Matthew Weigand

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Seoul, South Korea

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CBC News Network CBS News Radio iCOVER SAS ECigIntelligence

Matthew Weigand

Matthew Weigand ( is a journalist that has been living in South Korea for 13 years and working as a journalist there for 10. He's spent that time applying his master's degree in Information Technology to journalism, from reporting on technology developments in South Korea to editing scientific papers produced by its academics and also working to change the face of Korean-language web sites one domain at a time.



Here I am being interviewed for about a 5 minute segment on the end of Windows XP support and its effects on South Korea.


Feature story on the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology in Daejeon, South Korea, and interviews with several researchers there.


An opinion and analysis piece about the growth of Asia-based technology companies to the detriment of their U.S.-based corporate overlords.


Interview of Sirgoo Lee, co-CEO of KakaoTalk, in April 2014, talking about its unique corporate culture, growth direction and the new relationship of society and social networking services in Asia.

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