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Matuba Mahlatjie

Matuba Mahlatjie is a journalist based in Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa. Matuba has worked as a journalist for more than 16 years and started to work as a freelancer in 2019.  In the freelance years, he’s done work for media houses in South African and around the world and facilitating media training for civil society leaders and other public figures. And this is where he cultivated contacts from prominent people in the different sectors that contribute to the economic and social change. Matuba is passionate about human rights and freedom of expression. And this is reflected in the content produced, holding those in public office accountable and amplifying the voice of the marginalised.  He is also a vlogger documenting women, the LGBTQ+ and migrant communities.  He’s been a moderator for organisations including the UNEP, Access Chapter 2 and several other NPOs advocating for human rights. Matuba loves books, western classical music and is a board member of the Johannesburg Opera based in Johannesburg.

A township Mosque mobilises support for migrants observing Ramadan away from their home countries.


This is coverage of the reopening of South Africa's land borders after the government shut them unexpectedly after the 2020 festive season. Borders reopened on February 15, 2021.


Short profile my partner (who also happens to be my camera operator) and I on the stories and moments we covered together.


This is a piece highlighting the plight of transgender people in South Africa. No job opportunities for them in the "mainstream" world.


Live crossing with eNCA covering the first-ever classical music event to be covered by a news channel in South Africa. It was the WA Mozart Requiem and soloist included Pretty Yende and Sibongile Khumalo.


Mock Live or As Live on Zimbabwe's economic crisis.


Live crossing with SABC News on the first day of the 2020 national lockdown as the South African government tried to mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.


Marking the 2016 Anniversary of the deadliest shooting of civilians by police. The infamous Marikana Massacre.


South African opera singers pay tribute to world-renowned American soprano Jessye Norman.


Zambian man, Anold, flees to South Africa for being gay. He remains undocumented since 2017 because South Africa refuses to grant him asylum. He's been surviving through the intervention of a local LGBTQ advocacy organisation.



  • South Africa takes Pride in embracing LGBTQ+ community

    Pretoria, South Africa Social July 1 @ 12:00am

    June is International Pride Month and South Africa is the first African country to legally endorse same-sex unions. Now, it’s become the only country on the continent with two of its public hospitals offering gender reassignment for transgender people. We’d like to document a transman known as... Read more

  • Transgender people unemployable in South Africa #PrideMonth

    Pretoria, South Africa Social July 1 @ 12:00am

    As the world commemorates Pride Month, South Africa's progressive constitution is just not enough to help transgender people to find mainstream jobs. I would like to tell this story through the life of a transgender woman in her late 20s with a Master's Degree from the United State, yet her... Read more

  • Africa's most industrialised economy overburdened

    Pretoria, South Africa Current Affairs July 10 @ 12:00am

    The latest stats reveal that South Africa's unemployment rate stands at 32%. The stats also show that 3 million South Africans have given up looking for work. We tell the story through the life of a young man in his early 30s who was laid off when the economy went into recession and could never get... Read more

  • Intimate interview with the Palestine Ambassador to South Africa

    Pretoria, South Africa Politics June 30 @ 12:00am

    At the height of Israel's assault on Palestine, allies and those who represent Palestine shouted slogans to condemn the violence. Hannan Jarrar is Palestine ambassador to South Africa and she attended many protests and was often on TV doing her work as a diplomat. But she says she feels pain that no... Read more

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