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Mawahib Abdallatif

Mawahib Abdallatif is a seasoned journalist based in Khartoum, Sudan, with a specialized focus on Sudanese affairs. Her reporting is deeply rooted in the transitional government's peace efforts and the intricate dynamics of the Darfur region. Abdallatif provides in-depth coverage of the ethnic clashes and keenly observes the repercussions of the UNAMID's withdrawal on the local security situation. Her expertise extends to the broader scope of international relations, where she adeptly highlights Sudan's interactions with global players, particularly the United States, shedding light on economic cooperation and bilateral peace initiatives.

Abdallatif's work is comprehensive, addressing the myriad challenges that confront Sudan's government as it strives to implement peace agreements and sustain national stability. She offers a nuanced understanding of the historical context behind the Darfur conflict, ensuring that her audience grasps the complexity of the issues at hand. Her journalism not only chronicles the events but also critically examines the international community's response to the persistent violence in the region.

Through her reporting, Mawahib Abdallatif has become a respected voice in media, providing valuable insights into the evolving political and social landscape of Sudan. Her dedication to uncovering the truth and presenting it with clarity makes her contributions to journalism and media on Sudanese affairs particularly significant.

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published in The Nation Jan 24,2021.

This article published in The Nation Jan 13, 2021

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