the Islamic State and Iraqi-Kurdish and Syrian-Kurdish forces in SInjar, a 600-strong Yazidi militia force has been created to help the religious minority fight back against at extremists on Iraq's Mount Sinjar.

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